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  Prefix From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia This article is about the linguistic feature. For other uses, see Prefix (disambiguation).    Affixes   Prefix  SuffixCircumfixDuplifixInfix   InterfixTransfixSimulfixSuprafix   Disfix A prefix  is an affix which is placed before the stem of a word. [1]  Adding it to the beginning of one word changes it into another word. For example, when the prefix un-  is added to the word happy , it creates the word unhappy . Particularly in the study of languages, a prefix is also called a preformative , because it alters the form of the words to which it is affixed. Prefixes, like other affixes, can be either  inflectional, changing the syntactic category, or  derivational, changing either the lexical category or the semantic meaning. [2]  In English, there are no inflectional  prefixes. Prefixes, like all other affixes, are  bound morphemes. [1]  The word  prefix  is itself made up of the stem  fix  (meaning attach , in this case), and the prefix  pre-  (meaning before ), both of which are derived from Latin roots.  Contents    1 In English  o   1.1 List of English derivational prefixes   o   1.2 Hyphenation     2 In other languages  o   2.1 Japanese  o   2.2 Bantu languages     2.2.1 Example from Ganda  o   2.3 Navajo  o   2.4 Sunwar   o   2.5 Russian  o   2.6 German     3 See also     4 References     5 External links  In English List of English derivational prefixes Main article: English prefixes  In English, a fairly comprehensive list, although not exhaustive, is the following. Depending on  precisely how one defines a derivational prefix, some of the neoclassical combining forms may or may not qualify for inclusion in such a list. This list takes the broad view that acro-  and auto-  count as English derivational prefixes because they function the same way that prefixes such as over-  and  self-  do. As for  numeral prefixes, only the most common members of that class are included here. There is a large separate table covering them all at  Numeral prefix > Table of number prefixes in English.  Prefix Meaning Example Comments a- not asymmetric ,  not symmetric a- before consonants, an- before vowels   acro- high acrophobia ,  fear of heights (more)  allo- other allotransplantation ,  transplant of tissue from another person (more)  an- not aneuploid  ,  not euploid a- before consonants, an- before vowels  ante- before antebellum ,  before a war anti- against anti-inflammatory ,  against inflammation (more)  auto- self automobile ,  moves itself (more)   bi- two bicentennial  ,  two centuries See number prefixes in English  co- together cooperation ,  working together contra- against contraindication ,  against indication (more)  counter- against countermeasure ,  action against (more)  de- negative, remove deactivate ,  stop from working di- two diatomic ,  two atoms See number prefixes in English  dis- negative, remove disappear  ,  vanish (more)  down- down ; downshift  ,  shift to a  reduce lower gear downregulation ,  regulation toward lessened expression (more)  dys- negative,  badly, wrongly dysfunction ,  bad function (more)  epi- on, above epidural  ,  outside the dura mater (more)  extra- outside extracellular  ,  outside a cell (more)  hemi- half hemisphere ,  half of a sphere (more)  See number prefixes in English  hexa- six hexagon ,  six-sided  polygon (more)  See number prefixes in English  hyper- a lot ; too much hypercalcemia ,  too much calcium in the  blood (more)  See hyper   hypo- a little ; not enough hypokalemia ,  not enough potassium in the  blood (more)  ig- not ignoble ,  not noble ignorant  , (from roots meaning) not knowing (more)  ig- (before gn- or n-), il- (before l-), im- (before b-, m-, or p-), in- (before most letters), or ir- (before r-) il- not illegal  ,  not legal (more)  ig- (before gn- or n-), il- (before l-), im- (before b-, m-, or p-), in- (before most letters), or ir- (before r-)
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