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Mosher family
  ,1 xuo ^woo»o. sue haii no leara. ;  ut re- A.D.Cadwallader,JacobRandall, tainiug herconsicioi^i^Ptothe last, r\ /ti mIi. C. D. Wgolley, Well: C. Cornell, 'sliepassed gently with the Georg6W. Mldes andDrewSweet.convictionthat.,la,herfntiue —thereshouldbenoughtbhtbliss. A—Wedesiretotenderoursin-'Mrs. Hatris funeraltook placeon cero thanks to aurmany friends for their {Tuesdayofthisweek.'Mr.Harris arnvcd from Florida wiu. Sept.15,1879. and i-amily. J|herre[iram8 on Monday. A hnof RebeccaC.Harrisdiedatthe reside'iiCe oflierSon,I.H.Harris, 'nTuesday,Sept.9tli,at12o'clock M. Slie hadbeen ill for nearly; fiveweeks,titeimmediatecauseof death being,probably, neuralgia of the heart. She was thedaughterIofJolin ai»d Sh'fah Jennings, and wasborn in Glonce'ster ConntyJ ; New JerScy,October 2nd,1804. : She was the fifth child in a family | ofseren children, and wasone of' IthejJioneermothersofWarrea Iconnty.her parients h'ijvirig come to Wayneayillein1807. In 1823,shewasunitedinmar- riage to James flarris, by whoir shehadserenchildren, only three ofwhomsurviveher.Soonaftei marriage,sheandherhusbandre movedtoCentervjlle,Ohio, where thelatterengagedinmercantile pursuitsand whereheremainednn tilthesummerof1844, at which tjmetheyrethrbcdtoWaynesville,iInthespringof184S'thehusband died, and in 1855the subject of ^ j thissketchagainreturned-to Cen- l^nHlleand remainedthereunti \ about' tVo mouthsjjrior to hei , ideath. j Slie was an early member of ' whatiscommonlyknownastin[ Old School Baptist Church, having ' beenacommuai(»Dtof that or^^s- ization foi* over fifty years. %he wasadevotedwife,anaffectionate motherand ftconeistedt christain. I^d:' The funeral'ofMrs. Harris tooki place lastThursday afternoon from theM.E.Church. The Rev.Mr.ã Thompson of Franklin preached | the funeraldiscourse from the text, '  Blessed arethe deadwhodiein the Lord;yea, saithmyspirit, for 1theydorest from their labors; and tbeif worksdofollowtbem;'^A largeandattentive congregatiou listened to- the reverend gentle man'sable discourse. Atthe close, ;aD opportunity to take a last look at the face of one of our oldestand most esteemed' citizens was given, {which allimproved;andthenthe funeralcortegeinovedtoMiami: ICemetery,whereallthatwasmor-   talofthebelovedMotherwaslaid  ã away to its last earthly rest'   —OnSaturday Morning ihe6th jiQut. of Cholera Infanium.JiiiuiE Har ris. son ofIsraelUarria.ofthis place, -aged16monthsand23days. JiMMia was a sweet,innocent, pure little child, justsucha loving one ns irtiu uiiuu.jusb Eucn a loving onens Aiie puii ueuicrs wereluessra. ,i 'grows into the hearts of all—toogentle ' M, Hadden, AD Cadwallader, Ja- lor earth,and theangels look him. Tliei 'cob RaiubiU, William Jones, GorUv,j dear boy is now of liie bright throng. {J.Wright,andJoelEvans. thatlivebytheTreeofLife—- death nevercomes. '' iio.—On Tiiuradaythe 2lst~ I, lively *and 9 o'clock, P.M., ofconsumptio, * Ulayfuha well spring ofjoy in lus earth- At-rsED J.Harr[s, in the i»veiity first ly home. Inabout13hours from his  J' liis uge. first attack, his little eyes were closed lew monthg ngo we pnblisheda forever onearth. God blessthe be- Wc'd'a marriage, not reaved parents, and drawtheirheartsi  l th bright liopea ol to himself. W'1 ,i' ' r ''J®. A.*ililie irosiinf (ffttfiiin \f- u ã—I-- I,.v„ I Death OF Mrs. I. H Harris.— is.^thut'T L'Ttad fuunV^a Mrs. I. H Harris diedof pulmonary ,l,e l.o.rf. d,»„,ber of (riondshipfrtm.'l'| consiiraption, m Jacksonville, Flor wi.oivore intimate with hinv «nd of li ida, January 15th, 1873, whitliershe ^' gnmneroiis  cqnaiutauceg. notone will Ihudbeentaken by lierhusbandfor annunncemeiit his deathwitiu [the benefit ofher health. Fortbe' of regret and sorrow J first few weeks after her arrival, the f remQin a vacuum in socii I genial atmosphere ofthat region ^,, '.seemedtoreinvigorateher,andahof ti.nM.a » l®* an* there appearedevery iiidicatianthat bven quickeiied' bv hfa^'T shewould return in the Spring, re- thrilled lo hn jb„j carosgt a?, stored to- her pristinehealth; but of itslonely desooiion.'we BlitiHi T ala?, the uncertainty of human uopes ''  'pt to dejiict. No i;i„.'r„a2ecan e f—o* the6th instant, her husband' i ® sorrow of that liear*''7nd received a telegramaonouncing her ''^/ode worldhas no right to intrude no.dangerous illness. He at oneohas- 'is  Jiuiciuury with unavailing words of 1 ened lier bedside, but she survi-,^^ ®Vf'° * Henvon'speace flow I vd his arrival only four days. f' V ? still I Mrs Harris had been married up- response:  ThyS wardoftwenty-one years and du ring that long period,19alltherela tions of Wile Mother and Daughter ishe .everfailedin her duty. Slie WHS a lady of rare literary at -li neuts, and a most inlerestiiig ^ nversatioBalist; yet sheneverought to shine in society butrather tomakeber little iiouaeholdhniipi^^ in which shealwaysexcelled Those who knew herbest loved hermost Shi made no verbal profession of jieliiion butcher daily lifewas the ' lilh- trationofher religion. -^7onC| ^ ;i .ore than she. enjoyedthepleasures thehomecircle, and although theI thought of separating from- her|— Ifriiinds causedher QUay apaQg,'yaC^ herrenrainsonMonday.A biiof andvery appropriateaddress w-as givenbytheRev.JohnHawke,after whichthesolemnprocessionmoved toMiami Cemetery wb retlie ashes of theloved andlost werelaid into their lust earthly resting-place. The pall-bearers wereMessrs. .1 M  Rebecca C.Ilarnsdiedatthe resid^iiceofherSon,I.H.Harris nTuesday,Sept.9th.at13 o'clock M. She l>ad been 1 1 ff)r nearly fiveweeks, tlie immediate cause of deatli being,probably, neuralgia of the heart. She was the daughter of Joiinand S^rah Jennings, and wasborn in Gioncester County. ^ NewJerSey, October2nd, 1804.   She was the fifth child in a family ofserenchildren,andwasoneof the {JJoneer raothewofWarrea county.her jiarisnts hWing come to Waynesvillein1807.In1823,shewasunitedinmar- riage to James itarris, hywhoir shehad seTen children, onlytlirec ofwhomsurviveher.Soonafteiraari:iage,sheandherliusbandre movedtoCenterville,Ohio,where thelatterengagediomercantile pursuitsand where he remained un til the summerof1S44. at which timethey retfarhed toWaynesville. Inthespringof1849thehusband died, andin 1855 the snbject ol thissketchagainreturned-toCen- tbnHllo and remained thereunti' about' tVo mouths jjrior to bei loath. Shewasanearlymemberol whatis commonly known astiu OldSchool Baptist Church,iiavinf ã beenacomaiuaieSiDtof that oi'o-ad- ization for* over fifty years, *She wasadevoted wife, anaffectionate motheraddaconsisfedtchrlstain. ri;' '^HE funeral-ofMrs.Harristooki tj place last Thnrsduy aftjemoon from theM.E.Church.TheRev.Mr.' I Thompson of Franklin preached the funeraldiscourse from the text, Blessedarethedeadwhodiein' .the Lord; yea, eaith my spirit, for Itheydorestfromtheirlaborrand: I their worksdo followthems'^' A  large and attentive congregation jlisteried to- the reverend gentle man'sable discourse. Atthe closer fao opportanity to take alast look jatthe face ofoneofouroldestand I most esteemed'citizens was given,   which all improved; and then the funeral cortege moved to Miami | Cemetery,whereall that was mor-1 tal of the belovedMother was laidj away to its lastearthly rest} ^6 pall-bearers Messrs.: yhe had no feara^eflTSBB^; but re A. I). Cadwallader, JacohRandall, tainiug her coo^o^ePto the last, C. D.Woolly, Well: C. Cornell, she passed gent^'. withthe Sorae - IM I m i>r.r> ii Kur George W. Bides and Brow Sweet..jtii'ui coDvictiou that .id her future '   '- there should be nought biitbliss. A CAao.— We desire to tender our sin- ' Mrs. Harris'funeraltookplaceoq cere thanks to Dur many Meads for their Tuesday ofthis weebK ^Mr. Harris kindness andsympathy daring car late be-i.« -j ... reavemont. 'I.H. HARms arrived from Floridawith Sept.15,1879. and Family, j i^er reuffiinsonMonday.Abrief *v .appropriateaddresswas — On Saturday Morulngthe 6tb |iDst. of CholeraInfantUQi,Jriiuic Har- Kis. sunofIsraelHarris,ol il^is place, -aged16 fflonlbs and23days. JiMurs was a sweet, innueent, pure' litUe child, just such a loving one ns 'growsinto the hearts of all—loogentle ' givenbytheRev.JohnHawke,at'ier whichthe solemn procession moved toMiamiCemetery^ whdrre theashes of theloved and lost were laid into their lastearthly resting-place. The pall bearers were Messrs: J. M. Hadden,ADCadwallader,Ja- lor earth,and theangels took him. The 1'cob Randall, William Jones, Gorueu .dear boy is now of the brightthrong. J. Wright, and Joel Evans. that livebytheTreeofLife'wtifi-at --— — death nevercomes.' to.—On.i«.   On Friday Jirnmiewas lively'and 9 o'clock, P.M., of cmisumoiioil* jplayful,a well apringof joy in his earth- J. Harris, ,, tire twenty first lyhome.Inabout13hoursfrombis  s uge. first attack, bis little eyes were closed 'ew moirtlisago we pubiisireda forever onearth. God bless the be- fnend's marriage, not rearedparents,anddrawtheirheartsithe bright liupee oi to himself. ãi die .ve.MecJ pair were so soon to be wiUi- .Obituari,,,.I ' ããHar-   I'fve ioa one ol .;ur moat promia- i Dkath   Mrs.I. H. Harris.— , is^huriroTmd fo3''a'Telc^^ Mrs. I. H Harris diedof P-|laionary the hcarfa chamber offriendship Frtm all coDSumption, mJacksonville,Hor, who wore intimate with him-t,nd /i ida, January 15th, 1873, whither she / ' a numerous Ht-qiinh>r«„cea. notonewh had been taken by her husband for .'be nnnomicement tl his death n-irh the benefit ofher health. For the j u'-'regret and sorrow* first few weeks after her arrival, the  ã eniQin a vacuum la soci 'genial atmosphere of that region if i. ,, >eemed to reinvigorate her, and f „ush thereappearedevery indication thati b-en aiiickBiiP?r'h' ?-''f'' ' ''ons hove .he would returuiuW.e .Spring, re- , ir ; Stored to- herpristinehealth;batfol itslonely desootioD. we ' alas, the uncertainty of human nopes t'  ipt to depict. No'hin'miffe caV I—the 6lb instant, her husband'  't^rable eurrowofilmt i,en'r''a^nd , received a telegramannouncing her be rudeworldhas no right to intrude no- dangerous He at Oi3ee has- ''s «juictuary with unavailing words of jtened Icher bedside, butshe survj-,''^ ®^ Heuven's peace flow ved his arrival onlyfour days. wiV^commlr  'l Mrs Harris had been mairiod up- response:  Thy will wardof twentyoneyears, and du- Iringthatlongperiod,i^alltherela tions of^ Wile, Mother indDaugliter [she never failedinher highest duty. .Shewasa lady of rare literary at -.aiGiuents, and a naoat inlerestiiig ^ . vaversationaiist; yet she never.cugiit to shine in society, butrather to lu.ake herlittlehouseholdhamyv. in which she alwaysexcelled Thp^  whoknew her liestlovedlier most I Shemade no verbalprofession of religion, butcherdaily lifewas the. ilh:trationofherreligion. 'ãNone, * I'iOre than sh^ enjoyedthepleasures - the home circle,andalthoughthe thought of separating from - her] ~« fj-ianda. caused her pMeyapang;: yeq vy.- thean- ene hove  BooiTthe foHowiug Iroin tlie  gon . orna esn f.tlieobituary was a brother n. Harrisofthisplace,who ãs tjicdeathot^a gwd broth-: JOSKI'lf UAEKI8 athishomeinthUcityApril ,1883.On Friday, Felv.9he to his his farm,two luilesdis- i foraloadof straw. Standing jeiichofthestrawrick,uboat| orfonr feet iiigh, wliicli hej ntting f ruin themain body ofI ck,he noticed thattherickI 1 to^lip towardhiui.Seeing heatoncesprang IVotii the I on whichhe was ing.thinkingtlinstomake; acape.Butthefallingrick, itsheavytopweightofsnowce,caugfitliimanddoubledntlieformofaloop,bring-lisheadandfeettogetlier.ingtheiiguincutsandsome h^es ofthebuck.Theangle f%ied by the fallen portion ofthe rjfefe and tiie benchupon which lie. lad been -standing made it possi-1 b«B. tor hisson,wliowaswithi iiiiji,verysoontoextricatehim.j ^.^Vitli all possibletUspatch, he just iiovv hadlefthisbousegoneinusualhealthand j&Dgth tohiswork, was brongiit iMnBahel])lesB.andsofarastliis Ba.iS cuiicerncd, almo.ct a hopeless q|ti. Here in the bosom ot a |ni y most loving anduntiringin attentions toliim, under skii- l^fiurgical and medical aid, snr- nBnded by many sympathizing Minds, tor tenlongwearyweeksmuciisntieringon Rjborder line l>et\veen the world ^pWas ready to leaveandtheone ^^onged to enter. 9^6 decua jcd was bom in Cen- MontgomeryCo.Ohio. Sril 17ti), 1827< and at liis death Sg'diftysixyearsandtlireedays fM From Ohio, he removed in ãto Elba townsiiipinKiiox qwnty.' XH. In 1S51 he wasuni ^;iii marriage to Miss M, 0.llart, Jas. E.Gastoiiofficiating. ®c,yowsof thisamiou. wliich'was l^atwitli one son and one daiight 6Ek^bo sadily mourn the-lossofa fatherhefatlifnllykeptto ^9yay bf hisdeath. In 1808 ^efe^datnilv removed from Elba township Id Ahingaon, wncre tliey livedannnbrukentHiuiiy,till dentil claimedthe hr.shand and tatiierforhis own.Reared under Calvinistic Babti-»i; influences he a waited theevidence ot hiseflectn ui callandeternal election,until liewu#aboutfiiirtytlireeyears  ã( ageNot,findingexactlywhatheiiadbeenwailingfor.hewasa '»uut to connect himself withthe Preshyteriancliuich,htiibeforedoi iigso, concluded to read thec.n| vNHion of F.fth. Thisdone, he' felt tliatliccunldnotconscieulious|  y he aPresbjtoiian.He went to j iirotfenr (-I'l'ton, whoat thattiuioi washoldingameetingsomeeigiiii ãn-teiimilesawayandinanupos| tolic style, was nninersiiig [>e ijteTit j men and wjineii on coiifession ot| theirlaithinChrist.As (-inecn j Candaoe'h ti ea>iirer of old,tiem.ind eibabismatthehands of ILii-i'isdein'iiu]e<J itat the liauds of hiotiier Ga ton an I was hui-ied With Cllri^tbybi)tismin Ja iunry ISM. From that day liketlie<ineeirsfreasiircr,he 'went onh'Swayrejoicing''.JIowasa tivino|'perene and cheertnl temper and fliis eieimmt of h s ohur--ictei' nevershonemoreconspicmaioly, pcrii; |>s, than during 'iistcuweek-ãofsuffiering.Sernpiiiuushonesty wasoneofhisstKiiigly narked: chareteri.-itics 1 have kiiuwo him in- tima'.ely,andihaveneverknown,amanwIhjcouldhe ui(,ii-e implicit lytnisled.Hohadahigliregard fortherightsandteeliiigsolothers;stillhewasamanof strong and deep convictionsofhisown. lie would not tx; hurried to lii.s concinsions. and whenonceihev were readied, the-v weretiriidy liold. lie seemed t') knownosuchthingasnha..doning conelusiouswherojn-inclpiewits invuivctl, until it could hesiiown tluit the eonciudiuns were drawn trnil fiilso premisesorerroniously di-iiwii from true ouca. He wiia otmoretlninordinaryphysical and in iral coi -^:e, of patient en- dur:ii ce. of i*g snflenng. The samedegreeofcheerfulness,cour agecuoluessand patient ondnraiiceuiuiiifestedbyhimusinhisten weeks'walktlironglitlievalley andtheshadowofdeath,ifex- liihiledbypresident,kingorem perorwouldbepublishedaud -laii ded in allthe ends of tlic earth. and rightly too. He was a man otj prayer, and lie had a snblioie faith that susialned iiitu. in life, and gavehimheartandhopeindeath. Inhisatilictionsheloved the com panionshipofDavid,and Job and ot.the-pout wliii sang:  I would notlive always, I ask not tostay, wherestorm after storra rises dark o'ertheway.'' ' Lot me go; my soul is weary ot the chain whicii bindsme here. Wlu'iithemirishaverailedio .-plcndor, Fromthe btirjty of ihohills. And theeunshincworm andtender FallPill kis<..-g on tb- rills ; Wcmayreadlove'sshiningletterInthe i-iiIdI'O.v of >be spray, We shall Uno-r each otiier betier Whenthe mXt^h.ivo cleareda^ray..' In viewothis death hesaid^ callingtominddoubtless,thehis toryofLazarus,''Theaugelsare justwaitingtodotheirwork. i And wiiuii asked if he was rusting well,liereplied, TheLordis ^ blessing me greatly. I haveper- 'ferctrestot soul andcomparative bodiyrest.PraisetheLordfor his goodne=3. SoBro.Harris lived,sohe fell asleep, andso ; doubtless, he has been wafted to ,Abiahf.m's bosom. Hissorrowing I and devoted wife,son anddaughter , inourii ids loss andthecommuni tysharestheirgrief.Butthey liveinjoyfulanticipationotthe day when^lbeir griefwillbeturned togladness,andsorrow's tears shallallbe wiped away. A. J Thompson. Ajiril25th,1S8J.  524 S Vine Street Marlon Ohio 43302 August24 1987 Mr Dennis E Dalton Community Historian TheMary L. Cook PublicLibrary Waynesvllle Ohio 45068 Dear Mr Dalton: Your efforts In providing us with documentation on the Harris and Mosher families Is appreciated more than mere words can express You will be pleased to learn that Virginia  Mosher Blandford attended our Mosher Reunion,August 15, 1987. She Is a lovely young lady The pictures shebroughtwith her were most useful some of which we had never seen Could you please give us the name and address ofthe people who own the Hammel House? And, If you know, we would appreciate learning when this hotel—restaurant will be open for business We wish tobring a number of Moshers to the  ammel House for an evening meal In the near future Virginia plans to meet with us We wouldbe pleased to greet you again on that occasion Enclosed you will find a manuscript   wrote for the Mosher Reunion. Feel freeto duplicate  t  f the need arises Again, thanks for your more than generous assistance Inproviding Important documentation to our research Sincerely Charles D. Mosher
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