OPEN LETTER - Trick or Treat Government in Milwaukee - ToM BARRETT, Mayor

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Letter of Accountability of city government in Urban Milwaukee for the Core Constituents (African American, other People of Color and the Work Challenged - Work Challenged represents un-, under-skilled; un-, under-employed; un-, under-financed neighborhood-level businesses; disabled; and re-entry. Re-entry represents those returning from WAR, INCARCERATION, boomerang employment, boomerang retirement and college-certificated graduates unemployed).
  OPEN LETTER    –  TOM BARRETT, mayor “ Trick or Treat ”  City Government October 23, 2014 TO:   Mayor Tom Barrett City of Milwaukee FROM:   MARY GLASS, Chair/CEO Milwaukee Professionals Association LLC RE:  TRICK OR TREAT CITY GOVERNMENT OF MILWAUKEE Mayor Barrett: This is a Letter of Accountability  sent to the top charter officer of the city of Milwaukee. My communication speaks to the “Trick or Treat”  government shown by the City of Milwaukee License Committee (Ald. Tony Zielinski-14, chair, Ald. Milele Coggs  –  6 vice chair, Ald. Russell Stamper-15, Ald. Jim Dudzik-12 and Ald. Bob Puente-9) on Monday, October 20, 2014. The behavior was despicable  and just sent the WRONG message to the CORE CONSTITUENTS. A message my office just will not allow to pass without address from your office and the common council . I and my client, M C COLE, property owner, investor and employer represent the private sector of the city of Milwaukee at the neighborhood and census tract level. We came to share compliances for a Class B License for Mr. Cole. Members allowed to represent a position on our License Committee in city government failed in basic customer service and in integrity of the Oath of office.   ONE MONTH AGO today, you asked the citizenry to assist in  paying a $1.5 billion budget  for 2015. It is today, that I and Mr. M C Cole remind you of why we should not support this budget or any budget that fails to honor its laws for conveying a Class B license - its role and responsibility to “give -him/a property owner-a- chance”   due to improper behavior of the License Committee - Milwaukee.   Mr. Cole represents the tens-of-thousands you want to Pony Up for your ask of $1.2 billion budget for 2015. Mr. Cole represents the Hidden Talent and Vetted Business Class often espoused by my office in creating neighborhood employment and Upscalability economically to move Milwaukee from Enduring Concentrated Poverty. Mr. Cole’s out-of-pocket due diligence included the following:    Purchased 3-part development for hospitality (assessed $106,000) o   Tavern o   Restaurant o   Two, 2-bedroom apartments    Invested $88,000 in the last year in property, while paying assessed property taxes of $7,000.00.    Complied with compliances of the city of Milwaukee.    Received neighborhood support in the area.    Received support from industry colleagues  –  19 Letters of Support.    Worked night and day over the last year for Class B License.    3-part development brings jobs and housing at the neighborhood level o   Tavern  –  6 to 8 jobs o   Restaurant  –  4 to 6 o   2 Apartments  –  2 tenants Lack of Integrity He was sabotaged by Alderman Russell Stamper, District 15, five-member License Committee and a self-appointed   but not known or ENDORSED group in the area. Left: Front view  –  1816 W. Fond du Lac 18 th  Street  –  Back and Side View Page 2 of 6  Alderman Russell Stamper and Conflict of Interest behavior: 1.   Alderman Stamper failed for weeks to return calls to Mr. Cole. 2.   He failed to Notice Mr. Cole as he did Donald Lewis at the same meeting for a Class B applicant in district 15. In fact, the favoritism was verified during the hearing by my questions to Mr. Lewis and his legal counsel, Fred Gordon (ex-alderman). Mr. Lewis and Attorney Fred Gordon stated that he, Mr. Lewis, was Notice. In fact, Alderman Stamper pulled Mr. Lewis aside and told him of the Saturday, October 18, 2014 meeting. The meeting was brought to the attention of Mr. Cole, after-the-fact, by a fellow citizen who was at the meeting. Mr. Cole was then criticized for not being at the meeting by supporters of Alderman Stamper. The first meeting in-the-neighborhood, October 10, 2014, was where I met Mr. Cole  –  Walnut Way on Fond du Lac. He was attacked by the people at the meeting (the self-appointed group). I spoke out in his defense and offered assistance. Over the last week, my office worked to package the significant work Mr. Cole had invested for his business introduction October 20, 2014 License Committee meeting. The License Committee  “video”  of the meeting gives our efforts. Mr. Cole’s Introduction included community support and 19 Letters of Support from colleagues in the hospitality industry. The support of the business and the neighborhood support of his business were left at the city clerk’s office at 4:30pm  on Friday, October 17, 2014. We were told that both Alderman Stamper and his staff were gone for the day. This would have been a great time to Notice Mr. Cole about the neighborhood meeting on October 18, 2014 if Alderman Stamper and/or staff had been present. We, the citizens, pay taxes for service until 4:45pm daily. 3.   Alderman Stamper  in his reason for “HOLD” of Mr. Cole ’ s Class B License, he spoke of returning to the “community” and attested to his dependence on Walnut Way/Sharon and Larry Adams. The place of the October 10, 2014 meeting that was hostile to Mr. Cole.   Page 3 of 6  4.   Alderman Stamper  in his dialog with the hearing of Donald Lewis spoke of prior dialog and work with Mr. Lewis and the members of the church of Tabernacle Church. Yet, he never returned calls for weeks on to Mr. Cole. 5.   M C COLE  was sabotaged by the collective acts of Alderman Russell Stamper and a self-appointed group headed by Virginia DuPrest and Sharon Adams  –  Walnut Way and others behind-the-scene. Sharon Adams is an appointee of yours  to Business District 32    –  a questionable BID formed by Damien Dorsey  –  BID 32 (  Jacqueline Ward, Executive Director,  and others fails to return calls or respond to emails). Yet the city has automatically assessed Mr. Cole and other property owners in the area with taxes to support this misguided and un-inclusive group.  This will bring immediate Reform. Business District 32  questionable formation was shared with you for correction by me years before of Mr. Dorsey ’ s wrongdoing  –   no response from you. Business Investment District 32  is listed on MC COLE assessment of taxes. Business Investment District 32 , Sharon Adams has offered no introduction or assistance to Mr. Cole. Sharon and Larry Adams’ property is separated from M C COLE’s property by the city lot Mr. Cole is seeking for his “Off  - street” parking.   BID 32  member, Legacy Development President Sue Eick, a Milwaukee recipient of federal Community Development Financial Institutions funds, has repeatedly not responded to inquiries from my office and same is for Sally Peltz, Founder. They will be cited this month for lack of outreach and credibility for receiving federal funding on behalf of Milwaukeeans in low income areas. We are tired of the Rip-off. City of Milwaukee The License Committee  is a large port-of-entry of revenue for the city from for profit businesses. It is important that the People have individuals with decorum of Customer Service and top efficiency in support around the table of their License Committee.   Page 4 of 6


Jul 23, 2017
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