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  Sec 3E Pure Chem Notes Fairfield Methodist School ( Secondary)Chapters 11 & 12 – Periodic Table Name: __________________ ( )Class: __________ Date: _________ History of the Periodic Table  Russia chemist: Dmitri ! ao ich #edelee  $%3&'$*   +rra,ed elemets i order of icreasi, atomic masses  Elemets -ith similar chemical .ro.erties fall ito the same ertical colum  Such a arra,emet is the Periodic TableThe Periodic Table  The Periodic Table is a list of elemets arra,ed i order of  ______________ _____________ (__________) ____________/ 0rou.s  The .eriodic table is di ided ito ei,ht ertical colums 1o- as Groups  The 0rou.s are umbered !2 !!2 !!! etc from left to ri,ht/Periods  The .eriodic table is di ided ito se e horiotal ro-s 1o- as periods /  Each .eriod is umbered $2 42 3 etc/Trasitio metals  The Periodic Table also has three other bloc1s of elemets2 1o- as the trasitio elemets2 the lathaides ad the actiides/The Periodic Treds  #etal ad No'metals  5old lie di ides metals from the o'metals 1  Sec 3E Pure Chem Notes  #etals are ,rou.ed o the ______________ side of the .eriodic table/  No'metals are ,rou.ed o the _____________ side of the .eriodic table/  Elemets located close to the bold lie (such as Si ad 0e) ha e .ro.erties of a metal ad o'metal/  They are called _______________ ad are used e6tesi ely i the semicoductor idustry/  7rom left to ri,ht across a .eriod2 there is a _____________ i  ___________ .ro.erties ad a _______________ i _______________ .ro.erties/   +cross a .eriod2 there is also a cha,e i the chemical .ro.erties of o6ides of the elemets/Elemets i the Period   +ll elemets i the same .eriod has the same umber of  ________________/  Elemets i .eriod 4 ha e 2  shells2 -hile elemets i .eriod 3 -ill ha e !  shells/  The umber of outer electros of elemets i the same .eriod  _____________ .ro,ressi ely by oe across the .eriod from left to ri,ht/ 2  Sec 3E Pure Chem Notes Elemets i a 0rou.  The umber of outer electros is the same as the __________________/  Elemets -ith similar electroic structure ha e similar chemical .ro.erties2elemets i the same ,rou. ha e similar chemical .ro.erties/  Elemets i the same ,rou. usually form the same ty.e ad umber of bods/  E,: 0rou. ! elemets ted to lose oe outer electros to form ios of the same symbol e/,/ 8i 9 2 Na 9 2  9 2 Rb 9  The ______________ o the ios formed by elemets are related to the 0rou. umber ad umber of outer electros:  Elemets o the left side of the Table lose all outer electros to form .ositi e ios corres.odi, to the 0rou. Number   Elemets o the ri,ht side of the Table ,ai electros to achie e the oble ,as structure2 formi, e,ati e ios/0rou.Number !!!!!!!;2 ;;!;!!!oic char,eof elemet9$9493Ted to formco aletcom.ouds'4'$Does ot formcom.oudsE6am.lesNa 9 #, 49  +l 39 CH & 2 PCl < = 4' 7 ' '  Elemets i the same ,rou. also form com.ouds of same formula/  E,: 0rou. !! elemets form ioic chlorides of the formula 5eCl 4 2 #,Cl 4 2 CaCl 4  etc  E,: 0rou. !; elemets form co alet com.ouds of the formula CH & 2 SiH & 2 0eH &  etc Treds do- a 0rou.  ! ay ,rou.2 the follo-i, treds ca be see as you ,o do- the ,rou.:$/The .roto umber becomes _______________/ 3  Sec 3E Pure Chem Notes 4/The atoms of the differet elemets _____________________ fromoe elemet to the e6t/3/The .ro.erties of the elemets i the ,rou. become  _________________ as the .roto umber icreases/  There is also a ,radual cha,e i .hysical .ro.erties (e,: melti, .oit2 boili, .oit2 desity) ad chemical .ro.erties (e,: reacti ity) .ro.erties of elemets do- the ,rou./0rou. ! metals > +l1ali metalsPhysical .ro.erties of +l1ali #etals$/0rou. ! metals are ___________ ad ca be cut by a 1ife/  Tred: Do- the ,rou.2 al1ali metals become ________________/4/+l1ali metals are  _______________________________________________/ElemetDesity (,?cm3)#elti, .oit (oC)8ithium/<3$%Sodium/*%Potassium/%@@&Rubidium$/<3Caesium$/43/+l1ali metals ha e ___________________ ad  ______________________/ (____________________ of 0rou. ! metals are  ________________)  Tred: The melti, .oits are ______________ o ,oi, do- the ,rou./ (#etallic bods become ______________)  Tred: The desities _______________ o ,oi, do- the ,rou./ (______________________)Chemical .ro.erties of +l1ali #etals   +l1ali metals are the ___________________ metals i the Periodic Table/ 4
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