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  One Republic Featuring the anthemic songwriting of Ryan Tedder, OneRepublic rose to prominence in 2007, when Apologize began its reign as the most popular digital download in American history. Although the song proved to be a quick success, OneRepublic had spent five years touring the musical minor leagues before its release, with Tedder splitting his time between the band's work and production gigs for other artists. Tedder and Zach Filkins formed the band in 2002 and relocated to Los Angeles shortly thereafter, adding keyboardist Drew Brown, bassist/cellist Brent Kutzle, and drummer Eddie Fisher to the lineup in the process. OneRepublic then signed with Sony BMG's Columbia label in 2003; three years later, however, the bandmates returned from a performance at Coachella to find themselves dropped from Columbia's roster. Nevertheless, OneRepublic's popularity continued to soar on MySpace, and Tedder helped raise the group's profile by penning songs for artists like Blake Lewis and Hilary Duff. Hip-hop producer Timbaland (with whom Tedder had already worked for several years) took notice of the group's audience and signed OneRepublic to his own Mosley Music Group, a joint venture with Interscope Records. Timbaland also remixed one of the group's most promising tracks, Apologize, and included it on his own album, 2007's Timbaland Presents Shock Value. The song quickly became a platinum-selling single in many countries, breaking airplay records in the U.K. and selling an unprecedented 4.3 million digital downloads in America alone. Later that year, OneRepublic stepped out on their own with Dreaming Out Loud, a debut album filled with piano-fueled songwriting and pop/rock melodies. The album quickly went gold, and Apologize continued to top the singles charts in multiple countries. Another Tedder-penned track, Leona Lewis' Bleeding Love, experienced similar success at the same time, thus making Tedder one of the year's most celebrated songwriters. OneRepublic began writing songs for a second albumin 2008, and the group later decamped to Colorado Springs to avoid outside distractions. Although initially planned for a summer release, Waking Up wasn't completed until September 2009. All the Right Moves, the album's lead single, was released to radio that same month, while the entire album followed in November. In 2013, OneRepublic returned with its third studio album, Native, featuring the singles, Feel Again and If I Lose Myself. ~ Andrew Leahey, Rovi  OneRepublic  is an American pop rock band from Colorado Springs, Colorado. [1]  Formed in 2002 by Ryan Tedder  and ac! Filkins, !e band ac!ie#ed commercial s$ccess on %ySpace as an $nsigned ac . [2]  &n !e fall of 200', af er playing s!o(s !ro$g!o$ !e )os Angeles area, a n$mber of record labels approac!ed !e band (i ! in eres , b$ !ey $l ima ely signed (i ! *el#e +ammer, an imprin of Col$mbia Records. T!ey made !eir firs alb$m (i ! prod$cer reg -ells d$ring !e s$mmer and fall of 200 a !is s $dio, Rocke Caro$sel, in C$l#er Ci y, CA. /riginally sc!ed$led for release on 0, !ey (ere dropped by Col$mbia 2 mon !s before !e alb$m e#er came o$ .&n 200, /neRep$blic released !eir deb$ alb$m, Dreaming Out Loud  . & s lead single, 3 Apologi4e3 (as no ably remi5ed byTimbaland, becoming a !$ge in erna ional s$ccess, reac!ing n$mber one in si5 een co$n ries, s$bse6$en ly earning !em arammy A(ard nomina ion. [']  T!e second single, 3S op and S are3 mirrored i s predecessor7s s$ccess. T!e alb$m (as la er cer ified 8la in$m by !e Recording &nd$s ry Associa ion of America 9R&AA:. T!e band7s second alb$m,  Waking Up  9200;:, prod$ced !e s$ccessf$l singles, 3 All !e Rig! %o#es3, 3Secre s3, 3%arc!in /n3, and 3ood )ife3, !e la er reac!ing !e op en of !e <S Billboard   +o 100./neRep$blic7s !ird alb$m, Native  9201':, became !e band7s firs op en alb$m on !e  Billboard 200, and !ig!es c!ar ing alb$m o da e, c!ar ing a n$mber fo$r. T!e lead single, 3&f & )ose %yself 3 c!ar ed (i !in !e op en in se#eral co$n ries, (!ile !e alb$m7s !ird single, 3Co$n ing S ars3, became !e band7s mos s$ccessf$l single in recen years, ob aining op fi#e placemen s in  A$s ralia, Canada, ermany, &reland, =e( ealand, !e <.S. and !e <>. T!is marks !eir !ig!es c!ar ing single in !e <ni ed >ingdom o da e. & !as also peaked a n$mber 2 on !e <S Billboard   +o 100, ma c!ing !eir !ig!es peak of 3 Apologi4e3 in 200. History  1996: Origins [edit] T!e firs incarna ion of (!a e#ol#ed in o OneRepublic   formed in 1;; af er  Ryan Tedder  and ac! Filkins befriended eac! o !er d$ring !eir senior  year a Colorado Springs C!ris ian +ig! Sc!ool in Colorado Springs, Colorado. ?$ring a dri#e !ome, as Filkins and Tedder disc$ssed fa#ori e m$sicians incl$ding Fiona Apple, 8e er abriel and <2, !ey decided o p$ oge !er a band. T!ey enlis ed a fe( m$sical friends and named !eir rock ac This Beautiful Mess @a p!rase (!ic! firs a ained c$l prominence a year earlier (!en Si5pence =one !e Ric!er  released i s a(ard(inning second alb$m, This Beautiful Mess . Tedder, Filkins B Co. !ad a fe( small gigs a 8ikes 8erk Coffee B Tea +o$se, a ended by friends and family. Senior year ended, and Tedder and Filkins par ed (ays, eac! a ending differen colleges.  2002–07: Formation [edit] Re$ni ing in )os Angeles in 2002, Tedder and Filkins reformed !eir second band $nder !e moniker Republic  . Tedder, by !en an es ablis!ed song(ri er and record prod$cer, !ad con#inced Filkins (!o (as li#ing in C!icago  o reloca e. =ine mon !s la er, !e band signed (i ! Col$mbia Records. Af er a fe( line$p c!anges, !e gro$p finally se led (i ! Tedder on #ocals, Filkins on g$i ar and backing #ocals, ddie Fis!er  on dr$ms, Dren >$ 4le on bass and cello, and ?re( Dro(n on lead g$i ar. T!e band7s name (as c!anged o OneRepublic   af er !e record company men ioned !a !e name Republic   mig! ca$se con ro#ersy (i ! o !er bands. [] T!e band (orked in !e s $dio for (o and a !alf years and recorded i s firs f$ll leng ! alb$m. T(o mon !s before !e alb$m (as d$e o be released, 9(i ! 3Sleep3 as i s deb$ single:, /neRep$blic (as dropped by Col$mbia Records. T!e band (as beginning o gain prominence on %ySpaceE Tedder said i (as !e n$mberone $nsigned ac on %ySpace, and credi s !e (ebsi e for keeping !e band oge !er. [2]  T!e band ca$g! !e a en ion of a n$mber of labels, incl$ding Timbaland7s %osley %$sic ro$p. T!e band soon signed on o !e label, becoming !e firs rock band o do so. 2007–09: Dreaming Out Loud   and mainstream breaktroug [edit   ] /neRep$blic7s deb$ alb$m  Dreaming Out Loud   (as released on =o#ember 20, 200, and deb$ ed a n$mber 1 in !e <S (i ! firs (eek sales of ,000. Cri ical recep ion o !e alb$m ranged from nega i#e o mi5ed.  Allm$sic ga#e !e alb$m a modes re#ie(, s a ing !e 3alb$m so$nds deri#a i#e3 b$ also 3so$nds co!esi#e and smoo !ly pleasan 3. []  Rober C!ris ga$ ga#e !e alb$m a nega i#e re#ie(, and ermed i a 3d$d3. [G]   Rolling tone  ga#e !e alb$m 2 o$ of  s ars, b$ placed !e band in i s 3Ar is s o -a c!3 lis , (!ic! fea $red en ar is s !a , according o !e maga4ine, 3...are bringing !e f$ $re of m$sic, oday.3 [;] T!eir lead single, 3 Apologi4e3, (as released in i s srcinal #ersion from !e band7s deb$ alb$m  Dreaming Out Loud  . T!e song (as also prominen ly fea $red as a remi5 on Timbaland7s 200release of hock !alue . T!e single, fea $red on hock !alue , (as a maHor !i bo ! in !e <ni ed S a es and in erna ionally. & peaked a n$mber one globally, incl$ding eig! consec$ i#e (eeks on !e  Billboard 8op 100 c!ar , s$bse6$en ly reac!ing !e op !ree of !e Billboard   +o 100. T!e song sold fi#e million copies in !e <ni ed S a es alone, recei#ing a fi#e imes 8la in$m cer ifica ion from !e R&AA. [10]  T!e song (as a massi#e !i in erna ionally, reac!ing n$mber one in si5 een co$n ries, incl$ding A$s ralia, A$s ria, ermany, & aly, =e( ealand and S(eden. & also spen !ir een (eeks a n$mber one in Canada. & !as since been cer ified o#er 25 8la in$m in  co$n ries (orld(ide, incl$ding 5 8la in$m in A$s ralia. T!e song $l ima ely earned !e band !eir firs rammy nomina ion for bes pop performance in a gro$p or d$o. T!e second single from !e alb$m, 3S op and S are3, released in %arc! 200G, reac!ed !e op en in eig! co$n ries (orld(ide, incl$ding c!ar ing a n$mber fo$r in !e <ni ed >ingdom, and opping !e <> Rock C!ar . & also reac!ed  n$mber (el#e on !e Billboard   +o 100, and n$mber nine on !e 8op 100. Addi ional singles incl$ded 3Say 9All & =eed:3 and 3%ercy3. T!e alb$m (as la er cer ified 8la in$m in !e <ni ed S a es and ermany, as (ell as old in A$s ralia, A$s ria and Canada. 2009–11: Waking Up [edit   ] /neRep$blic7s second s $dio alb$m, Waking Up , (as released on =o#ember 1, 200;. [11]  c!ar ing a n$mber 21 on !e Billboard 200, and $l ima ely selling o#er 00,000 copies in !e <S and o#er 1 million (orld(ide. [12]  T!e lead single, 3 All !e Rig! %o#es3 (as released on Sep ember ;, 200;, peaking a n$mber 1G on !e <S Billboard   +o 100 and being cer ified 25 8la in$m. 3Secre s3, !e second single from !e alb$m, reac!ed !e op fi#e in A$s ria, ermany, )$5embo$rg, 8oland and on !e <S Ad$l 8op Songs and Ad$l Con emporary c!ar s. & !as sold almos  million copies in !e <S as of A$g$s , 201. F$r !ermore, i reac!ed n$mber 21 on !e +o 100. T!e song (as $sed in ele#ision series s$c! as Lost  ,  rett# Little Liars  and Nikita , as (ell as in !e scifi fan asy mo#ie, 3T!e Sorcerer7s Appren ice3. 3%arc!in /n3, !e alb$m7s !ird single made op en appearances in  A$s ria, ermany and &srael, !o(e#er i (as !e fo$r ! single 3ood )ife3 !a became !e band7s mos s$ccessf$l song from !e alb$m, par ic$larly in !e <S. Released on =o#ember 1;, 2010, i became !eir second op en single on !e Billboard   +o 100 a !e ime, peaking a n$mber G and selling o#er  million copies in !e <S alone, earning a 5 8la in$m cer ifica ion. Rolling S one p$ !e song on i s lis of !e bes 1 (!is ling songs of all ime. Waking Up  (as la er cer ified old in  A$s ria, ermany and !e <S for sales of o#er 00,000, and !as since sold o#er 1 million copies (orld(ide.   &n 200;, /neRep$blic (ere fea $red on )eona )e(is7s second s $dio alb$m $cho  on !e rack 3)os T!en Fo$nd3. /n I$ne , 2010, !e band s$ppor ed 8ink on !er F$n!o$se S$mmer Carni#al To$r  a &nnsbr$ck. /neRep$blic s$ppor ed Don Io#i a  T!e /2 Arena for !ree da es in I$ne 2010. [1']  T!e band s$ppor ed %aroon  for a fall 2010 o$r. &n =o#ember 2011, /neRep$blic released !eir  firs C!ris mas single en i led 3C!ris mas -i !o$ Jo$3. 2012–present: Native [edit] /neRep$blic released !eir !ird s $dio alb$m, Native , on %arc! 22, 201', marking !e end of !e band7s ' and a !alf year !ia $s. [1]  T!e alb$m deb$ ed a n$mber  on !e Billboard %&&   becoming !eir firs op 10 alb$m in !e <S, (i ! firs (eek sales of 0,000. & (as also !eir bes opening sales(eek since !eir deb$ alb$m Dreaming Out Loud   (!ic! sold ,000 copies in i s firs (eek. [1]  3Feel  Again3 (as srcinally released as !e lead single on A$g$s 2, 2012, !o(e#er af er !e alb$m being delayed i (as rebranded as a 3promo ional single3. T!e song (as released as a par of ave the 'hildren(s $ver# Beat Matters  campaign, (!ere a por ion of !e proceeds from !e single7s sales (o$ld be dona ed. & peaked a n$mber ' on !e <S Billboard   +o 100, addi ionally marking op en posi ions in ermany and on !e <S Ad$l 8op Songs c!ar . [1]  T!e single (as la er cer ified 8la in$m in !e <S. T!e alb$m7s firs global single, 3&f & )ose %yself 3 (as released on Ian$ary G,
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