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Make a list of your best customers. Write a paragraph about how to help them create a community based upon your products and services. Put your written plan into action.
Transcript  ã 1259 Pinewood Way ã Cedar City, UT 84720 ã Phone: 435.867.4844 ã Fax: 435.867.4418 November 2008 Tom’s Two Cents: Meet Your New Sales eam Enabling Customers to Market Your Business How to Hog Attention We’ve all heard o Harley Davidson. We’ve seen those leather-clad baby boomers riding around our cities, their bikes demanding our attention with blinding chrome and thunderous growls. But, can you remember the last time you saw a Harley Davidson commercial on V, or heard one o their radio ads? I you can’t, it’s because they do very little marketing in the orm o traditional advertising. Harley Davidson has built one o the most successul motorcycle brands in the world, and they’ve done it using much more than V commercials.How did a company on the brink o extinction in 1980 come back to lie? Tey didn’t do it by hiring the top ad agency in New York. Tey didn’t do it by building bikes cheaper and aster than the competition. Tey did it using a little acronym called H.O.G. Te Harley Owners Group, (HOG) was organized in 1983 in response to Harley riders’ desire to show their love or their bikes. What started as a small group o riders has grown into an international organization with over one million members. Members participate in annual events, have access to members only materials online and through the mail, and are connected to people that share their passion. Imagine more than 100,000 bikers cruising down the main street o your town. Tat’s what happens every year in Milwaukee, Wisconsin – Harley Davidson’s homeland. It’s called Te Ride Home and it’s the biggest event Harley promotes each year. Now, imagine the conversation that is created in cities and towns across the country as groups o HOG members rom Florida to Caliornia temporarily overtake their streets as they road-trip to this event. It would be ludicrous to say that nobody would notice, or talk about the spectacle. It’s even more difficult to imagine that some o the onlookers would not secretly wish to be a part o it.Harley Davidson has created more than just a an club. It has innovated an amazing ree marketing team. Harley riders voluntarily help the company to create in others the desire and passion that they eel themselves. ODAY:  Make a list o your best customers. Write a paragraph about how to help them create a community based upon your products and services. Put your written plan into action. Book Review: Creating Customer Evangelists by Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba  he best advertising is free advertising, and the best advertisers are those that spread the good word about your company simply because they want to.Te book has broken the evangelist creation process into 6 steps: Continued on next page Free Tools On the Web http://www.Innovation Why it’s cool: Innovationools provides entrepreneurs and innovators with a ocused, growing collection o the best resources on business innovation, creativity and brainstorming.  ã 1259 Pinewood Way ã Cedar City, UT 84720 ã Phone: 435.867.4844 ã Fax: 435.867.4418 Cool Web Site of the MonthBook Review (con’t) 1. Customer Plus-Delta . Companies need to know what their customers like about them and what they dislike. Knowing these things give companies something to work on, and keeps them from accidentally erasing something that customers love. 2. Napsterize your knowledge.  Giving away ideas and products creates word of mouth, and allows customers to pass information and products on to others. It’s an effective way to put others to work marketing for you. Instead of giving one free sample, why not give two or three? Ten, people will be able to try for themselves and distribute to others as well. 3. Build the buzz.  Getting people talking about something cannot be forced. People will spread ideas that are important or exciting to them. Simply introducing topics into networks that already exist (blogs, email, etc.) allows people to begin to generate a natural, un-forced buzz campaign for you! 4. Bite-size chunks.  Giving away a small sampling of your product or service makes it easy to obtain new customers. Te barriers to entry for new customers are zero, and it lessens the barriers for them to purchase the full-blown version later. 6. Create a cause.  Don’t just sell products and services. Sell a dream. Customers will become passionate about things when they see how it can affect lives, rather than how it can meet one specific need. Opportunities in a Down Economy By Dirk KnemeyerMarketing dollars spent during a down economy are far more powerful than similar dollars spent during good times, because each dollar represents a greater percentage of the overall marketing expenditure in your industry. While other companies drastically cut their expenditures,  your consistency means that you stand out more in the minds of your target audiences. While other companies hack-and-slash their advertising budgets, you continue to show up in relevant media. Tis projects strength and stability in a way that supports any brand strategy. It provides  valuable differentiation that will contribute to increasing sales more rapidly in the short term, and toward building your long-term branding success. Five Essentials for Marketing Technology in a Down Economy by erry Welty Successful marketing, in any situation, requires a combination of insight, patience and execution. In today’s economic conditions, these requirements are doubly important.Te right approach requires more than just cutting costs and coasting while waiting out the slump. Only good planning, prioritization and adherence to the principle that “success is 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration” can snatch victory from the jaws of defeat, or at least from the competition.Te marketing approach that can carry you through these difficult economic times is built on the following five essentials: 1. Know your company’s real value. 2. Know your customer. 3. Keep your salespeople well informed, well educated and well armed. 4. Stay consistently visible. 5. Keep it simple. Why it’s cool: Tis site consists o all the sofware you use every day - online. A word processor, spreadsheet creator, email tool, presentation creator, notebook, planner and more! Work on anything you need, wherever you are.
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