Milwaukee West/North, Wauwatosa, West Allis 10/30/14

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OFFER EXP. 11/15/14 ã RUBY ISLE ã 11137 W.SILVER SPRING DR.ã 414-438-1900 “BEST” OIL CHANGE UP TO 5 QTS SYNTHETIC OIL  Includes: Multipoint Courtesy Inspection& Chasis Lube If Applicable Diesel oil & special oil filters additional.Please call for an appointment. OFFER EXP. 11/15/14 ã RUBY ISLE ã 11137 W.SILVER SPRING DR.ã 414-438-1900 Sign up for SavingsSign up for Savings GO TO click SAVINGStosign up and receiveour weekly savings offer! Website DevelopmentMobile Website DevelopmentMobile App Development Call 262.238.6397 for more details. Milwaukee West/North Wauwatosa/West Allis YOUR FIRST SOURCE FOR LOCAL NEWS, SPORTS AND ADVERTISING Serving Milwaukee’s  West & North Sides,Brown Deer, Wauwatosa & West Allis VOL. 23 ISSUE43 (262) 238-6397 October 30, 2014 238-NEWS (6397)October 30, 2014   N  N  ORORTH TH  ✰ SS T T  AR AR  L L OANSOANS 6215 N. Teutonia Ave. 414-536-LOAN(5626) Let Us Spoil You With Cash ã Picture IDã Proof of Incomeã Most Recent BankStatement from Checkingã Debit Card/Checks 1/2 Off Interest On 1st LoanGreat Referral ProgramNo Credit Check Page 2 Visit for daily updates on Local News October 30, 2014   $ 2 00 $ 1 00 Hup’s Pizza ã 5400 W. Hampton ã 414-461-7510 ã Exp. 11/30/14 ANY 14” LARGE PIZZAANY 12” SMALL PIZZA 12” SMALL 14” LARGE CHEESE PIZZA$10.00$14.00CHEESE & 1 TOPPING$11.25$15.50CHEESE & 2 TOPPINGS$12.50$17.00CHEESE & 3 TOPPINGS$13.75$18.50CHEESE & 4 TOPPINGS$15.00$20.00CHEESE & 5 TOPPINGS$16.25$21.50CHEESE & 6 TOPPINGS$17.50$23.00CHEESE & 7 TOPPINGS$18.75$24.50 EACH ADDITIONAL TOPPING $1.25$1.50 TOPPINGS: EXTRA CHEESE, SEASONED GROUNDBEEF, ITALIAN SAUSAGE, MUSHROOMS,ONIONS, GREEN PEPPERS, BLACKOLIVES, PEPPERONI & ANCHOVIES WHERE PRICE & QUALITY  GOTOGETHER!  HUP’S PIZZA 5400 West Hampton Avenue 414-461-7510 HOURS: CLOSED MONDAYS, TUESDAY THRU SATURDAY 4:00-9:00, SUNDAY 4:00-8:00 FAMILYOWNED IN BUSINESSFOR 46 YEARS COUPON OR OFF  OFF GARLIC BREAD$2.00CHEESE BREAD$3.50 DELIVERY CHARGE$3.00 (Limited Delivery Area)SORRY NO CHECKS ORCREDITCARDS ãScholarships valued at more than$675,000 were awarded to 375 Universityof Wisconsin-Stout students this year throughthe Stout University Foundation at a receptionon campus Sept. 11. Many of the scholarshipdonors and members of the board of directorspersonally presented the awards. Carl Behlmer of Milwaukee, Wis.,received the Rath Foundation AcademicScholarship. Behlmer is majoring in plasticsengineering. Joshua Budish of Milwaukee, Wis.,received the Roger Reuther MemorialScholarship; Donald Kirby TechnologyEducation Endowed Scholarship. Budish ismajoring in technology education.Madeline Freding of Milwaukee, Wis.,received the Steiner/Milnes Scholarship.Freding is majoring in industrial design.Established in 1962, the Stout UniversityFoundation Scholarship Program has helpedmore than 8,000 students receive a collegeeducation. Through the financial support ofalumni, parents, faculty, staff and friends ofthe university the program has awarded morethan $10 million over the years. UW-Stout, Wisconsin's PolytechnicUniversity, has more than 9,300 students in45 undergraduate majors and 23 graduatemajors, including one doctoral degree. UW-Stout, established in 1891, prides itself on thesuccess of its students in the workplace, with agraduate employment rate at or above 97percent for recent graduates. The universitywas awarded the Malcolm Baldrige NationalQuality award in 2001. ãLocal students were awarded scholar-ships at Denison University. Zoe Deprez of Milwaukee, a member ofthe class of 2018, received a Denison AlumniAward. The Denison Alumni Award is grantedto students based on academic achievement,leadership and personal merit.Kouazeng Her of Milwaukee , a memberof the class of 2018, received a Dr. BettyLovelace Award. The Dr. Betty LovelaceAward is granted to students based on superi-or academic achievement, outstanding lead-ership and personal merit, and to recognizeDenison's ongoing commitment to diversity.At Denison University, one of the nation'sleading liberal arts colleges, motivated stu-dents from around the world tailor education-al experiences in pursuit of their highest aspi-rations. The university is located in Granville,Ohio.ãThe following students have beentrained and certified to be University ofWisconsin-Whitewater peer mentors. Milwaukee, Wis. - Rifeta Badic, a seniorcommunication major. Wauwatosa, Wis. - Brittany Gonzales, asophomore political science major. Milwaukee, Wis. - Rasell Holt, a seniortheatre major. Milwaukee, Wis. - Brianna Shells, a seniorsocial work major. Hales Corners, Wis. - Elena Busalacchi, ajunior communication sciences and disordersmajor. Hales Corners, Wis. - Devin Grainger, asenior general business major. Each UW-Whitewater peer mentor isassigned a group of new students to helpthem get comfortable with campus, partici-pate in activities and build relationships. We have 83 mentors this year and theyare a fantastic group of student leaders, saidMarie Hornickel, coordinator of the PeerMentor program. Not only is this position agreat way to gain experience, but it is also aperfect stepping stone to bigger opportunitiesoffered at UW-Whitewater and beyond. Mentors help new students all the waythrough the first semester by guiding themthrough Club U-Dub-Dub, facilitating NewStudent Seminar courses and setting them upfor social and academic success. Each peer mentor has to submit an appli-cation, go through a five-week training pro-gram and make it through the interviewprocess before being selected.   Campus notes  FREE ESTIMATES ON ALL CUSTOM PAINT & BODY WORK! Complete Auto Repair & Diagnostic WITH A VARIETY OF USED CARS TO CHOOSE FROM! VEHICLE WINTERIZATION Fall Tune-ups & Maintenance IMPORTS & DOMESTICS Sales & Service 414-988-2327 5708 W. Center St. Complete Auto Service All makes andmodelsTowing Available Oil Changes to Engine Changes  Mon-Fri 7am - 5pm  F R E E T ire  Ro ta t ion  w i t h  4  T i re pu rc ha se fo r  t i re  l i fe QualityServiceFair Prices 6801 W. Villard Ave., Milwaukee414-312-8434 ã Fax: 414-312-8466 M ID -C ITY   A  UTOMOTIVE LLC Northtown Auto&Tire Repair 6333 W. Fond du Lac Ave.Mon–Sat 8:30-6pm ã General Repairs ToYourAutomobileã Used Tiresã TAC Weldingã Call (414) 462-2700ForAppointment   PACKARD AUTOMOTIVE 414-483-36315780 S. Packard AveCudahy  Best Auto Repair Service Around  “FOR ALL YOUR AUTOMOTIVE NEEDS” PAUL’S AUTOMOTIVESERVICE  BRAKES,TUNEUPS, OIL CHANGES, EXHAUST, BATTERIES, SHOCKS, ETC. CORNER OF 92ND AND CENTER 9130 W. Center / Over 10 Years  (  414  ) -476-PAUL (  7285  ) (  414  ) -476-9670 FAX  2005 Jetta TDI Automatic,Mid 40s MPG,Starts in asecond every time,new timing belt,front rotors last 10,000 miles. $5400.262-352-5350 2003 Silverado HD 6.0,Black,Dual Exhaust,Crew Cab,4x2.  $8900.262-352-5350 October 30, 2014 Visit for daily updates on Local News Page 3 By Ralph LeeThere's enough not to like about winterwithout having your car break down onthe road. Take these steps while the weath-er is warmer so your body temperaturedoesn't rise because of car problems whenthe temperatures drop.Manual labor Break out your owner'smanual, grab an iced tea (remember,you're doing this while it's still warm out)and find a comfy chair. Now, read yourmanual and make sure you've been doingall the recommended maintenance to thispoint. Get the things done that you've neg-lected and make an appointment to haveanything done that's required in the imme-diate future. Anything that's a problem now(hard starts, stalling, rough idling) can beexacerbated by hazardous winter condi-tions.An ounce of prevention Do a littleinvestigative snooping under the hood toprevent trouble before it starts. Check yourbelts and hoses for wear. Make sure allyour fluids are topped off, including the all-important windshield washer reservoir.When was the last time your anti-freezewas changed? If you don't know, it may bepast time. Don't forget the battery. Removeyour terminals and use warm water andbaking soda to clean your battery's posts.There's nothing worse than having every-thing mechanically sound only to find yourvehicle won't start because the battery isdead.Wiper not wiping? It's a blizzard out-side, but you're warm and toasty in yoursmoothly running car. Stay warm by mak-ing sure your windshield wipers are ingood shape before the blizzard. There'snothing worse-not to mention dangerous-than having to stop every five minutes, getout of your car and brush the elements offyour windshield because you're wipersaren't working right. Check the rubber andmake sure there are no cracks or wornspots on the blade. Make sure the bladeadheres to the windshield as it moves. If itdoesn't, you may need to adjust the armfor a more snug fit. To ensure your wipersaren't overly taxed when snow and ice hit,stash a brush and ice scraper in the car toget as much debris off the windshield aspossible before you begin driving.Tired tires The importance of havingquality tires to handle whatever road con-ditions winter may hold can't be overstat-ed. Make sure your tread depth is ade-quate to handle the conditions for yourarea. Look at your tires and inspect themfor tread life and uneven wearing. Checkfor cuts and nicks. While you're downthere, check each tire's air pressure.Expect the unexpected You've doneeverything right, but the possibility stillexists you'll be left stranded some cold win-ter night. Be prepared by having someessentials to see you through until helparrives. Clean the junk out of your trunkand put in the following: flares, a flashlight,jumper cables, a shovel, blankets and sandfor traction. Have some non-perishablefood in your glove box.Don't go Finally, if the weather is toobad, don't drive in it. Break out yourfavorite magazine or newspaper, grabsome hot chocolate and find a comfychair. The weather will get better...eventu-ally.   Take a bite out ofwinter driving  All your protection under one roof  ®  © 2005 American Family Mutual Insurance Company & its Subsidiaries. American Standard Insurance Company of Wisconsin. Home Office Madison,WI 53783  Earl W. Stone, LUTCF Insurance Agent Corner of Highway 100 & Capitol3902 North Mayfair Road ã  Wauwatosa Phone: 414-466-5433
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