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Power and Propulsion 96 Modern Engine Technology from A to Z By Richard Van Basshuysen, Fred Schaefer Part dictionary, part encyclopedia, this book will serve as your comprehensive reference guide for many years to come. 978-0-7680-1705-2, 1072 pp., Hardbound 2007. $129.95 List Product Code: R-373 Opposed Piston Engines Evolution, Use, and Future Applications By Martin L.S. Flint, Jean-Pierre Pirault This book is an extensive survey of opposed piston (OP) engines from 1887 to 2006. The author
  Power and Propulsion 96 Modern Engine Technology from A to Z By Richard Van Basshuysen, Fred Schaefer  Part dictionary, part encyclopedia, this book will serve as your comprehensive reference guide for many years to come. 978-0-7680-1705-2, 1072 pp., Hardbound 2007. $129.95 List Product Code: R-373 Opposed Piston Engines Evolution, Use, and Future Applications By Martin L.S. Flint, Jean-Pierre Pirault  This book is an extensive survey of opposed piston (OP) engines from 1887 to 2006. The authors explore design and performance details of all major types of opposed piston engines in stationary, ground, marine, and aviation applications. 978-0-7680-1800-4, 576 pp., Hardbound 2009. $89.95 List Product Code: R-378 An Introduction to Engine Testing and Development By Richard D. Atkins  This book presents the basic principles required for the testing and development of internal combustion engine powertrain systems, providing the new automotive engineer with the basic tools required to effectively carry out meaningful tests. 978-0-7680-2099-1, 308 pp., Hardbound 2009. $79.95 List Product Code: R-344 Engine Testing, Third EditionTheory & Practice By Michael James Plint, Tony Martyr  This book brings together the large and scattered body of information on the theory and practice of engine testing, to which any engineer responsible for work of this kind must have access. 978-0-7680-1850-9, 468 pp., Hardbound 2007. $89.99 List Product Code: R-382 Hall-Scott: The Untold Story of a Great American Engine Maker By Ric A. Dias, Francis H. Bradford  This book traces the history of Hall-Scott, a company best known as a maker of commercial engines that powered tens of thousands of vehicles and equipment, including trains, airplanes, boats, trucks, buses, fire trucks, pumps, generators, and other large machines. 978-0-7680-1660-4, 416 pp., Hardbound 2007. $39.99 List Product Code: R-368 Chrysler Engines, 1922-1998 By Willem L. Weertman  This book chronicles over 75 years of engine design, development, and production at Chrysler Corporation. Every production engine built by Chrysler is covered, with descriptions, pictures, specifications, and timelines provided for each. 978-0-7680-1642-0, 438 pp., Hardbound 2007. $69.95 List Product Code: R-365 Engine Failure Analysis—Internal Combustion Engine Failures and Their Causes By Ernst Greuter, Stefan Zima  Engine failures result from a complex set of conditions, effects, and situations. To understand why engines fail and remedy those failures, one must understand how engine components are designed and manufactured, how they function, and how they interact with other engine components. To this end, this book examines how engine components are designed and how they function, along with their physical and technical properties. Translated from a popular German reference work, this English edition sheds light on determining engine failure and remedies. The authors present a selection of engine failures, investigate and evaluate why they failed, and provide guidance on how to prevent such failures. A large range of possible engine failures is presented in a comprehensive, readily understandable manner, free of manufacturer bias. The scope of engines covered includes general-purpose engines found in heavy commercial vehicles, railway locomotives and vehicles, electrical generators, prime movers, and marine engines. Such engines are technical precursors to automotive engines. This book is for all who deal with engine failures: those who work in repair shops, shipyards, engineering consultancies, insurance companies and technical oversight organizations, as well as R&D departments at engine and component manufacturers. Researchers, academics, and students will learn how even the theoretically impossible can–and will–happen. ISBN: 978-0-7680-0885-2, Hardbound 2012. $109.95 List Product Code R-320   NEW    Power and Propulsion 97 Diesel Emissions and Their Control By Magdi K. Khair, W. Addy Majewski  This book will assist readers in meeting today’s tough challenges of improving diesel engine emissions, diesel efficiency, and public perception of the diesel engine. 978-0-7680-0674-2, 584 pp., Hardbound 2006. $149.95 List Product Code: R-303 Technologies for Near-Zero-Emission Gasoline-Powered Vehicles By Fuquan Zhao  Written in response to the increasingly stringent emissions legislation, this book provides the reader with a concise introduction to technology developments in near-zero-emission gasoline-powered vehicles. 978-0-7680-1461-7, 480 pp., Hardbound 2006. $99.99 List Product Code: R-359 The Winning Solar Car  A Design Guide for Solar Race Car Teams By Doug Carroll  Based on the author’s experiences designing and building five solar cars over a ten year period, this book focuses on the important aspects of designing, manufacturing, and racing a solar car. 978-0-7680-1131-9, 392 pp., Paperbound 2003. $49.95 List Product Code: R-343 Nonlinear and Hybrid Systems in Automotive Control By Rolf Johansson, Anders Rantzer  With contributions from leading scientists in the field, this book presents an overview of research in this rapidly-expanding area. New approaches to solving theoretical problems, as well as numerous systems and control research issues, are covered. 978-0-7680-1137-1, 464 pp., Hardbound 2003. $79.99 List Product Code: R-348 Vehicular Engine Design By Kevin L Hoag  This book covers each major engine component and subsystem in a step-by-step process and is intended for student engineers, automotive industry practitioners and engineers working in government agencies responsible for engine regulation. 978-0-7680-1661-1, 190 pp., Hardbound 2005. $69.99 List Product Code: R-369 Handbook of Automotive Engineering By Ulrich W. Seiffert, Hans Hermann Braess  One of the most comprehensive encyclopedias of vehicle systems and design, this book features 1600 pages packed with information on automotive design and applications from over 40 subject matter experts. 978-0-7680-0783-1, 638 pp., Hardbound 2005. $139.95 List Product Code: R-312 Direct Injection Systems By Cornel C. Stan  This book explores new potentials that have been recognized and successfully applied, including fuel direct injection, fully variable valve control, downsizing, operation within hybrid scenarios, and use of alternative fuels. 978-0-7680-1070-1, 112 pp., Paperbound 2002. $79.95 List Product Code: R-347 Practical Diesel-Engine Combustion Analysis By Bertrand Hsu  This book examines some basic characteristics of diesel engine combustion process, and describes the commonly used tool to analyze combustion - heat release analysis. 978-0-7680-0914-9, 160 pp., Hardbound 2002. $59.95 List Product Code: R-327 Internal Combustion Engine Handbook  Basics, Components, Systems, and Perspectives By Richard Van Basshuysen, Fred Schaefer  Thorough in its presentation, this resource illustrates knowledge in engine development, paying particular attention to the presentation of theory and practice in a balanced ratio. 978-0-7680-1139-5, 868 pp., Hardbound 2004. $149.95 List Product Code: R-345 Automotive Engineering Fundamentals By Richard Stone, Jeffrey K. Ball  The authors provide an overview , which is designed to give the student of automotive engineering a basic understanding of the principles involved with designing a vehicle. 978-0-7680-0987-3, 612 pp., Hardbound 2004. $99.95 List Product Code: R-199   Best Seller Best Seller Best Seller Best Seller   Power and Propulsion 98 The Electric and Hybrid Electric Car By Mike Westbrook  This book provides a comprehensive picture of the history, current status and the future development of electric cars. Intended for those working on all aspects of electric vehicle development, as well as for others with an interest in this promising technology, 978-0-7680-0897-5, 197 pp., Hardbound 2001. $9.99 List Product Code: R-322 The Automotive Chassis Engineering Principles By J. Reimpell, H. Stoll, J. W. Betzler  This second English edition provides a clearly structured overview of chassis technology and includes over 400 illustrations relating basic engineering principles to the particular requirements of the chassis of vehicle mechanics. 978-0-7680-0657-5, 456 pp., Hardbound 2001. $69.95 List Product Code: R-300 Design and Simulation of Four-Stroke Engines By Gordon P. Blair  This book provides design assistance with the actual mechanical design of an engine in which the gas dynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and combustion have been optimized so as to provide the required performance characteristics such as power, torque, fuel consumption, or noise emission. 978-0-7680-0440-3, 840 pp., Hardbound 1999. $99.95 List Product Code: R-186 The Golden Age of the American Racing Car By Griffith Borgeson   A best seller and winner of the Antique Automobile Club of  America’s prestigious Thomas McKean Award, this book emphasizes the human side of racing history, offering insight into the men who shaped the golden age. 978-0-7680-0023-8, 367 pp., Hardbound 1998. $29.99 List Product Code: R-196 Ford: Dust and the Glory  A Racing History Volume 1 (1901-1967) By Leo Levine  This book features the stories - and numerous photographs - of the great races, the great cars, and the legendary personalities associated with Ford and its great competitors of the era. 978-0-7680-0663-6, 676 pp., Hardbound 2001. $29.99 List Product Code: R-292 Engine Combustion Instrumentation and Diagnostics By Nicos Ladommatos, Hua Zhao  This book provides a complete description of instrumentation and in-cylinder measurement techniques for internal combustion engines. 978-0-7680-0665-0, 842 pp., 13 Chapters, Hardbound 2001. $99.95 List Product Code: R-264 Emissions From Two-Stroke Engines By Marco Nuti  In this, the first book devoted entirely to exhaust emissions from two-stroke engines, Nuti examines the technical design issues that will determine how long the two-stroke engine survives into the twenty-first century. 978-0-7680-0215-7, 296 pp., Paperbound 1998. $69.95 List Product Code: R-223 The Romance of Engines By Takashi Suzuki  This book examines the development of the engine from a historical perspective. Originally published in Japanese, this English translation offers readers insight into lessons learned throughout the engine’s history. 978-1-56091-911-7, 488 pp., Hardbound 1997. $99.95 List Product Code: R-188 Vehicle and Engine Technology, Second Edition By Heinz Heisler  This book delivers a comprehensive description of the body of four-wheeled vehicles, engine components, and how these elements work together. 978-0-7680-0237-9, 798 pp., Paperbound 1999. $49.99 List Product Code: R-233 Introduction to Internal Combustion Engines, Third Edition By Richard Stone  The most comprehensive, truly introductory text on internal combustion engines. Included in this third edition is material covering fuel chemistry, additive performance and variable geometry turbocharging. 978-0-7680-0495-3, 660 pp., Paperbound 1999. $49.99 List Product Code: R-278   Best Seller Best Seller   Power and Propulsion 99 Hydrogen Fuel for Surface Transportation By Joseph Norbeck, James Heffel, Thomas Durbin, Michelle Montano, Bassam Tabbara, John Bowden  This book provides background information on the advantages and disadvantages of hydrogen as a fuel, describes the current state of technology of hydrogen-fueled vehicles, and discusses the future requirements of the “hydrogen economy.” 978-1-56091-684-0, 556 pp., Hardbound 1996. $99.95 List Product Code: R-160 Design and Simulation of Two-Stroke Engines By Gordon P. Blair  This book is a unique hands-on information source. The author, having designed and developed many two-stroke engines, offers practical and empirical assistance to the engine designer on many topics ranging from porting layout, to combustion chamber profile, to tuned exhaust pipes. 978-1-56091-685-7, 647 pp., Hardbound 1996. $99.95 List Product Code: R-161 The Basic Design of Two-Stroke Engines By Gordon P. Blair  Intended for automotive designers, students and anyone seeking a better understanding of this fascinating engine, this book is a hands-on information source on the design of two-stroke engines. 1-56091-008-9, 692 pp., Hardbound 1990. $79.95 List Product Code: R-104 Diesel Common Rail and Advanced Fuel Injection Systems By Ming-Chia D Lai, Philip J Dingle  This book addresses the important aspects relating to the diesel fuel injection system, explaining how we have arrived where we are, what systems are available today, and the benefits associated with common rail technology. 978-0-7680-1257-6, 138 pp., Paperbound 2005. $199.00 List Product Code: T-117 Alternative Fuels: Emissions, Economics, and Performance Emissions, Economics, and Performance By Timothy T. Maxwell, Jesse C. Jones  This book provides essential information for those who are considering adding alternatively-fueled vehicles to their fleets. 978-1-56091-523-2, 336 pp., Paperbound 1994. $59.95 List Product Code: R-143 Motor Truck Engineering Handbook, Fourth Edition By James William Fitch  This edition introduces the latest advancements in electronic applications to truck power trains and operations, assuring optimum performance and economy with a safer and cleaner environment. 978-1-56091-378-8, 452 pp., Hardbound 1993. $49.95 List Product Code: R-125 Innovations in Automotive Transmission Engineering By Martin G. Gabriel  This report examines the technological innovations in transmission design that contribute to important overall vehicle characteristics such as fuel economy, vehicle performance, quality and reliability. 978-0-7680-0995-8, 114 pp., Paperbound 2003. $99.00 List Product Code: T-109 Diesel Exhaust Aftertreatment 2000-2007 By Federico Millo, Magdi K. Khair  The 55 SAE technical papers in this compilation will guide engineers in their efforts to meet these new regulations by summarizing the latest diesel exhaust aftertreatment technology for both light- and heavy-duty applications. 978-0-7680-1709-0, 724 pp., Hardbound 2008. $99.99 List Product Code: PT-126 Automobile Design Twelve Great Designers and Their Work  This book takes an in-depth look at the lives, personalities, and technical achievements of 12 preeminent engineers who made significant and lasting contributions to the design and development of the automobile. 978-1-56091-210-1, 411 pp., Paperbound 1992. $39.95 List Product Code: R-115 Engine Revolutions The Autobiography of Dr. Max Bentele By Max Bentele  In this book, Bentele discusses his participation in groundbreaking developments such as the jet engine/gas turbine (1941) and the rotary Wankel engine (1958). 978-1-56091-081-7, 296 pp., Hardbound 1991. $19.99 List Product Code: R-109
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