Paddy Processing Unit

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  (29) KHADI & VILLAGE INDUSTRIES COMMISSIONPROJECT PROFILE FOR GRAMODYOG ROJGAR YOJANAPADDY PROCESSING UNIT. (Mini Rice Mill) India is basically depending on the Agriculture and Agricultural products. More than70% of the population is fully engaged in Agricultural activities. The Agricultural scenariohas changed a lot with development of Science and Technology. The Indian farmers haveacquired the knowhow using the various modern technology leaving behind the decade oldtraditional methods. Due to development of S & T, the production has increased to manyfolds. Rice is one of the important food, setting up paddy processing unit will definitely helpentrepreneurs to earn substantial income. 1Name of the Product:Paddy Processing2Project Cost: aCapital ExpenditureLand:ownBuilding Shed 1000 Sq.ft:Rs.200000.00Equipment:Rs.100000.00(1). Paddy Cleaner with dust blower,(2). Paddy Seperater, (3). Paddy Dehusker.(4). Rice Polisher. (5). Bran ProcessingSystem, (6) Aspirater. Etc.Total Capital ExpenditureRs.300000.00bWorking CapitalRs.55000.00 TOTAL PROJECT COST:Rs.355000.003Estimated Annual Production of Paddy:(Rs. in '000) Sr.No.ParticularsCapacityRateTotal Value 1Paddy Processing3691200.00443.00Quintal TOTAL3691200.00443.004Raw Material:Rs.100000.005Lables and Packing Material:Rs.25000.00 ABFPI-15Price : Rs. 2/-  (30) 6Wages (Skilled & Unskilled):Rs.100000.007Salaries:Rs.24000.008Administrative Expenses:Rs.20000.009Overheads:Rs.100000.0010Miscellaneous Expenses:Rs.25000.0011Depreciation:Rs.20000.0012Insurance:Rs.3000.0013Interest (As per the PLR) a. C.E.Loan:Rs.39000.00b. W.C.Loan:Rs.7150.00 Total InterestRs.46150.0014Woring Capital Requirement:Fixed CostRs.111000.00Variable CostRs.332150.00Requirement of WC per CycleRs.55394.0015Estimated Cost AnalysisSr.No.ParticularsCapacity Utilization(Rs in '000) 100%60%70%80%1 Fixed Cost 111.0066.6077.7088.802 Variable Cost 332.00199.20232.40265.603 Cost of Production 443.00265.80310.10354.404 Projected Sales 553.75332.25387.63443.005 Gross Surplus 110.7566.4577.5388.606 Expected Net Surplus 91.0046.0058.0069.00Note :1. All figures mentioned above are only indicative and may vary from place to place.2. If the investment on Building is replaced by Rental thena. Total Cost of Project will be reduced.b. Profitability will be increased.c. Interest on C.E.will be reduced.
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