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PA Tables
  Here is a brief description of the key tables in Oracle Projects.Table Description PA_PROJECTS_ALLIt stores the highest units of work defined in Oracle ProjectsPA_PROJECT_ASSETS_ALLIt contains assets infor!ation defined for ca ital rojectsPA_PROJECT_ASSI#$%E$TSIt stores details of all Assign!ents for a rojectPA_PROJECT_CLASSESIt contains the class codes of class categories that are used to classif& rojectsPA_PROJECT_ROLE_T'PESI! le!entation(defined res onsi)ilities or ositions assigned to e! lo&ees on rojects are stored herePA_PROJECT_STAT*SESIt stores +alid roject status codesPA_PROJECT_T'PES_ALLIt stores i! le!entation(defined roject classifications that su l& default infor!ation and dri+e so!e roject rocessingPA_TAS,SIt contains user(defined su)di+isions of roject workPA_TAS,_T'PESIt stores i! le!entation(defined classifications of taskPA_TRA$SACTIO$_I$TER-ACE_ALLIt is an interface ta)le to i! ort transactions fro! e.ternal sources into Oracle ProjectsPA_TRA$SACTIO$_SO*RCESIt stores i! le!entation(defined sources of i! orted transactions srcinating in an e.ternal s&ste!PA_I%PLE%E$TATIO$S_ALLIt contains infor!ation a)out the configuration of an Oracle Projects installationPA_ACTIO$_SETSIt stores action set te! lates as well as action sets )elonging to an o)ject/ such as rojects/ re0uire!ents/ etcPA_ACTIO$_SET_LI$ESIt stores action set lines that )elong to an action set or an action set te! late  PA_ACTIO$_SET_T'PESIt stores attri)utes of action set t& esPA_A#REE%E$TS_ALLIt has custo!er contracts that ser+e as the )asis for work authori1ationPA_A#REE%E$T_T'PESI! le!entation(defined classifications of custo!er agree!entsPA_2ILL_RATES_ALLInfor!ation a)out )ill rates and !arku s of standard )ill rate schedulesPA_2*3#ETSIt stores )udgets infor!ationPA_2*3#ET_LI$ESIt stores detail lines of roject and task )udgetsPA_2*3#ET_T'PESIt contains i! le!entation(defined classifications of t& es of )udgetsused for different )usiness ur osesPA_CLASS_CATE#ORIESIt stores i! le!entation(defined categories for classif&ing rojectsPA_CLASS_CO3ESIt stores i! le!entation(defined +alues within class categories that can )e used to classif& rojectsPA_E4E$TSIt stores entries assigned to tasks that generate re+enue and5or )illing )ut are not directl& related to e. enditure ite!sPA_E4E$T_T'PESIt stores i! le!entation(defined classifications of e+entsPA_E6PE$3IT*RES_ALL#rou s of e. enditure ite!s incurred )& e! lo&ees or organi1ationsfor an e. enditure eriodPA_E6PE$3IT*RE_CATE#ORIESI! le!entation(defined grou ings of e. enditure t& es )& t& e of costPA_E6PE$3IT*RE_ITE%S_ALLIt contains the s!allest units of e. enditure charged to rojects and tasksPA_E6PE$3IT*RE_T'PESI! le!entation(defined classifications of e. enditures charged to rojects and tasks  PA_PERIO3S_ALLI! le!entation(defined eriods against which roject erfor!ance is !easuredPA_R2S_3E$OR%This ta)le stores nor!ali1ed resource )reakdown structure infor!ationPA_R2S_ELE%E$TSThis ta)le stores the R2S ele!ent infor!ation and the arent(child relationshi PA_RESO*RCESIt contains resources used in )udgeting and roject su!!ar& a!ountsPA_ROLE_LISTSIt stores lists of roles defined with the s&ste!PA_SC7E3*LESIt dis la&s the schedule details for re0uire!ents and assign!ents It also dis la&s calendar schedules 
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