Problem Solving Laboratory (PSL)

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PSL is a type of problem solving in a laboratory and this slide is about problem solving in learning chemistry.
  Problem-Solving in Chemistry Curriculum   Nurun Nadia binti Masrom MP121356  INTRODUCTION ã Chemistry  –  experimental science - should be able to design experiment for testing the hypotheses and theories ã Conventional lab practices  –  lack training in this skill (design the experiment)  ã In this experiment you will determine the empirical formulas of two chemical compounds. One is copper sulfide, which you will prepare according to the following chemical reaction: xCu (s) + yS ( s) →  Cu x S y (s) ã The other is zinc chloride, which you will prepare according to the chemical reaction: xZn (s) + yHCl (aq) → Zn x Cl y (s) + y H 2 (g) 2 ã The objective is to determine the combining ratios of the elements (that is to determine  x and y) and to balance the chemical equations given above.   ACTIVITY 1  What are the product ACTIVITY 2 HX Write the balance chemical equation for this reaction
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