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7001 St Andrews Rd #414 Columbia, SC 29212, USA GOLD MEMBER NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2013 Google Hummingbird Update MASS Around the World - Awards & Accolades. Referral Program! Do
7001 St Andrews Rd #414 Columbia, SC 29212, USA GOLD MEMBER NEWSLETTER OCTOBER 2013 Google Hummingbird Update MASS Around the World - Awards & Accolades. Referral Program! Do you want $450 in FREE coaching? Is Google Docs For Losers Or For Winners? (The difference between PROCESS & OUTCOME) Inside baseball. Can You PASS This Test? WHAT IS THE BIG DEAL ABOUT THE GOOGLE HUMMINGBIRD UPDATE? It is the biggest Google algorithm change since Google instituted the change as they claim it will achieve better google results. The best way I can describe the Hummingbird update (and I ll be talking more in depth about this at the conference in March in Columbia) is that it s similar to how we search with Siri. When you talk to Siri on your iphone, you don t bark keywords, you ask questions. With the Hummingbird update Google is giving more weight to the entire field of a search, versus the past of just indexing keywords. They are giving more weight to the full question not just the keywords in the question. To me, it s a more dimensional search. The Hummingbird update is a positive one as far as I can tell (but it s really too early to know for sure). You should see more specific information pages ranking, especially if your site is done the MASS way with lots of great content and information (white hat seo) not a bunch of keyword stuffing crap and lame back links (black hat seo). Some website owners are complaining about negative impact, but I have not heard of any MASS members experiencing this. Hummingbird is already live so you should have seen a change by now if you were going to experience one. I think the drama behind Hummingbird is much ado about nothing. The basics of great SEO that we teach in MASS are still the same. What should you do about it? Be sure to google your most important keywords every morning. If you re monitoring it every 24 hours, you ll be able to react quickly. But frankly you should have been doing that all along. It s one of the quickest ways to achieve Music Academy Success! (Awards and Accolades continued on page 2) MASS AROUND THE WORLD - AWARDS & ACCOLADES There s a lot of great work being done by MASS members in 37 US States, Canada, Europe, South America and Asia. We re close to having a new member in China! One really cool example is one of our original members Daniel Bottrell and his school in Brazil. Check out this MASS style marketing working in South America (original text is in Portugese): English translation: We are a music school right for you? The Minuet Music Centre Belo Horizonte is the largest and most organized music school BH. 14 benefits of becoming a student of the Minuet : 1. Music lessons in one place : We offer quality music lessons for the main courses and musical instruments. Corner Piano Keyboard Drums Guitars Saxophone Guitar Bass Violin Music Theory Choral Essayperformance (You get the drift). Excerpts from Daniel s Newsletter page: English translation: Student of the Month : Luis Miguel Lima Terenzi 1. When and why did you become interested in music? Well, I ve always liked, but never delved, then one day I decided, I ll learn. 2. What instruments do you play? Do violin lesson, but learned along the theory, and now I can play through it many others. 3. You are part of a musical group? What? Not yet, but I hope that the future belongs. 4. Do you have any presentational musical by now? I will touch on Hearings Students Minuet now in late August. 5. Which musician do you most admire? Depends if a more popular style, admire Tuomas Holopainen, the creator of the band Nightwish. If a more scholarly style, I admire very, very much Mozart. But the composer, Howard Shore I admire most. 6. Studying and learning music for you is... Something that changed my life, I never imagined how amazing and interesting music is, and I believe that if I had never met her, would not be the same person I am today. 7. Where are you going with the music? In scholarly career in an orchestra. In popular career, have a band and be able to play there. (Continued on page 4) 7001 St Andrews Rd #414 Columbia, SC 29212, USA MASS AROUND THE WORLD & AWARDS - ACCOLADES (continued) 8. How long have you make music lessons in minuet? A year and a half. 9. What do you enjoy most about your music lessons in Minuet? The teachers all are charismatic in all 6 teachers I met in minuet, all are extremely cool, teach well, all with very nice personalities, among other things. 10. Do you have any tips for those who are beginning to study music? Well, first, if you see that you re really enjoying it, do not stop, move on without wondering what it will cost you. I never imagined that learn violin one day I said I decided, I ll learn the violin. I found the Minuet, and 1 and a half, I m playing well. Would never imagine that in 1 year and a half could become student of the month, and here I am. So, if you like, all worth it, so do not give up and keep playing. * The Minuet like to make a special thanks to Luis for referring your friends to the Minuet! Daniel has a really cool site that s worth studying. You can check it out online at: Early on regarding his MASS experience Daniel said: Now let s head north and check out one of our MASS All Star members in Canada, Gold Plus member Brian May with Studio Arts Academy and Rock School, London, Ontario. I had the pleasure of meeting Brian and his wife Anita at the MASS Conference n Myrtle Beach this year. They re also registered for the 2014 MASS Conference Experience (MCE) in Columbia, so they ll be taking the tour of my second location the Lexington School of Music ( Check out the next page to see a Canadian style MASS school and web site. 7001 St Andrews Rd #414 Columbia, SC 29212, USA So the FIRST AWARD AND ACCOLADE goes out to Brian May for registering a RECORD 96 NEW REGISTRATIONS in September. Keep reading to see what the recipients will receive. If you come to Columbia in March you can meet Brian and ask him what his secrets to success are. About the 2013 conference in Myrtle Beach Brian says: My experience on a scale of 1 to 10? 13! This is a great conference because it s something I m so interested in everything that s happening is very relevant, the people are great, all of these music owners from all over the world with great ideas GOOD FOOD, good food, really smooth, really well organized, it s awesome! (You can register online for the 2014 conference at If you have not received info about the conference, please Stephanie: (continued on page 6) 7001 St Andrews Rd #414 Columbia, SC 29212, USA (MASS Around the World-Awards & Accolades continued from page 5) So now let s head back to the US and check in with some member success reports that you can: 1. Learn from. 2. Use for inspiration. 3. Most importantly: Further understand that the only thing stopping your success is YOU. At my most recent Teacher of the Year meeting, I talked to the teachers about not living in Excuseville. Unfortunately a lot of our members are still residing in Excuseville. A recent school owner in the Northeast United States after receiving a MASS postcard called our office and left this voic Please stop mailing me your cards. I ve gone from 52 students two 2 in the past 12 months and it s due to the economy. So you can save your postage and not mail to me anymore. Now the US state that this person is in is one of our biggest, in that we have a ton of members there and they are doing quite well. In other words, the economy is not hurting them. So what hurt this school owner? I don t have to be there to know (and if you re not succeeding as fast as you would like be sure to look at this check list): Lack of marketing. Unwillingness to spend money on marketing. Hatred of selling. Taking cash and check. Not answering the phone. No retention strategies. Unwillingness to get coached to a higher level. So if any of you reading this can improve in any of the above areas, you need to do so asap so that you can stop living in Excusville and so that you can stop hindering your own development. HOMEWORK: Read or Re-Read the HOW TO SUCCEED FASTER three part series in the newsletter archive. Here are some NEW great examples from the members only Facebook of members who have broken through and achieved MASSive success in the past 30 days: Diamond member Marla Morrison in San Diego California writes: YAY! WE JUST HIT THE BIG 100!!!!!!! Partying at the studio all week! Marla has come a LOOONNNGGG way in just twelve months and she gave a lot of great tips on the last Gold call. HOMEWORK: Be sure to listen the CD in this month s newsletter so that you can learn her secrets (as well as the other four members on the call). They were so damn impressive that ALL FIVE of them won seats to the MasterMind meeting at the conference in March. Marla: Be sure to make a sign in your office that says 200 Students and focus on it everyday! (Continued on page 8). DIAMOND MYSTERY SHOPPER CALL REMINDER: All Diamond members be sure to call in for our monthly mystery shopper call training with Chris Mullins: Friday, October 25th 2 p.m. EST. Check out the Diamond section of the membership site for call in number. Is your office staff converting prospective students on the phone as well as they should be? Mystery shopping has been one of the best tools MASS members are using to convert more students on the phone. Each month, MASS Diamond members get on the group call with myself, the office staff of the Columbia Arts Academy and Chris Mullins, CEO of Mullins Media Group. In our monthly training, MASS members get their academies mystery shopped, we listen to the play back and then critique the call to improve their phone sales. Their office staff gets to join in too. You also get to listen to MY academy get mystery shopped! This is a great resource that is paying big dividends for our members. Not a Diamond member yet? Upgrade to Diamond by ing com WHAT DID YOU THINK OF OUR SEPTEMBER CALLS? To make MASS the best program for you, I need to know what you want more of and what you want less of. Please let us know what you thought of the last call by sending an to or fill out this form and fax it to What did you think of the call? What topics would you like for us to cover this year on the future calls? What support materials (calls, products) should M.A.S.S. offer that we don t currently? 7001 St Andrews Rd #414 Columbia, SC 29212, USA (MASS Around the World-Awards & Accolades continued from page 6) Gold Plus member James Skelton from Conway Arkansas writes on the members only Facebook: Just started our 7 month. of MASS and we have surpassed last years total enrollment of new students!!!! Thank you Marty and my MASS family!!! James is a good guy and also won a seat to the MasterMind in a contest held back in the Spring. HOMEWORK: Be sure to visit the audio archive and listen to his call from May 5th 2013 called Diamond Contest to learn his secrets to his success. Congrats Jim on your success and I look forward to meeting you in person at the conference. One comment that Jim made that is instructive is that MASS is a family. And for that I am proud. Diamond member Maurice Kelley Director Franklin Brentwood Arts Academy Franklin, TN (Nashville) said something similar after attending the last two MASS conferences: The conference has been amazing as always. I m always learning new things. New ways of marketing, and one of the biggest things is meeting the new people from different places all over the country and the things that they re going through. We have some common things we deal with on a regular basis and it s good to know that you re not alone out there and that you have other people to bounce ideas and thing off of. So that s been really good, but the conference is just amazing. It s really good. You should definitely come to the MASS conference because you get a sense of where you stand in the business. Because you re seeing everybody else and everybody else is dealing with the same sort of things and you really get a sense of that. To talk with people face to face, and say Hey, here s the things that we re going through and you don t really get that just on a phone or a conference call, you have to be here in person, to actually get that one on one connection with other owners. Are YOU going to make a connection with other music school owners this year? It s only held every 12 months so don t wait until 2015 to connect with your MASS family. Register online at DID YOU KNOW that the MASS audio archive has over 60 HOURS of music academy secrets that you can add to your arsenal? HOMEWORK: Listen (or re-listen) to ONE call every week this year to get your Academy moving ahead FASTER! Diamond member Barbara Hendricks from Grand Rapids Michigan posts: Great compliment from a new Music Together family this morning. She had made several calls in the area, and we were the first ones who ANSWERED THE PHONE! She had actually been considering several different national curricula offered in town, but when we answered the phone, she said it was easy an easy decision. So glad we have learned that lesson from Marty and moved up to Diamond to get help with our phone script. That particular call came through on a weekend during non-teaching hours. In 2003 I moved back to South Carolina (from Los Angeles) to get married to Valerie. We stayed at a cabin at a state park in the Blue Ridge Mountains and I had all of my calls forwarded to my cell. I distinctly remember registering my first student at 10 a.m. a few days after Christmas. The time of day was so early that everyone else was closed, (Continued on page 9) 7001 St Andrews Rd #414 Columbia, SC 29212, USA and a time of year that most schools would simply be closed. I learned a very valuable lesson early regarding what it takes to grow a music school and grow it fast. Secondly Barbara makes a great point about focusing on the SCRIPT. As I write this, I ve got a call in to one of my managers tomorrow because the part time employee under her is not doing good enough on her calls. I know this, because I m using a new software that records every call (and a whole lot more) and I ll be debuting it at the conference in March. More soon. HOMEWORK: What are you doing to answer the damn phone everyday 8:30 a.m.-9 p.m. and weekends 10 a.m.-6 p.m. And our final accolade goes out to Gold Plus member Michelle E Karel-Ward of Troy Idaho who posts: There s no doubt that being a MASS member has totally transformed me into a better marketer. But the payoff for me is I now have the right talking points and am not afraid to stand my ground when it comes to dealing with Radio & newspaper reps that think they know what s best for me and try to fix my stuff (grrrr.), or when some doe-eyed college coupon book/hometown map person tries to convince me that I can reach a whole untapped audience spending money with them. I _almost_ feel bad when I have to unleash my Inner Marty on them (hahaha). That alone has saved me almost $800+ in costly mistakes, money that went towards upgrading to be a Gold+ member and attending the conference this March. Great work Michelle! Michelle has also come a long way in her time here and there a few things she says that are very important. 1. She has realized that she knows more than sales reps and not the other way around. Sales reps will often try to use their mind tricks on you but you have to stand your ground. 2. Michelle is a serious student and has been watching and reading the presentation I did at the April 2013 conference on Negotiating Media Buys. If you were not there and would like to obtain a copy of the conference DVDs and workbooks please for more info. HOMEWORK: Write down how much money you think you could save by becoming a more astute negotiator when it comes to buying media. 3. Michelle invests in herself. The greatest investment you can make is in yourself. I ve got a consultation with Dan Kennedy in December. Dan charges around $18,000 for the day, so if he accepts you as a client and if you have the budget, then by all means enjoy. I still invest in myself as I need constant inspiration, coaching, new things to read, new things to do and I attend various conferences every year. I owe it to myself. I deserve it. And so do you. So there are the accolades for these MASS AllStars, now on to their awards. I m going to be doing a special contest winner only call dedicated to the topic of FAITH BELIEF ACTION (discussed in the September MASS newsletter). The date is TBA but Marla, Jim, Barbara and Michelle have all won a spot on this exclusive call. Do you want to win a spot on the call? It s EASY to enter: Stephanie your Music Academy Success stories (and tell us HOW you did what you did) and if your entry is compelling enough, YOU LL win a spot on the call too! *If you ve already submitted a story for a contest this year, feel free to copy and paste your entry from the previous contest. More on the FAITH BELIEF ACTION call soon. (Continued on page 10). 7001 St Andrews Rd #414 Columbia, SC 29212, USA (Awards and accolades continued from page 9) Referral Program! Do you want $450 in FREE coaching? Just as I encourage YOU to do contests or give prizes to your current and former students to increase referrals, I also do the same with the MASS program. Each of you knows other music school owners or teachers who are not members but could greatly benefit from the MASS program. Please reach out to them and encourage them to request the free report at and to mention on their request that YOU referred them. For any referrals we receive effective 10/24/13 or beyond, IF they join the program you get your choice of either $100 cas or a free one on one, sixty minute call with me to talk about whatever you need help with in your business (value $450!). So spread the word! Is Google Docs For Losers Or Winners? (The difference between PROCESS & OUTCOME) Some of you have mentioned on the Facebook page (and on Gold calls) that you re surprised by the fact that I still use the Google Docs to run my two schools. I m cognicent that the sentiment is one of rolled eyes and man, when is Marty going to get with the TIMES and get into a REAL software program?. So I did want to address this so you understand the difference between PROCESS and OUTCOME. The software you use to run your school, balance your check book, etc is part of the PROCESS you use to achieve success. The OUTCOME is the bottom line how much money entered your checking account. I m more focused on OUTCOME than PROCESS. There s a real danger of getting tied up in the process of things and losing sight of the desired outcome. A great example of this is music pedagogy. When I was in college, I was convinced that there was only ONE guitar method that was superior to all others. I was obssesed with the process of the method I was imerssed in and dismissed any other methods as inferior. In 1996 I went to London and studied privately with Michael Lewin, Head of Guitar Studies at the Royal Academy of Music in his home. The method that I was studying in college was not familiar to him, and the method that he taught I was not familiar with. After my time in London I went to Siena Italy for a chamber music institute and the guitar teacher there wasn t familiar with either method and he taught a different way entirely. So it opened my eyes to the difference between process and outcome. I began to put a lot less emphasis on process or methodology. As a side note, my chamber music partner was the wife of the lead singer of the rock band Bare Naked Ladies. He came down for a bit while on tour and that was a really cool experience. (Continued on page 11). ONE TIME ONLY HOW TO ENROLL 130 STUDENTS IN 60 DAYS! MCE 2014 Thursday, March 6 - Saturday, March 8, 2014 Columbia, SC Not to be repeated Not to be included in the MASS manuals and or website. The only time a tour of Marty s Lexington location wi
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