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    SEKOLAH KEBANGSAAN PASUKAN POLIS HUTAN   POST UPSR ENGLISH LANGUAGEPROGRAMME YEAR 2014  INTRODUCTION :The programmes that are conducted are planned by the English Panel for the Year 6 pupils after the UPSR exams. opefully these programmes enable the pupils to prepare themsel!es before they continue their studies in the secondary schools. RATIONAL :To ensure an encouraging attendance of the Year 6 pupils after UPSR exams. OBJECTIVES : . To create interest among pupils in the usage of English and also to ma#e them reali$e that learning English is fun.%.To &iden the pupils' #no&ledge and enhance their &ord po&er in English.(.To encourage the pupils to be more competiti!e and build confidence to communicate in English.).To enable the pupils to sho& their hidden talent through !arious types of acti!ities. TARGET GROUP : *ll the Year 6 pupils of S+. Pasu#an Polis utan , -( pupils DURATION :/0T/1ER T233 4/5E1ER % -) PROCEDURES : . Each English teacher is e7uipped &ith the acti!ities timetable and are briefed on ho& to carry them out.%.The acti!ities are carried out during the teaching and learning process according to their usual time table.(.The English teachers are fully responsible according to their respecti!e classes.).*ny changes &ill be notified by the English ead Panel. CLOSURE : 2t is hoped that the teachers fully cooperate to carry out the planned acti!ities &ithout any obstacles.   PR/8R*E TE4T*T25E 9/R TE YE*R %- ) WEEK/DATE TOPICS OBJECTIVES ACTIVITIES ACTIONSTAKEN  WEEK 113 th  – 17 th  OCTOBER Poetry Recitation Pupils are able to recite with correct pronunciation and intonation and understand the contents of the poesThe pupils will recite in !roups The pupils are able to write creati#el$ basedon the poes tau!ht %ll the &ear 'En!lish teachers WEEK (() T*  +(, T*  OCTOBER Singing Songs Pupils are able to learn En!lish in a fun wa$ and ableto e-press their feelin!s throu!h son!s The pupils will sin! in !roups The pupils will sin! alon! and fill in the blan.s correctl$ the issin! words in the l$rics  %ll the &ear 'En!lish teachers WEEK 3(7 T*  – 31 /T  OCTOBER Role Play(iterat!re Pupils are able to act out the characters based on the literature that the$ ha#e learnt The pupils will !i#e opinions on the characters that the$ ha#e learnt in the literature The pupils will eorise the dialo!ues usedin the con#ersations and act out in their !roups  %ll the &ear 'En!lish teachers WEEK ,3 R0  +7 T*  O2EBER ang!age #a$es Pupils are able to ipro#e and enhance their #ocabular$and word power Pupils are encoura!ed to be ore copetiti#e aon! thesel#es 2arious t$pes of lan!ua!e !aes such as word+a4e5 crossword pu44le5 unscrabledwords5 word+chain etc are carried out The pupils will coplete the in !roups or indi#iduall$  %ll the &ear 'En!lish teachers  WEEK/DATE TOPICS OBJECTIVES ACTIVITIES ACTIONS TAKEN WEEK 6 %0 '1, October –1 October (1 O.tober – (6 O.tober  Scra% Boo&(Ne's%a%er InE!cation Pupils are able to find inforation and ipro#e their lan!ua!e throu!h readin! The pupils will find the inforation fro the newspapers !i#en b$ their teacher based on the e-ercise !i#en Then5 the$ paste the in their scrap boo. This is done throu!h !roup wor. Each !roup consists of three pupils Pri4es will be awarded to the first two !roups fro each class  %ll the &ear ' En!lish teachersWEEK 7( O.tober – 1 o#eber  Reci%e Pupils are able to .nowthe t$pes of in!redientsused in! The$ are also able to learn the procedures on ! thin!sThe pupils will prepare a dish which is selected b$ their teacher appropriate to their abilit$ 8ater5 the$ will ser#e it to their teachers and friends  %ll the &ear ' En!lish teachersWEEK  %0 9, o#eber –  o#eber 11 o#eber +16o#eber  )anicra*t Pupils are able to use their creati#it$ and their ia!ination to in#enta new thin!s usin! rec$cle ites Enable the pupils to be en#ironent+friendl$ and the iportance to sa#e our earth The teacher as.s the pupils to brin! all the rec$cle ites that the$ ha#e at hoe The pupils wor. in !roups :each !roup consists of three pupils; to in#ent new thin!s 0ispla$ the in their classroos Pri4es will be awarded to the first two !roups who ana!e to in#ent creati#e in#ention  %ll the &ear ' En!lish teachers
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