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  ANTERIOR GUIDANCE Also known as: -The influence of the contacting surfaces of teeth on mani!ular mo ement ARCON Also known as:- ARTICULATED CONDYLE #here the con$le %art is attache tothe lower mem!er of the articulator& NON-ARCON is where the con$lar %art is attache to the u%%er mem!er of the articulator& ARTICU'ATION Also known as: -A relationshi% of the u%%er ( lower teeth which e)ists uring mani!ular mo ement from one occlusion to another& It is a $namic relationshi% ( it ma$ !e !alance or un!alance& *A'ANCED ARTICU'ATION Also known as: -   FULLY BALANCED   OCCLUSION BALANCED DYNAMIC OCCLUSION A multi-%oint contact relationshi% of the o%%osing teeth in which the$ guie smoothl$ o er each other uring mani!ular mo ement without causing islogement of the entures& *A'ANCED OCC'U+ION Also known as:- BILATERALLY BALANCED OCCLUSIONBALANCED STATIC OCCLUSION (Dentures) A multi-%oint contact relationshi% of o%%osing teeth in static contact& *ENNETT ANG'E Also known as: - PROGRESSIVE SIDE SHIFT The angle o!taine after the non-working sie con$le has mo e anteriorl$ ( meiall$, relati e to the sagittal %lane& The flatter the cus% the greater the sie shift& *ENNETT +I.T Also known as: - BENNETT MOVEMENT IMMEDIATE SIDE SHIFT MANDIBULAR SIDE SHIFT The !oil$ lateral mo ement of the mani!le towars the working sie uring lateral e)cursions /a%%ro)& 0&1mm2  *RU3I+4 Also known as: - PARAFUNCTIONAL ACTIVITY Tooth contacting ha!its, which are not necessar$ in orer to e)ecutethe normal %h$siological oral function& I&e& clenching ( grining& CANINE GUIDANCE Also known as: - CANINE PROTECTED OCCLUSION The %art of the anterior guiance thatoften occurs on lateral e)cursion, where the mani!ular mo ement is ictate !$ mani!ular canine-ma)illar$ canine contacts CENTRIC OCC'U+ION /CO2 Also known as: - INTERCUSPAL POSITION (ICP) HABITUAL OCCLUSION INTERCUSPATION POSITION MAXIMUM INTERCUSPATION HABITUAL CENTRIC AUIRED CENTRIC BITE OF ACCOMMODATION The %osition of the mani!le when the ma)illar$ ( mani!ular teeth areat their most interigitate& I&e& 4a)imum intercus%ation of the teethirres%ecti e of the con$le to fossa relationshi%& This is onl$ e ient when an ae5uate num!er of occluing teeth are %resent& CENTRIC RE'ATED OCC'U+ION Also known as: -#hen CO ( CRO are co-inciental& This the ieal that we aim for in an e5uili!rate mouth 6 simultaneous contact of all the teeth with the con$les in centric relation 6 see reorgani7e occlusion CENTRIC RE'ATION OCC'U+ION /CRO2 Also known as: - RETRUDED CONTACT POSITION (RCP) The %osition of the mani!le etermine !$ tooth to tooth contact when the mani!le closes in CR&  CENTRIC RE'ATION+I8 /CR2 Also known as: - TER4INA' INGE A3I+   TERMINAL HINGE RELATION   RETRUDED ARCH OF CLOSURE RETRUDED AXIS POSITION (RAP) LIGAMENTOUS POSITION   HINGE AXIS The most retrue %osition of the mani!le relati e to the ma)illa etermine !$ the T49 with the teeth se%arate I&e& Con$le to fossa relationshi% without tooth contact& Con$les in the u%%er most %osition in fossa& CENTRIC +TO8 Also known as: - CENTRIC STOP POSITION Cus% ti% use to achie e contact& COND'E Also known as: -The roune surface at the istal e)tremit$ of the ramus of the mani!le, which fits into the Glenoifossa to form the tem%romani!ular  ;oint& COND'AR ANG'E Also known as: - CONDYLE PATH The angle gi en !$ the ownwar ( forwar slo%e of the glenoi fossa& <+= sha%e in life, this re%resente asa straight line in a erage alue ( semi-a;usta!le articulators& COND'AR GUIDANCE Also known as:- ANGLE OF EMINENCIA The mechanism on an articulator which re%rouces the %aths own which the con$les tra el on  %rotrusion of the mani!le& CON.OR4ATI>E Also known as: -#hen restorations are fa!ricate to the e)isting ;aw relationshi%& CRO++O>ER INTER.ERENCE+ Also known as: -Once the canine has mo e into a  %osition that is la!ial to the u%%er canine ( the ti%s ha e crosse o er, the mani!le has then entere into the crosso er %osition& DI+C'U+ION Also known as: - DISCLUDING The se%aration of teeth uring e)cursi e mo ements e&g& on  %rotrusion, as the mani!ular anterior teeth slie o er the %alatal surfaces of the ma)illar$ teeth the  %osterior teeth often isclue& .O++AE Also known as: - FOSSA A e%ression& .REE#A +8ACE Also known as: -  INTEROCCLUSAL CLEARANCE INTEROCCLUSAL SPACE The s%ace !etween the occlusal surfaces of the ma)illar$ ( mani!ular teeth when in the rest  %osition& It is usuall$ measure in the %remolar region& .UNCTIONA' CU+8 Also known as: -The %alatal cus%s of ma)illar$ teeth ( !uccal cus%s of mani!ular teeth, which occlue with o%%osing fossae&  GROU8 .UNCTION Also known as: - SHARED FUNCTION Guiance of the mani!le when a num!er of %osterior teeth are in contact in lateral an %rotrusi e e)cursion&  INTER.ERENCE Also known as: - OCCLUSAL INTERFERENCE DEFLECTIVE CONTACTS An une en, earl$ contact arising on one or more teeth uring a e)cursi e mo ement causing isclusion of guiing teeth INTERCOND'ER DI+TANCE Also known as: -The istance !etween the con$lar heas at an$ %oint& 'ATERA' E3CUR+ION Also known as: - LATRUSION +iewa$s mo ement of the mani!le& 'INGUA'I?ED OCC'U+ION /'O2 Also known as: - PALATALISED OCCLUSION It is where onl$ the ma)illar$  %osterior %alatal cus%s occlue with shallow mani!ular central fossae& 'ONG CENTRIC Also known as: - FREEDOM IN CENTRIC OCCLUSION .reeom of the mani!le to slie forwar at the same ertical imension& 4A'OCC'U+ION Also known as: -A e iation from normal occlusion of one or more teeth in the ental arches& 4UTUA'' 8ROTECTED OCC'U+ION /48O2 Also known as: -That in centric relation there is onl$  %osterior tooth contact& The ma)illar$ %alatal cus%s ( mani!ular !uccal cus%s shoul occlue with there o%%osing occlusalfossae& Thus, anterior teeth %ositi el$isclue the %osterior teeth in all e)centric e)cursions, %rotecting the  %osterior teeth /of im%lants2 from harmful lateral forces&  NON-#OR@ING COND'E Also known as: - ORBITING CONDYLE The con$le on the non-working sie, which unergoes a mainl$ translator$ mo ement uring function on the working sie&  NON-#OR@ING 4O>E4ENT Also known as: - NON-!OR ING SIDE NON-FUNCTIONING BALANCING CONTRALATERAL ORBITING SIDE The sie the mani!le is mo ing awa$ from&  NON-#OR@ING +IDE INTERENCE+ Also known as: -Is a %osterior contact on the non-working sie which interferes with ieal anterior guiance, thus when the mani!le mo es in one irection,if a tooth on the o%%osite sie
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