Notice of Readiness - chartering

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Notice of Readiness - chartering
  UNIT FOURTEENNOTICE OF READINESS When on a voyage charter it is the master's responsibility toadvise the charterer or his agent, in writing, as soon as the vessel is inall respects ready to load or discharge. This advice is given in the formof a Notice of Readiness tendered to the charterer or his agent. In somecases when a vessel is to load and she is expected at a definite hour, thecompany or your agent at the port may tender Notice. This is especiallytrue if it is not reuired to get free pratiue or to clear !ustoms. It is from the moment the notice of readiness has beenaccepted that the laydays commence, proided the ship f!lfils thefollo in# conditions$ 1.provided she is considered as an arrived ship , that is, sheis berthed or anchored at the place shown in the contract of carriage, and has received free pratique;2.provided she is in all respects fit to load or discharge;3.provided the notice has been delivered to the shippers or receivers;4.provided the notice has been accepted. 1  At the port of dischar#e yo! sho!ld tender the Notice itho!tdelay% &enerally, the charter party ill contain a cla!se statin#that laydays are to commence '( ho!rs after the master or o nerhas #ien ritten notice that the essel is ready to dischar#e, hether in berth or not at the place ordered, s!ch notice to be#ien d!rin# official office ho!rs only% The time allo ed may ary,and different charter parties may re)!ire that the Notice betendered by the master only, or by either master, o ner or a#ent%The '( ho!rs, or hateer it may be, #ies the charterer time toma*e the necessary arran#ements for dischar#e of the car#o% The date the Notice is tendered, nown as the #reporting day#,should be entered in the logboo . If for any reason the Notice cannot betendered after arrival, the reason should be entered in the logboo . The Notice may be prepared by your agent and presented on board for your signature. There will be anywhere from six to tencopies$be sure to get one for your file.If the %& hours expire on an excepted holiday, laydays will beginto count at the beginning of the next wor ing period, unless the charter  party stipulates otherwise. enerally, a Notice of Readiness is reuired by the terms of a charter party. If there is no one to receive it, the factsshould be logged and an attempt made to tender the Notice when thecharterer or his agent show up, leaving the srcinal date and time onthe Notice. If the charterer, of his agent, refuses to sign the tendered Notice, or if either one avoids accepting it, claiming that the vessel isnot in all respects ready to discharge or load, ma e an entry in the logof the reason for the refusal, advise your agent to employ a surveyor toinspect the vessel and inform the charterer or his agent that this is being done. (aydays should be counted from the time stipulated in thecharter party as though the Notice had been accepted and signed whentendered. 2  The following is a typical Notice of Readiness )*+- 3 +/N +0+ +T01+2I3 !4R34R0TI4N NW 54R6  N4TI! 47 R08IN+++.+. +0W4RT25  Dear Sirs:The above vessel has been cleared by Customs and is in free pratique at : hours on l9 in this port and is in all respects ready to commence loading / discharging cargo in accordance with the terms of the relevant charter  party dated 19 at ew !or # $%ST&' S#S# S&%()'T*!   The above Notice of Readiness was tendered at - hours on9: . 0ccepted at - hours on 9: . 7or the charterer- 1aster +.+. +0W4RT25-  2aving made certain that the ship has arrived at the time and place laiddown in the !harter$3arty, the +hippers inspect the ship's holds inorder to ascertain whether they are fit to receive the particular cargo theship has engaged to transport and it is only then that they accept thenotice. In accordance with usage and under a encon !harter$3arty,the lay days commence at fourteen hours on the day when the noticehas been delivered, provided this has been done during official hours, before twelve o'cloc . If the notice has been delivered after twelveo'cloc , the lay days commence at eight hours on the followingwor ing day. If the ship is not fit to load or has infringed other !harter$3arty conditions, the notice of readiness is not accepted andthe reasons for non$acceptance are stated. If the ship cannot enter portimmediately, the notice can be transmitted by radio. In such a case thetime she spends in the roads counts as #waiting time# provided theclause #time lost in waiting for berth to count as lay days# is inserted inthe relevant !harter 3arty.0s a rule the vessels trading on regular lines are not strictly boundto give notice of readiness either for loading or discharge but they arenot exempted from cabling their ;% )preliminary and %& hours )finalnotice, i.e. cabling their T0.2ere is another example of a Notice of Readiness- 4    Dear Sirs+ This is to inform you that the m#v# ,%'-&S, under my command arrived in the port of eaples today at .9#.. hrs# and is lying at berth o#  in free pratique+ready in all respects to receive a cargo of 0... tons of oranges as from .9#. hrs# today#The laydays commence and are counted as per clause o# l0 of the )wners2 3ill of 4ading+ i#e# ,as fast as the vessel can receive,# 5ours faithfully,1aster of the mv #0RI+# R!I/8at <:.=< hrs. on the 9%.<9. %......0!!3T8at <:.&< hrs. on the 9%.<9. %>..
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