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  STP MAINTENANCE, ADMINISTRATION ANDSIGTRAN OVERVIEW  REGISTRATION AND SIGNALING SUPPORTRSSComandos:rept-stat-tr!:  to display a summary report of all device trouble notifications that are logged currently in the OAM`s RAM storage area. rtr -!o#:  to retrieve records from the active or standbye Alarm and UIM logs generated by the Maintenance system. (:dir:edate:enum:etime:emode:net:num:outgrp:sdate:slog:snum:stime:type! rtr -se$%!o#:  to retrieve the contents of a security log and display it to the user in the scroll area.(:edate:etime:mode::num:rectype:sdate:slog:stime:trm:uid! rept-stat-d:  to display a report sho ing various indicators for the active and standby OAM database and the status of the database on each of the net or# cards.(:display:loc:db!. rtr -dstn:dp$a&'()-''*-+) $o add ne command classes: ent-sera!-n%m:sera!&NT++++*.)/:!o$0&1esena!e-$tr!-2eat:partn%m&3/(++)3+*:2a0&C45/6/MDV.TE.$7#-$tr!-2eat:partn%m&3/(++)3+*:stat%s&on %efinir el command class &uevo 'noc  $7#-$md$!ass:$!ass&%+*:n$!ass&no$:des$r&no$persone! Agregar commandos al &uevo command class: $7#-$md:$md&rept-stat-tr!:$!ass*&no$-1esrtr -$md:$!ass&no$ )ambiar los atributos del usuario para *ue pueda tener acceso a los comandos del command class creado. $7#-se$%-trm:trm&8:!n0&1es:sa&1es:s1s&1es:p%&1es:d&1es:d#&1es:no$&1es$7#-%ser:%d&nomre:!n0&1es:sa&1es:s1s&1es:p%&1es:d&1es:d#&1es:no$&1esS%s1stems and Cards : I. Maintenance and Administration +ubsystem (MA+!. ,rovides services to the other subsystems. +ystem ,rocessors-.eneral purpose +ervice Module II (,+M II!/.$erminal %is# Module ($%M!0.Maintenance %is# and Alarm (M%A1!II. )omunication +ubsystem-.Interprocessor Message $ransport (IM$!-.-. 2igh +peed Multipleer (2MU3!-./. 2igh +peed IM$ ,ac#et Router (2I,R! /. +mall )omputer +ystem Interface (+)+I!III. Application +ubsystem-.+entinel $ransport )ard (+$)!/.$ranslation +ervice Module0.Measurement )ollection 4 ,olling Module (M),M!5.%atabase )omunication Module (%)M!6.I, +ervices Module (I,+M!7.1in# Interface Module (1IM!8.%atabase +ervice Module (%+M!9.2igh )apacity Multi)hannel Interface Module (2) MIM!;.+ynchronous <- 2igh +peed 1in# (+<2+1!$he MA+ consists of:-.MA+, A  ,+MII (---0! and $%M (---5!/.MA+, =  ,+MII (---6! and $%M (---7!0.M%A1 T7e SCSI  is a small computer serial interface hich provides the connection bet een the $%M>s of MA+, A and MA+, =. T7e E9I  is the etended bus interface that connects the associated ,+M and $%M in each MA+,. GPSMII Genera! Porp%se Ser $e Mod%!e;<  $he ,+M is the one that processes and eecutes the status report commands (reptstatcard! since it is the only one ith access to the IM$ =uses. It is also the only MA+ cardthat has an Application ,rocessor. ,olls all <A1< +$, modules every second for health and sanity chec#s. ,olls application cards for Measurements Reports. ,asses alarm data to $%M via the <=I bus. Runs the <agle operating system. Receives and eecutes commands to the <A1<. =uilds reports and sends them to the terminals. TDM Termna! Ds0 Mod%!e;< )onsists of: +ystem 2ard %rives? that provide the storage of system soft are? database configuration? and measurement data collected by ,+M@ ,eripheral +ervices (terminals? printers? modems! and performs the system cloc# distribution. MDAL Mantenan$e Ds0 and A!arm Card;< ,rovides +$, ith both removable dis# data storage (/.0 =! and alarm processing from the active MA+, and audible alarm. 1ocation ---8. =MU> =#7 Speed MU>; 2MU3 cards support re*uirements for up to -6 lin#s? allo ing communication on IM$ =uses bet een cards? shelves and frames. ,osition ; and - in each shelf. +upportsmore than -/5 lin#s. IMT Interpro$essor Messa#e Transport 9%s; 2igh speed communications +ystem ith / IM$ buses (A4=!. / 2MU3 cards in every +helf providing physical connectivity for IM$ bus. =#7-Speed IMT Pa$0et ro%ter =IPR;: ,rovides increased IM$ bus band idth and individual highspeed card lin#s. -/6 Mbps s itched interfaces in each slot? traffic bet een cards on the same shelf ill be s itcheddirectly to the destination slot and is not transmitted to any other cards in the shelf. $he traffic is not re*uired to pass onto an intrashelf IM$ channel to reach another shelf. Improved band idth from the s itched architecture? enables to use higher performance cards as the 2)MIM. Ln0 Inter2a$e Mod%!e ,rovides access to remote ++8 and signaling points. $ypes of 1IM:1IM AI&BIntegrated 1IM Apli*ue (1IMI1A!<nhanced Integrated 1IM Apli*ue (1IM<I1A!Multi ,ort 1IM (M,1!1IM <- )ard.<-C$- Multichannel Interface Module (MIM!1IMA$M<-A$M 1IM Trans!aton Ser $e Mod%!e TSM; +upports up to -= of memory for storage of $$ (using +)),!? and D+ tables (using 1+? do nloads them to the 1IM!? only one application per card. Dataase Ser $es Mod%!e DSM;  Up to 5 -= Memory boards. Using E+)), appl. supports the ,ort? Ble? <IR? I&,? 1&,. Using I,+M appl. supports I, User Interface. Using M), appl. supports the collection of measurement data.+$, processes incoming message signal units (M+U>s! at the Message $ransfer ,art (M$,! layer as follo s:,ac#et is sent to M$,/ F <rror %etection and )orrection function.+ignal unit is gate ay screened (if feature is activated!.,ac#et is passed to M$,0 F %iscrimination function area. Adressed to +$, (,) or ),)! the M+U ill pass to %istribution function area.If the M+U is a *uery it is sent to a $+M+)), or a %+ME+)), card here $$ is  performed. After that? hen a dpc is determined for the *uery? it is passed to the M$, routing portion of the $+M or %+M. Routing information is derived from routing table  based on the %,) determined in $$. ate ay may be performed to determine if the %,) determined in the $$ is an allo ed %,). M+U is sent to the appropriate 1IM in the <agle? and passed to the net signaling node. Dataase Comm%n$aton Mod%!e DCM; +upports the +$, 1ocal Area &et or# (+1A&! function. $ransport Adaptation 1ayer Interface ($A1I! and +I$RA& protocols run in the %)M card.++8 traffic echange on =?)?% lin#s over the I, net or# to other +$,>s using I,1IM.++8 traffic echange on A lin#s over I, net or# to +I$RA& peripherals. Meas%rements Co!!e$ton and Po!!n# Mod%!e MCPM; ,rovides core +$, measurement data to a remote server processing? re*uired for B$, measurements feature. IP Ser $es Mod%!e IPSM; Is a member of the ,+MII card family re*uired for the I, User Interface feature. Up to9 telnet terminal connections per card. Maimum of 0 I,+M cards. Dataase Creaton: -.<agle +$, Identification: chgsid/.+helves: entshelf 0.)ards: entcard5.%estination ,oint )odes: entdstn6.++8 1in#sets: entls7.+ignaling 1in#s: entsl# 8.Routes: entrte9.Allo )ards: al card;.Activate 1in#s: actlin# 
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