Mr Singh Q&A - Part 1 - 2010

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  Q&A Mr Singh 25 Jun to 18 Apr 2010 Searching For My GuruQ: I have become aware that Gobind Singh Ji was my Guru in a past life. I have been searching for the right path and am very much drawn to Sikhism and to Naam. I have  been initiated into Radhaswami but it doesn't feel right. ut even listening to Snatam !aur's music I have had beautiful e#periences. So I would ask you if you are the Guru I have been looking for and is this the $ath I should take. A: %irst of all may God less you. &ukam has delivered you to this sangat as hukam derives every situation including your e#periences of the Radhaswami sangat. ou may feel lost but this is all an on going process of self discovery( you are learning by e#perience )Gyan* which is a blessing for your bhagti )Gurparsaad* to evolve and flourish. +nd now &ukam )will of God* has derived you here.ou asked if we are your spiritual Guru. Read through the website and tell us if you recognise the $uran Sat )complete pious truth*.,o establish self to the path you must be able to ,rust the $uran Sat speaker -/ )-/ doubt is still doubt*. ,an(0an(1han )body mind wealth* must be surrendered to truly discover the vision  behind our words.,his path is full of many tests you are now facing such a test a very important test.2e are 3ust slaves here to serve another with the ,ruth if you accept us at your feet we are more than happy to serve you.&ave a good read and tell us what your intuition says God bless you with Satnaam Simran Naam !i Seva and eautiful andgi.our rother 4 Slave. A:  ,hank you for your reply. I recognise the ,ruth in these writings as I have been studying the 5ight and Sound ,eachings for many years.  Q: I had a spontaneous raising of the !undalini until I stopped it as I did not know what would happen. Should this happen again do I let it continue all the way up6 A: es. ou should never fear )Nibhoa* for the body needs to evolve within. ou was  born in the scum of 0aya your body only knows 0aya hence it needs to shift( many ad3ustments have to be made within for the Radiance of 5ight to take its greatest Glow. 5et the energies flourish welcome them they are for your betterment they will shift to  become vibrations overtime )don't worry all is a correction process*. Q: 2hilst listening to Snatam's !aur's music last year I felt the presence of Gobind Singh 3i in front of me which brought much love and tears. A: ou received very beautiful 1arshans count your blessings only one in -'s of millions receive the glimpse of ,ruth that you have seen. +ccept us at your feet your  bhagti can only be ,ruth. Q:  I do trust that by sharing some of my e#periences of the 1ivine that it will not be a disservice to myself. I do so only to e#press the wondrous nature of the 1ivine and what &e has given me thus far. A:  ou told us of ,ruth 7#periences there is no folly in forwarding your spiritual education only ,ruth reigns Supreme. 7#periences are our gifts use them to educate Self to inspire self to go further. Go further only to Glorify the ,ruth witnessed and never to Glorify Self. ou are on the right track we are with you. ou have been recogni8ed  by ,ruth.((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Surrendering CompeteyQ:  &ave been realising more about surrendering and how much we are still holding  back but at least we are aware and becoming aware of it. It is 9uite a scary thing to completely let go and trust only in Satguru 3i but even realising the problem within means we can start praying to let go completely and fall into the ocean of Satgur 3i's feet. A: Scary thing to trust a Guru -/ doubt is doubt. :ontinue your Seva and continue the Simran all will happen in due process. Q: 2hy don;t people accept the simple truth6 A:  ,he problem is the young minds only want to hear the perfect one liner rather than recogni8ing the simple truth. ,he topics may come across repeating themselves they  prefer to rebel than accept in this rebellion is e#citement to 3ust accept is too simple too  plain. ,his is how 5ow the 0aya takes you into its scum. !o e And #eation$hip$  Q:  +unty Ji has never had any love in her life been abused physically )violence rather than se#ual I think* and mentally. She is getting 9uite ill now and been praying to die. It made her family 9uite sad please pray for her to send her love. A:  +unti Ji has our love may her suffering be gifted to us.((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( Q:  I;m deeply in love with a Sikh boy . 2e both love each other a lot. ,he only problem is that he is a Sikh and I am a Sindhi and his parents would not agree for our marriage in future. $lease suggest me some pray or something that could work. A:  2e are speakers of $uran Sat( )$ious :omplete ,ruth* we are here to educate ,ruth to evolve the mind of the :hild God to overcome the false of 0aya and return back to the,ruth.ou wrote  “The only problem is that he is a Sikh and im a Sindhi.” ,he problem is the title difference between two hirdas we were created with no color nor shape we are a mass of Infinite Nothingness placed into body's to overcome the tests of 0aya and reali8e the ,ruth in all its Glory. ,hese titles of faith is the 0aya the hagats<Saints<$rophets come to glorify ,ruth they do not come to sell ideals of separation. 2hatever message gifted by such Super(eings is changed overtime by 0an )poor interpretations by $riests $oliticians Scholars 2orldly !nowledge*. our Skin may be  black brown or white. our religion may be :hristianity Islam or &induism regardless there is only one ,ruth all was created out of =ne ,ruth.+ll that happens in life is our !aram our !aram is ,ruth and to Glorify ,ruth we accept all !aram as perfect regardless the highs and lows. =ur advice for you is to educate this very ,ruth to your family and the boy with whom you have a relationship living life in fear holds no merit.,here is no need for foolishness all is $erfect all is &ukam discover the $eace and discover the ,ruth in every moment.God less you with Satnaam Simran Naam !i Seva 4 eautiful andgi God less your family with Nirvair )Ik 1risht ( Single vision to recogni8e the perfect e9uality and harmony to witness God in every Roop )form*. Fa$ene$$ o% MayaQ:  ,he Guru 0asters took up swords when the ill(minded people didn;t stop their merciless ways. 2hat has happened now6 &alf of the Sikhs I see are lost. 5ost in money women drugs alcohol and so on. + few good ones are lost in Simran. ut who  then will rise to make us into better humans 3ust as our Guru Gobind Singh Ji was6 2ho will fight against the atrocities6 A:  ou are going through a stage of awareness of the false of 0aya but you are also lost in your own worldly knowledge. ou need to recogni8e that all is a process of the moment. >nderstand that as dire the situation has become in the world all is in perfect harmony to what the world deserves. &ukam calls on all the rahmgyani's to remain compliant to the &ukam and keep delivering the $uran Sat until &e )God* decides to shiftthe approach  of delivering ,ruth. Q:  + sikh colleague of mine went to the >! and lived a playboy lifestyle. &e came back a few weeks ago and I talked to him for a while in e#plicit details about his se#ual encounters. I came back home and spent the whole day with lust caught up on my mind. I se#ualised almost every woman in my mind while going to sleep even with ?waheguru@ on my lips. In my dreams too I was 3ust lost in se#. I didn;t say I am good.I have been very evil and I still am. eing evil is being 0anmukh. A:  ,here are many negative forces around you and your playboy colleague. 0uch weight is upon you both. ,hat is why you have come to detest society. 2hat you detest about society is correct you detest the falsehood. So you have started realising the ,ruth ( this is Gurparsaadi awareness. &owever you must also rise above the falsehood you detest by not lowering yourself please give up your worldly wisdom for the ,rue 2isdom of Gyan. ,his will be earned through the medicine of Naam Naam !i Seva andandgi )Salutations of God through all actions*.5ive ,ruth Speak ,ruth Serve ,ruth 1eliver ,ruth 1ie ,ruth. rahmgyan is a gift from beyond. our whole mind set must evolve before you can earn the Gurparsaad )7ternal lessings*. Step$ For Spiritua rogre$$Q:  $lease pray for my spiritual progress and divine blessings. A:  God less you Ji you have our blessings. ,o receive the education of $uran Sat is a  blessing. S,7$ -A $lease read up on the B vices. ,hen make a list of yourself failing to these vices from actions committed during the dayA  ã wanting to make more money )greed* ã not wanting to let go )attachment* ã not happy with outcome of a B<B situation )not accepting hukam( ego<pride*
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