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October 2011 Page 1 Volume 48 No. 1 By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them October 2011 President Beckley, Mayor DeBerry inspire students, faculty, staff at Opening Convocation for new year By Nekesa Oliver
October 2011 Page 1 Volume 48 No. 1 By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them October 2011 President Beckley, Mayor DeBerry inspire students, faculty, staff at Opening Convocation for new year By Nekesa Oliver As the time neared 2:40 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 13, the freshman class of 2011 and other students gathered in the Morehouse Doxey Auditorium for the 145 th President s Opening Convocation. Students came dressed for success and ready to accept the challenge that President David L. Beckley would propose to them. On stage were the President s Council, the honorable Mayor Andre DeBerry, SGA President Lyceum Series continues to bring culture and class to campus life By Benita Jackson Editor, The Rust College Lyceum Series is a number of events throughout the academic school year used to introduce students and the community to the best in European and African American cultural expressions. Marcus Bradley, Miss Rust Valencia Rogers, retired honorees, and a host of other staff members. The program was filled with encouragement and optimism. Mayor DeBerry greeted students and inspired them to continue the nourishment of their education at Rust, while Bradley and Rogers added the reminder of taking opportunities and striving for leadership and success. The new edition of the A Cappella choir, led by Dorothy Jones, made a great first performance singing two excellent selections, The Lyceum Series was founded in 1996 by Rust College President Dr. David L. Beckley. In 1999, Patricia Pegues was appointed as the chair of the Lyceum Series committee. With the exposure to different cultures, the diversity of the campus has improved drastically. In previous The Sankofa Exhibit was at the Smith Multi-Purpose Building. Rocking Jersualem and Great Day. This increased the energy of the students as President Beckley made his way to the podium. The President welcomed the Freshman class of 2011 with great expectation and positive things to say. He challenged the students to focus on using what they have and not what they lack. He described their tenure at Rust College as a temporary bump on the road to success. Success against all odds remember why we are here and what we stand for, said President Beckley. Rust College A Capella Choir performed at Convocation. From the applause and the new passion students have Rust College for singing the Alma Mater, Founders Day is you could tell that the November 12, 2011 speech was well received. years, Rust has brought in international performances. The Lyceum Series successfully brings in at least one graduate of Rust College or someone from the state of Mississippi to participate in the program. Although attendance at any Lyceum Series event is not mandatory, students show up for the cultural experiences. Pegues believes, If students allow themselves the opportunity to attend, their lives will be changed forever, for the positive. The Lyceum Series changes your life because it s a reality to let you see what you can become. To put the Lyceum Series together it takes the ef- Sistahs was presented in the Doxey Auditorium in September. fort of a complete committee to bring ideas together. John A. House, assistant professor of Speech and and me to make contact to be apart of the Lyceum Series events here at Rust, said Pegues. Theater, attends many festivals For more information where he encounters other authors and performers and makes recommendations to the committee. Artists also call, mail, about the Lyceum Series, contact Pegues in her office in the McCoy Administration Building on the Rust College campus. Page 2 October 2011 Editor Benita Jackson Assistant Editor Cervetra Williams Staff Writers Nekesa Oliver Ravenico Stephens Dionyal Spencer Teresa Hughes Contributors Robert Alexander Antoinette Anderson Tremelanie McFadden Christine Ambia Photographers Cervetra Williams Edward King Imani Freeling Advisor Dr. Kenneth E. Jones Department of Mass Communications Dr. Debayo R. Moyo, chair The RUSTORIAN is a student-produced newspaper published monthly during the school year by the Division of Humanities, Dr. Sylvester Oliver, chairman. invites editorial contributions from the Rust College community and other individuals on any topic, view or issue. All submissions must be typed and signed, and must include author s name, address and phone number. Send your letters or comments to: The Editor, 150 E. Rust Avenue Holly Springs, MS (662) ext 4558/4557/4553 Fax: (662) w w w. r u s t o r i a n. c o m Sharron Goodman-Hill hosts WURC radio show. Straight Talk Live is on the Air By Ravenico Stephen Spot Light... Straight Talk Live is back for its twelfth year on the air and looking to be an even more sucessful show. Straight Talk Live is a public affairs show that airs on WURC every Thursday with the host Sharron Goodman- Hill, Rust College Mass Communications instructor. The station is located on the campus of Rust College and is well known throughout the Holly Springs area. Some of the students help with the production of the show but very few students Gwendolyn Willis is seen here advocating for women s health. Rust College senior Tyler Perry contracted Gwendolyn Willis of my son, world renowned Michigan City, Miss. caters chef Jernard Wells, to the common man as well and I between October as the rich and famous through August Writer, actor and producer 2010, said Willis. on campus seem to know much about it. Goodman- Hill took the opportunity to better inform students of what the show is about and what to expect this year. The show provides information and news about happenings in the surrounding area and issues of concern. Straight Talk Live has had four different hosts before Goodman-Hill began hosting in Goodman-Hill says she enjoys the radio atmosphere and although there is hassle with productions its worth the time and effort. The show provides a chance for Rust College students, faculty and staff to be heard and their concerns addressed, along with informing people of the guests who will visit Rust College. Goodman- Hill says she would like for more talk to go on to during the show, with more people calling in and expressing their ideas and being heard. She says although the show does receive calls there once Mr. Perry s approximately 101 employees traveled with him but we mainly worked with him during the weekends, Willis added. Willis said that she traveled over 800 miles with Perry and her son for the job. We had to make sure each cast member received three meals; breakfast on time, and finish lunch before the plays started. Due to a contract agreement that s all I can say, but for me it was the experience and joy of working for Mr. Perry, Willis recalled. Another opportunity Willis experienced was in 2010 when she worked for the Premier Dr. Ewart F. Brown, minister of Tourism and his lovely wife was a time when there were more calls being received. On Oct. 20, Goodman-Hill will have Jonnie Dupree on the show. Dupree is the mayor of Hattiesburg, Miss. He is campaigning to become the next governor of Mississippi and is the Democratic Party s nominee. The election is on Nov. 3rd. Goodman- Hill is looking forward to having Dupree on the show in hopes that many listeners will tune in and call in. Straight Talk Live can be heard on WURC Business major Gwen Willis counts celebrities among catering clientele By Teresa Hughes Lisa Raye of Bermuda. I was surrounded by 50 top chefs. We would show them how to prepare a dish one time and they automatically had it down to a science. There were also multiple entertainers, and we served 850 people, Willis added. Willis stated that this particular event allowed her to see how the rich and famous live on the other side. Willis is a Business Administration/Education major, who started her catering company Gwendolyn Simply Divine Desserts in She caters weddings, reception, family reunions, and custom designs cakes. October 2011 Page 3 AKA s pink - a socializing event By Dionyal Spencer Staff writer, The lovely ladies of the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc., Theta Upsilon, chapter hosted their second successful Pink Social on Sept. 21 at Rust College in front of the R.A. and Ruth M. Brown Mass Communication Building, which houses the Shaw Cafeteria. The ultimate goal of the Pink Social is to allow students to socialize and meet new people. This also allows old students to embrace new students and new students to embrace old students by having fun. The Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority Inc. Pink Social allows everybody in the school to get to know each other and socialize, explained Destini Jones, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha. Students gathered around the beautifully decorated table where refreshments were sold, consisting of baked cookies, cupcakes, water, and freeze pops to raise money for their chapter while also taking donations of can goods and nonperishable items for the needy. The hosting of the Pink Social gave Rust College students the opportunity to view Greek social life as each Greek organization laughed, strolled, and hopped among each other. I like how everyone is standing around chilling, freshman Odalys Acosta expressed. Students were given the opportunity to express themselves individually See AKA s, page 5 COPE Center maintains firm focus on freshmen By Cervetra Williams Staff writer, Dr. Juanita M. Jones says that the COPE. Center is a place for Rust College freshmen to get help. The COPE Center is also a place to help with student retention. COPE. stands for Counseling, Outreach, and Problem solving for Excellence. Jones said, With the planning ahead process for the freshmen, when they arrive, their week will be organized and fun but nevertheless, very educational. By assisting the freshmen with any questions and concerns, they are greeted with a big beautiful smile and given a positive, uplifting answer. What is the COPE Center? Excellence, says Jones, and their motto, Working with People in Preparing for Change is highly implemented. The center is not just a place for first-year experience students but the Campus Features entire Rust College family. Other services provided are: Academic Advising, Career Placement, Peer Advising, Domestic Violence Counseling, Substance Abuse Awareness and Education, Suicide Prevention/Intervention and Stress Management. The COPE. Center is open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. Jones also added that the COPE Center works handin-hand with Shaw Hall and the Royal Ambassadors Advisors in the financial aid office. Shaw Hall is the place where freshmen also receive assistance with their classes and advice for the OWLs. By working together, Shaw Hall and the COPE Center can have a definite number of incoming freshmen. They also work with them from the beginning to the end of their duration here at Rust College. The first-year experience division and Student Support Services (SSS) Dr. Juanita Jones report from Mrs. Chiquita Walls, who is the director, directly to Jones. Asked how the incoming freshmen are accounted for, Jones states, Ms. Scott is able to give a guaranteed number of incoming students by knowing who has fully completed their applications, paperwork and paid a deposit. The freshmen who are Rust College ready and committed are the ones up for the challenge and success. So if you are ever stressed or need advice, the COPE Center is the place for you. How to balance a campus life By Robert Alexander Contributor, From the parties to the Greeks, and live basketball games, some will say campus life is the best. Many students are excited about the current academic year at Rust College. They are finishing up their second month of college at Rust. Some gave good feedback about how they feel. I m enjoying myself so far so I m happy, said Cody Thompson, a freshman, from Holly Springs, Miss. To be successful you must have balance in everything you do to achieve your goal. You need to make time in your schedule to take care of your goals first. There s a time to study and a time to party. Michael Reed, a junior mass communication major from Chicago, Ill., said, I balance my time by setting a time to go to sleep and wake up on time. Reed said he knows when to do his class work and when to party, plain and simple. Some staff gave advice to the incoming students. John Verge, the residential advisor in Davage Smith Hall, said freshmen should be themselves and stay focused. Pearly Jones, a counselor of students in Shaw Hall, said it s good to see students strive to be successful and finish college. On and off campus living By Antoinette Anderson Contributor, Is campus life better than off campus life? Campus living is the life for many college students, but now more students at Rust College tend to take interest in living off campus. For some students living on campus is not as great as living off campus. They would rather be independent and live on their own, and also have freedom to do whatever they want. Robert Alexander, a mass communication major from Chicago, Ill., said living on campus one may tend to be involved in more activities, but living off campus would be better as far as living conditions are concerned. Alexander said he knows many students who live off campus and they love it. According to Gabrielle Harvey, a biology major, also from Chicago, living on campus is easier when trying to make it on time for class, and one also gets to know other students better. But Harvey would like more security on campus and more planned activities for students. I enjoy the freedom I have living off campus. I can have company when I want and for as long as I want, said Corey Simpson, a mass communications major, from Chicago, Ill. Christina Taylor, a math ma- See Living, page 5 Page 4 October 2011 Extreme Makeover Home Edition, a new Rankin Circle By Tremelanie McFadden Contributor, By Benita E. Jackson Editor, Piggly Wiggly in Holly Springs, Miss. closed its doors on Friday, Sept. 30, and students at Rust College are already feeling the effect. One of the closest grocery stores to the college campus students could easily walk to Piggly Wiggly to pick up food, snacks, and drinks. It s a much easier access and students do not have to ride to the store unless they are doing a large grocery trip. But those who don t have a vehicle on campus don t mind making the short walk to the store. Some students like to shop at Piggly Wiggly because of the cheaper prices they have compared to Wal-Mart. Others like the selection of items that they can find in Piggly Wiggly compared to the other local grocery store or even the dollar stores. Yvette Edward Curry, a mass communication major, says that she is upset about the closing of Piggly Wiggly because the meat selection at Piggly Wiggly is better than other local grocery stores in Holly Springs, and is better priced than Wal-Mart. The thought of spending more money on any product is enough to make students consider how they are already on limited budgets. Students often rely on parents back home to send them money via services like Money Gram When discussing the remodeling of the Mississippi Industrial College Homes (MICH), better known as Rankin Circle, in Holly Springs, Miss., only one word can describe this long awaited process, upgrade! Rankin Circle is a low income-based apartment complex. To many Holly Springs residents, the complex projects the image of an unhealthy environment. Some view Rankin Circle as a drug zone with drug dealers, drug users, and gang members. I remember being scared to even drive through Rankin Circle in the day or the night time, said Holland Mason, a resident of a nearby neighborhood. There have been murders and numerous crime altercations that have taken place in Rankin Circle, such as the 2001 murder of Patrick Smith. Some of the most notorious drug lords of Holly Springs are from this neighborhood, according to Officer Michael Perkins of the Holly Springs Police Department. In November 2010, the Patton & Taylor Construction Company began the task of remodeling MICH, planned to be completely finished this November. According to Jim Mc- Neese, the company superintendent, this is one of the more difficult jobs the company has undertaken. MICH received a $4 million grant from the state of Mississippi to fund the rebuilding expenses. Kendria Winfield, the MICH property manager since September 2010, feels the upgrade will give the residents a more positive outlook on the neighborhood. When dealing with apartment complexes that have News from the local area and Western Union. Western Union is commonly used and is located at Piggly Wiggly. But with the closing of the store Western Union becomes out of reach to students who don t have transportation. Computer science junior, Patrice Jones, said Now I have to go all the way to Wal-Mart to receive money that family member back lots of children around we usually experience theft and vandalism of the construction site, but surprisingly nothing has been missing or vandalized the whole time we ve been here, said McNeese. The city of Holly Springs has been a huge help in getting the job done on time including everyone from Mayor Andre DeBerry, Micheal Crittle, and the Holly Springs Utility Department, McNeese added. Clemmie McFadden, age 88, has been living at the MICH complex since they first opened in Mc- Fadden explains how boys used to hang out around the complex very often and cause conflicts. I would witness bickering, arguments, and sometimes violence at least three to four times a week, said McFadden. After putting up gates surrounding the entire complex, installing cameras in every building, and enforcing strict rules such as a curfew, this neighborhood is a much safer living environment, McFadden added. Students dismayed at the closing of nearby Piggly Wiggly store in Chicago send. This is going to be a hassle because I could walk to Piggly Wiggly but walking to Wal-Mart is out of the question? The strain of the closing of this store may be hard for students to overcome unless another grocery store replaces it soon. Another student, Travonte Franks says that he wouldn t mind if they would replace it with a Kroger so he can use his Kroger card for discounts and his EBT card as well to save even more money. The closing of this store will not only affect the students of Rust College but the community as a whole will be affected. Jobs will be lost, access to the groceries will be limited, and even access to other needs will be limited. The closing of this business might also lead fewer customers for other business in the area where Piggly Wiggly was located. If people only visited other business because going to Piggly Wiggly reminded them to go by there, not having Piggly Wiggly there will decline business. Yet the plus is there for store like Big Star and Wal- Mart, because that is one less business they are in competition with. This could potentially increase their sales with people of the community and the students of Rust College having to find some where else to fulfill those needs that were once covered by Piggly Wiggly. October 2011 Graduate school recruiters seek serious-minded talent By Teresa Hughes A diverse selection of graduate schools, law schools, and even the Untied States Coast Guard were represented at Rust College graduates day held in the McMillan multipurpose gymnasium on Sept. 12. Recruiters presented interesting arguments as to why students should choose their program, and students took note. For instance, Dr. Osaeuohien Amienyi, interim dean of the School of Radio and Television, Arkansas State University, said that their in-state tuition is at its lowest ever, and there are even some assistantships available to qualified students. However, others argued that the overall cost itself to attend their program was the best reason students should enroll. Students can compare notes and when they do they will find that our school of law has the cheapest tuition starting at around nine thousa
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