Navigation System

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Navigation System
  if equipped Navigation   System  Introduction 5 System introduction 5Driving restrictions 6What is SYNC  ? 7Safety information 8How to get going 8 System overview 14 Map display options 21Display voice commands 22Status bars 22Home screen 22Loading pictures 23Reverse camera 24Quick reference chart 25Setting the clock 27 Voice recognition system overview 31 How to use voice commands 33 Adjusting the voice prompt volume 35 Voice recognition tutorial 36Tutorial voice commands 37 Voice name tags 37User profiles 37 Audio features 41  AM/FM 42Satellite radio (if equipped) 47CD 49Playing a DVD in the system 53Jukebox features 55Recording (saving) music to your jukebox 56 Accessing the music in your jukebox 57Creating a playlist 58User Device (if equipped) 62Rear DVD voice commands 63DVD (if equipped) 64 Table of Contents 1 2009 Centerstack   (ng1)  Supplement, 2nd Printing USA  (fus)   Climate features (if equipped) 66 Climate voice commands 67 Information menu 69 Where am I? 69Hybrid information (if equipped) 69SIRIUS Travel Link 73SIRIUS Travel Link voice commands 78 Accessing your calendar 79 Accessing the help screen 79 Sound menu features 81Setting a destination 83 Setting a destination by voice 84Quick destination options 84Standard destination options 86Destination voice commands 94Quick touch buttons 97Map icons 98 Navigation route preferences 100 Map preferences 102Route preferences 103 General Information 108 Map updates 108Navigation end user license agreement 108Glossary 114 SYNC   phone features (if equipped) 118 Phone dependent features 118Quickstart - How to get going 118Pairing your phone through your navigation system 118Making a call 120 Table of Contents 2 2009 Centerstack   (ng1)  Supplement, 2nd Printing USA  (fus)   SYNC   phone features 121Saving a contact or phone number as a Quick Dial 122 Accessing your phone book 123Call history 124System settings 124 Adding (pairing) a phone 125Connecting a phone 126Deleting a phone 126 Advanced settings 127Turning Bluetooth on/off 128911 assist™ 129 Vehicle health report 133Setting a ring tone 137Message notification 138 Automatically download your phone book 139Modifying your phone book and call history 140Turning prompts on/off 142Returning to factory defaults 143Performing a master reset 144Installing new vehicle applications 144 Accessing SYNC   system information 145Text messaging with your navigation system 146Forwarding a text message 150 Voice commands in phone mode 151 SYNC   media features (if equipped) 153 Connecting your digital media player to SYNC   153SYNC   media features 154What’s playing? 155Supported player, media formats and metadata information 155 Accessing and using your USB port 155Streaming music from your phone 156Using the Auxiliary input jack (Line in) 157Using the play all feature 158Selecting and playing specific artists 159Selecting and playing specific albums 160Selecting different genres 160 Accessing your playlists 161Playing a specific track 162 Table of Contents 3 2009 Centerstack   (ng1)  Supplement, 2nd Printing USA  (fus) 
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