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Timber Walk HOA/Welcome Committee
    Courtesy of the Timberwalk Welcome Committee   Volume 2, Number 2 / March - April 2014 H.O.A. Annual Meeting Appreciation goes out to the concerned owners who showed up, and/or submitted their Proxy for the re-scheduled Special Meeting on February 24, 2014. A quorum of 20% of the membership was established and the Amendment passed by a vote of 45 to 11. “ I H ave A Question?”   Q My name is listed at the main gate, my 4-digit code is working, but my phone isn’t ringing from the gate so I can let my friends in any longer. Can this be fixed? –  K.M. A Have you changed your phone number since the srcinal input of your name and code activation? Often we find residents change their phone number and forget about updating this information for Timberwalk’s tele -entry system. If this is the case, you may email your new number to the Welcome Committee, , and the system can be updated. Additionally, Lift Master remote gate openers are available for owners  to purchase at the clubhouse. Contact the Welcome Committee at to make an appointment for one of our monthly meeting nights, or contact our Property Manager, Annette at: ; subject: TIMBERWALK; (561)744-3044, ext. 215 Timberwalk Basics Centex Homes, Inc. started construction of Timberwalk in 1999. The builder provided each srcinal owner at their closing with a Centex Owner’s Maintenance List to assist homeowners in protecting their property investment. The List (starting on page 2) is not all inclusive, but provides a basic frame of reference for Timberwalk’s  current owners. Did You Know? In Timberwalk, there is a 24 hour limit in which trash containers can be at the curb, or seen from the street. Article 9.7 Garbage and Refuse Disposal : “ No cans, bags, containers or receptacles for the storing or disposal of trash, garbage, refuse, rubble, or debris shall be stored, kept, placed or maintained on any Lot where visible from any street…except solely on a day designated for removal of garbage and rubbish and on which days only such [items] may be  placed in front of a residence and beside a street for removal but shall be removed from view before the  following day.”  This means trash may only be placed at the curb 12 hours prior to pickup, and then, 12 hours after pickup all containers must be removed from view, and not in front of the garage.   This includes construction/remodeling debris which may only be placed at the curb on garbage day, or have the contractor do same day disposal. Waste Management (800) 824-8472, or Need new recycle bins? Call SWA at 1-866-NEW BINS, or bin_order_form.htm   Architectural Review Committee (ARC) Have you been thinking about making changes on the exterior of your unit like a screen enclosure, patio roof, TV dish, rain gutter, plantings , lawn décor… ? Remember to submit an Architectural Review Request form (see attachment) for an ARC approval prior to any work commencing. Without approval could mean a $100 violation fine. Timberwalk is a Homeowners Association which means all common area is equally held by all the owners . (Articles 3 & 7, Timberwalk Bylaws)    CENTEX HOMES HOMEOWNER’S GUIDE TO  HOME MAINTENANCE The Homeowner Maintenance Checklist is furnished to assist new homeowners in recognizing those maintenance areas that should be handled by homeowners in order to properly protect their home investment. The list is not intended to be a comprehensive list of all normal homeowner maintenance requirements but a general list to assist new homeowners in identifying those issues. 1. Replacing faucet washers beyond thirty (30) days after settlement. 2. Cleaning condensate lines and condensate pumps (where applicable). 3. Checking circuit breakers. 4. Changing light bulbs or fluorescent tubes. 5. Repairing, replacing, or adjusting threshold or weather stripping. 6. Periodic adjustment of doors. 7. Clearing clogged toilets or drains. 8. Repairing damaged concrete or asphalt resulting from the use of fertilizers, gas or oil leaks, or heavy vehicular traffic. 9. Regrouting or caulking around tubs, sinks, vanities, or cabinets. 10. Repairing normal concrete cracks. 11. Replacing AC filters and performing the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance  procedures. 12. Flushing the water heater. 13. Repairing any material failures (such as a roof or shingle leak caused by gutter, or screen enclosure. 14. Clearing garbage disposer jams. 15. Cleaning or removing objects from gutters and downspout. 16. Recaulking interior or exterior joints due to normal wear, settlement or material shrinkage. (includes exterior expansion joint between 1 st  & 2 nd  floor)    CENTEX HOMES HOMEOWNER’S GUIDE TO  HOME MAINTENANCE 17. Adjusting bi-fold door units. 18. Repairing minor cracking of wall surfaces, trim, etc. due to normal settlement or normal material shrinkage. 19. Repairing nail pops in wall boards. 20. Resealing countertop seams. 21. Maintaining interior floor surfaces and other finished surfaces. 22. Inspecting for evidence of termite infestation in crawl spaces, basements, porches, etc. Ordering professional assistance and/or retreatment annually. 23. Removing infestations of insects, birds or animals and the damage they may cause. 24. Addressing typical homeowner maintenance of all appliances and mechanical systems. 25. Inspecting all stack vents for voids and sealing same. 26. Periodic adjustment of garage doors and automatic openers. 27. Seasonal rebalancing of HVAC duct work and diffusers. 28. Sealing minor masonry (sidewalk/stoop) cracks with masonry caulk. 29. Check dryer exhaust vent systems - connections and blockages. 30. Drain and flush out hot water heater and verify pressure relief valve is working. 31. Test and clean smoke detectors. 32. Test GFI receptacle/breaker. 33. Silicone window tracks to aid in ease of operation.  
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