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  1   PEPERIKSAAN PERTENGAHAN TAHUN 2009 TINGKATAN 4HARI: KHAMIS TARIKH: 27 MEI 2010MASA: 9.55 AM – 12.10 PMBAHASA INGGERIS KERTAS 2 ( 1119/2)Dua a! #!a $% a& !#'# JANGAN BUKA KERTAS SOALAN INI SEHINGGA DIBERITAHU Section Marks A15B10!5D10TOTAL 0Section A #15 $arks% u%&#*'& 1 – + &or eac' o( t'e )*estions+ rea, t'e )*estion (irst an, t'en st*,- t'e in(or$ation to (in, t'e $%& T'en circe t'e A, B, -  or D  on t'e s'eet ro2i,e,/  Arahan: 1.  Kertas soalan ini mengandungi empat  bahagian. 2.  Jawab semua  bahagian. 3.  Anda dinasihatkan supaya mengambil masa25 minit untuk menjawab  Bahagian    A  , 25minit untuk menjawab  Bahagian B  , 50 minit untuk  Bahagian C   dan 35 minit untuk   Bahagian D . 4. oalan!soalan yang dikemukakan dalam  Bahagian A  mempuyai empat   pilihan jawapan. 5.   ulatkan jawapan anda untuk  Bahagian A  didalam kertas jawapan yang disediakan /    #nstru$tions: %.&his 'uestion paper $onsists o(  four   se$tions.2.Answer all se$tions.3.)ou are ad*ised to spend about 25 minutes on  Section A  , 25 minutes on  Section B  , 50minutes on  Section C   and 35 minutes on  Section D . +.uestions in  Section A have four   options.5.-ir$le your answer (or  Section A  on theanswer sheet pro*ided.  NAMA3 44444444444444444444444444444  44444444444444444444444444444 KELAS344444444444444444444444444444   2 1/!/ Month Jan Feb Mar Apr May  Jun Number of visitors 2550100759080 /6/ MANY HAN! MA # $%&H' ()*   Base, on t'e ro2er7 a7o2e+ one can conc*,e t'at .'en A/$an- eoe .ork to8et'er+ t'e .ork is co$ete, )*ick- B/a erson .orks .it' 'is 'an,s+ t'e .ork is ,one )*ick- /$an- eoe .ork to8et'er+ t'e .ork 7eco$es 7ri8'ter D/a erson .orks aone+ 'e (inis'es it .e Number of Visitors to the Bright Old Folks Home, January to June Base, on t'e n*$7er o( 2isitors .'o 2isite, t'e 'o$e in Jan*ar-+ t'e n*$7er o( 2isitors (or Marc' 'a, increase, 7- A/t.o ti$es B/t'ree ti$es /(o*r ti$es D/(i2e ti$es %t is a +ay to remin+ the pub,i-to appreciate  an+ preservethe environment for future.enerations/ T'e .or, appre$iate  in t'e sentence $eans A/recei2e B/2a*e /assess / .eco$e Everyone has experienced headaches. It is not a disease but only a symptom. A headache is simply an indication that there is some disorder in some parts of the body or nervous system. Base, on t'e te9t a7o2e+ a 'ea,ac'e is A/a ,isor,er B/a ,isease /a s-$to$ / an in,ication   5/ /   u%&#*'7 a' + :/;/ u%&#*'& 9 – 15 Rea, t'e (oo.in8 assa8e an, c'oose t'e 7est T'e .rite t'e on t'e sace ro2i,e,/ !'AY #H%N 'H#  Y#$$)( $%N# <'ere .o*, -o* *s*a- see t'is notice= A/at t'e >e7ra crossin8 B/at t'e 7*s sto /at t'e o2er'ea, 7ri,8e / at t'e train station LET’S WRITE CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP  Date:5 th  January 2007 ( Friday) Age:7 – 9 years Fees:RM120 Venue: N! training entre  '%M#! !')*#Free han+ phones for 5 ,u-y -ustomersHo34 !pen+ more than *M250 in a sin.,e re-eipt an+ .et a-han-e to tae part in the ,u-y +ra3/  6ur-hase at the supermaret an+ pharma-y are not Base, on t'e notice a7o2e+ c*sto$ers $a- .in a (ree 'an, 'one i( t'e- A/take art in t'e *ck- ,ra. B/sen, RM!50 in one receit /$ake *rc'ases in t'e 'ar$ac- /  7eco$e Ti$es Store ar,$e$7ers   T'e reati2e <ritin8 <orks'o is oen (or st*,ents (ro$ t'e A/secon,ar- sc'oo B/Ta$i sc'oo/'inese sc'ooD/ri$ar- sc'oo   <'at is t'e $ain acti2it- in t'is .orks'o= A/tein8 stories B/recitin8 oe$s /earnin8 .ritin8 skis D/ora ,ris  o Section B #10 $arks% u%&#*'& 1 – 25 Rea, t'e (oo.in8 in(or$ation on t'e a,2ertise$ents an, t'en t'e )*estions t'at (oo./   A .o$an ca$e o*t o( 'er 'o*se an, sa. t'ree o, $en .it' on8 .'ite 7ear,s sittin8 in 'er (ront -ar,/ S'e ,i, not reco8nise t'e$ 7*t insiste, on in2itin8 t'e$ into 'er 'o*se/ One o( t'e $en+ ? * an, sai, to 'er+ @<e ,o not 8o into a 'o*se to8et'er/ I a$ Lo2e/T'ese are $- (rien,s+ <eat' an, S*ccess/ T'en 'e sai, to 10 .o$an+ @Go in an, ,isc*ss .it'-o*r '*s7an, .'ic' one o( *s -o* .o*, ike to in2ite into -o*r 'o*se/ A(ter $*c' 11 + t'e '*s7an, (ina- ,eci,e, t'at t'e- s'o*, in2ite Lo2e so t'at t'e-co*, 'a2e t'eir 'o*se (ie, .it' o2e/ <'en Lo2e starte, 1! into t'e 'o*se+ t'e ot'er t.o $en aso 8ot * an, (oo.e, 'i$/S*rrise,+ t'e .o$an aske,+ @I on- in2ite, Lo2e in+ 1 are -o* co$in8 in as .e=T'e $en reie, to8et'er+ @I( -o* 'a, in2ite, <eat' 16 S*ccess in+ t'e t.o o( *s .o*,'a2e sta-e, o*t 7*t 15 -o* in2ite, Lo2e+ .'ere 'e 8oes+ .e .i (oo./ <'ere2er t'ere is Lo2e+t'ere is a.a-s <eat' an, S*ccess/ ?/A/stan, B/stoo, /stan,s D/stan,in8 10/A/a B/an /t'e 11A/aro2a B/,isc*ssion /cac*ation D/,eter$ination 1!A/.ak B/.aks/.ake, D/.akin8 1/A/.'- B/.'en /.'at 16/A/an, B/7*t /or 15/A/since B/at'o*8' /t'ere(ore D/,esite MING GARDEN O*r c*sto$ers eno- a .i,e ran8e o( antonese st-e ,is'es o( (is'+ c'ickenan, 8oose/ Seciaties inc*,e 7e88ar c'icken an, 'er7a ,eer $eat/ Secia ro$otion is t'e @EatCaC-o*Ccan Di$S*$ (or 7reak(ast an, *nc'/ B*siness 'o*rs3 1! /$/ to 11 /$/ Oens e2er- ,a- e9cet on *7ic'oi,a-s/ SS -HA A .i,e ran8e o( T'ai ,is'es at (antastic rices/ Ho*se seciaties inc*,e t'e8in8er stea$e, (is' an, ton8*eC7*rnin8 7ee( c*rr-/ O*r -a$ rice is in 8reat,e$an,/ Desserts consist o( a .i,e ran8e o( T'aicakes an, *,,in8s/ Oens (ro$ 11 a/$/ to 10 /$/ ose, onMon,a-/
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