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Museveni responds to Ssemogerere interview

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President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has responded to various issues raised by former Democratic Party president Paul Ssemogerere’s in an interview with the Sunday Monitor of September 28.
   ArticlebyH.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni President of the Republic of Ugandain response to an Article by Mzee. Ssemogerere in the Monitor 16 th  October, 2014  In the Sunday Monitor of 28 th  September, 2014, MzeeSsemogerere gave an extensive interview covered from page14 to 15. I agree with some of the contents of theinterview such as the rigged elections of 1962 and 1980. The rigging was structural and obvious. The multiple ballot papers, the multiple ballot boxes, the enclosedpolling booths, the failure to count immediately afterpolling at the voting points and declaration of results, thegerrymandering of Constituencies etc, etc.It is also true that in the 1980 elections, the DP attractedleaders that had been in UPC and KY in 1962. MzeeSsemogerere quoted a number of names and they are wellknown. In fact that re-alignment of forces had alreadytaken place even by 1965-66. I remember the vote inParliament for the election of, I think, Kakonge. The DP, 1  KY and the Ibingira UPC had put forward Mashaate.Kakonge won by a narrow margin.However, there are many points on which I do not agree with Mzee Ssemogerere  –  both in the past and now but willnot go into them here. They include the decision by the DPleadership to join the Parliament of 1980-1985 and his belief in lobbying Oyite Ojok and Muwanga to “save thelives” of some Ugandans. The NRM position has always been to hold accountable all killers if they are identified.I confirm to the readers that the Okello Governmentreleased some of the prisoners that had not been killed, but not all. I did not know that it was Mr. Ssemogererethat spearheaded that. I congratulate him for that. I amalso pleased that Mr. Ssemogerere confirms that in the 9 2   years he was with the NRM, he was “not inhibited” fromcarrying out his work as Minister of Internal Affairs orMinister of Public Service.However, there are fundamental points in Mr.Ssemogerere’s interview that I cannot leave unanswered. Top on the list is Mr. Ssemogerere’s answer to theinterviewer’s question that run as follows: “DP will be 60next month. Don’t you get a feeling that it is considerably weakened?” What was Mr. Ssemogerere’s answer? It wasas follows: “you have got to see what has been happening toother parties. Tell me which political party has stood?Look at UPC, CP, KY etc, etc”. He goes on: “Where is Kanuin Kenya? Where is Banda’s party in Malawi? Where isNkrumah’s Party?” The point Mzee Ssemogerere wasattempting to make was that all political parties had to 3


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