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V E R S I O N 3. 1 Welcome to the Regio of Peel s TrasHelp service. This service is iteded for residets of Peel with disabilities, who are uable to ride accessible covetioal trasit. If you are ot curretly
V E R S I O N 3. 1 Welcome to the Regio of Peel s TrasHelp service. This service is iteded for residets of Peel with disabilities, who are uable to ride accessible covetioal trasit. If you are ot curretly a cliet, please cotact us for applicatio iformatio ad requiremets: Phoe: Website: Passeger Charter As a Passeger, you ca expect to: Be trasported i a safe maer ad travel i a clea ad wellmaitaied vehicle by a operator who practices appropriate persoal hygiee. Be treated with courtesy ad respect. Have your calls aswered promptly ad courteously. Be picked up o time withi the pick-up widow. Be trasported to a safe place if delivery to your origial destiatio is ot possible. Be take to the first accessible door of your fial destiatio, but ot iside. Expect service that is compliat with the Accessibility for Otarias with Disabilities Act (AODA). 3 Passeger Charter /cotiued The resposibilities of a Passeger are to: Pay the appropriate fare for the service provided ad maitai a positive accout balace. Follow the User Guide ad policies. Wear a seatbelt at all times. Be courteous ad cosiderate of other passegers, drivers, ad customer service agets. Practice appropriate persoal hygiee. Be ready durig your pick-up widow. Use paratrasit resposibly to esure that the service is available to all. Use covetioal trasportatio whe available ad accessible. 4 Bookig Your Ride o TrasHelp 5 Bookig Your Ride o TrasHelp TrasHelp operates seve days a week from 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. Please ote your cliet ID umber o the welcome letter. You may call TrasHelp at from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., Moday to Friday. Bookigs must be completed by 6 p.m. the busiess day before you pla to travel. Trips may be booked as early as oe week i advace. If you require spotaeous travel, all TrasHelp cliets are eligible for the taxi scrip program. More iformatio ca be foud o our website or through our call cetre. 6 Please have the followig details ready: The exact date ad time you wish to travel (both pickup ad retur). The exact address of your destiatio(s). Number of compaios travellig with you. The type of mobility aid(s) you curretly use. Rides booked i advace are guarateed. Your pick-up widow may chage due to vehicle availability. Cliets are able to travel aywhere withi the Regio of Peel (Mississauga, Brampto ad Caledo) durig service hours. 7 Subscriptio Ride (Recurrig Trips) A subscriptio ride is a recurrig ride that you take o a regular basis (for example: to school, work or other recurrig evets). Please call to arrage automated bookigs for subscriptio rides. *Please ote subscriptio rides are cacelled durig statutory holidays Same Day Trip ad Stadby Ride To request or chage a same day trip, please call TrasHelp durig office hours. These trips are subject to availability ad are ot guarateed. Cliets will receive a cofirmatio call if their ride ca be accommodated. Please do ot check the IVR/website for a stadby ride util after you have received a cofirmatio call. 8 Travelig Outside Peel with Other Para-trasit Providers You ca travel beyod Peel s borders ad cotiue your trip with aother para-trasit service provider. This is called a coectig trip. It is recommeded that you allow 30 miutes betwee your coectios. You are resposible for bookig your trips with the coectig service provider. TrasHelp has trasfer poits with service providers outside of the Regio. Please cosult our website or call us for more iformatio about these trasfer poits. 9 10 Ridig o TrasHelp Preparig for Your Ride Your pick-up widow idicates a 30 miute time frame i which your TrasHelp vehicle will arrive. O the day of your scheduled ride, use the Iteractive Voice Respose System (IVR) ad/or website to check your pick-up widow. Be ready ad waitig at the start of your 30 miute pick-up widow at the earest accessible etrace. Your ride may arrive at aytime durig the pick-up widow, please be prepared to wait up to 30 miutes. Please ote rides are ot cosidered late util after the 30 miute widow has passed. Lear more about the IVR call back feature ad how its automated remiders ca help you (see page 20). 11 12 Durig Travel Drivers are ot required to buzz your apartmet, kock o your door or rig your doorbell. Whe you arrive at your destiatio, the driver will help you off the vehicle ad escort you to the earest accessible doors. For your retur trip, please wait at the same locatio where you were dropped off (uless istructed otherwise). Importat ote: TrasHelp aims to accommodate as may cliets as possible. As a result, you may be o a vehicle for up to 90 miutes. This time may icrease if you are travellig: a log distace, durig peak hours or durig iclemet weather. Please brig medicatio ad other ecessities for your trip i case of delays. Importat Rules ad Safety Tips Whe Ridig with TrasHelp There is a o scet policy o board vehicles. Please do ot wear perfumes or cologe. For your safety, if travellig i a scooter you will be required to trasfer from your scooter to a seat. A seatbelt is to be wor at all times. Tell the driver if you feel ill or if you are ucomfortable. There is a maximum 3 bag limit ad they must be carried by yourself or your support perso. Note buildig closig times to esure you have shelter i case of delays or poor weather. Please be aware that drivers will ot lift or carry cliets or their mobility aids. Driveways, pathways ad stairs must be clear of sow ad ice for the safety of the cliets ad the driver. 13 14 Fares ad Paymets Fares ad Paymets TrasHelp is a prepaid service. For ifo o our latest fares, cosult the website or call us. New registrats are required to prepay a miimum balace (10 oe way trips or 5 retur trips) to ope a TrasHelp accout. All cliets are resposible for maitaiig their TrasHelp accouts ad esurig they are appropriately fuded. *No-show ad late cacellatio fees will be deducted from your TrasHelp accout. Mothly pass holders are ot excluded. 15 Paymet Optios Cash Iterac Moey Order Mastercard Visa Cheques are made payable to TrasHelp (write your cliet ID umber o the cheque). Post-dated cheques caot be accepted. Dishooured cheques are subject to a NSF charge. Automatic paymet optios are available to all passegers. You may set up pre-authorized paymets by completig a TrasHelp preauthorized deposit form available olie at or by callig ad press 2. 16 Paymet Locatios TrasHelp Office 2 Copper Rd, Brampto, ON L6T 4W5 Hours: Moday to Friday, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. This locatio has a secure drop box for after hours drop off cheque/moey order Service Peel: 10 Peel Cetre Dr., Brampto, ON L6T 3R5 Hours: Moday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m Hurotario Dr., Mississauga, ON L5W 0B1 Hours: Moday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. 9 Welligto St. E., Brampto, ON L6W 1Y1 Visit for hours 17 Pre-Authorized Debit from Bak Accout Paymets are debited from your bak accout o first busiess day of the moth ad are deposited ito your TrasHelp accout. You must authorize these trasactios by the 15th of the previous moth to start or stop paymets for the followig moths. Fare Balace Check your fare balace at ay time through the Iteractive Voice Respose (IVR) or olie at The balace reflects ay bookigs made up to oe week i advace. See page 20 for IVR istructios. Paymets ca take betwee hours to be posted to your TrasHelp accout. 18 Fare Refud Fare refuds for late cacellatio ad o shows are limited yearly. Please call a customer service represetative at press 2. Refuds will be issued o a case by case basis. Accout Refud Cliets closig their TrasHelp accouts will be refuded the balace remaiig i their accout by cheque. Statemets Statemets of paymets ad trips take are available upo request. 19 20 IVR User Guide Iteractive Voice Respose (IVR) User Guide The IVR system allows you to review your accout ad bookig iformatio easily. You also have the optio to dial 0 to talk to a customer service represetative durig busiess hours. To check your rides ay time, 24 hours a day: Call Press 1 for the automated lie. Eter your TrasHelp registratio umber ad password whe prompted. (Your password is your date of birth moth ad day. For example, May 22 will be 0522.) 21 IVR will the offer you the followig optios to choose. PRESS: #3 To hear your pick up widow. To cacel your rides. To check your fare balace. To speak with a Customer Service Represetative. To ed your call. 22 You are ecouraged to sig up for TrasHelp s ew IVR call-back feature providig you with the followig services: Betwee 8 p.m. to 10 p.m. (the day before a scheduled ride bookig) you will receive a automated call with your pick-up widow. Te miutes prior to the start of your pick-up widow you will receive a automated remider call. 23 24 Accessig TrasHelp Olie TrasHelp olie is a fast ad easy way to coveietly: Cofirm ad cacel rides olie. Review your accout iformatio. File suggestios, cocers ad commedatios. Website: Log i with your existig cliet ID ad password 25 26 FAQs Frequetly Asked Questios What happes if I miss my ride? If the TrasHelp vehicle arrived at your pick-up locatio whe you were ot there, your ride will be cosidered a o-show ad the fare will be deducted from your accout. If you still require a ride, please call TrasHelp at , press 2. It may take up to three hours to dispatch aother vehicle. 27 Why am I charged for a o-show or late cacellatio? We do uderstad there are circumstaces i which late cacellatios are ievitable. However, we eed everyoe s co-operatio for our service to ru smoothly. Whe you are ot ready durig your pick-up widow cliets who could have used your ride ad were o stadby could ot be accommodated. The appropriate cacellatio fee will be deducted from your TrasHelp accout. What if my ride does ot show up? Please oly cotact the IVR, website or call cetre if your ride has ot arrived after the 30 miute pick-up widow has passed. 28 Cotactig TrasHelp 29 Cotactig TrasHelp You ca make free calls to TrasHelp o your wireless phoe: Rogers subscribers dial: *THLP (*8457) Bell subscribers dial: #THLP (#8457) Website: Phoe: (for IVR, press 1) 30 TrasHelp Office 2 Copper Rd. Brampto, ON L6T 4W5 Office Hours: Moday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Service Hours: 7 days a week 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. Call Cetre Hours: Moday to Friday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. 31 TRA /04
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