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checking the quality of construction
  QUALITY ASSURANCEPLAN  QUALITY ASSURANCE PLAN  Doc. NO. CONTRACTOR / PANORAMA/QAP/MATProject : GOLDEN PANORAMA Luxury Aprt!e t# t CLIENT : M/#. Go%&e Gte Propert'e# P(t. Lt&.Re(. ) *PMC: +$A Co #u%t' , PMC QUALITY ASSURANCE PLAN ) MATERIAL S.No.Mter'%Te#t to -e crr'e& outCo&e o Te#t' ,CONTRACTOR Ro%e /+reue cy o te#tPMC Ro%e /+reue cy o te#tCo&e o Co 0r!t'o 1 $orro1e& So'%2 Ntur% So'% - MDD I S – 2720 -Per Source - Review of test reportsI S – 2720 Co!pcte& Ert3 - OMC - FDD - Per 250 M 2  for   road wor - Per 100M !   ac #$$i%& - Review of test reports- Ra%do' (it%ess 2 Ce!e t 4P3y#'c% Te#t 5 - I%itia$ Setti%& ti'e - Fi%a$ Setti%& )i'e- Co'pressive Stre%&t*- Co%siste%c+ of sta%dard ce'e%t Paste- Fi%e%ess - Sou%d%ess IS – ,0!1- )o e procured fro'approved Mae. 6 Su'issio% of M)C   - Per source of ra%d / - Per (ee o./- Per 1000 a&receivi%& - Review of M)C  )estreports IS ) 7889687  S. No.Ite!Te#t to -e crr'e& outCo&e o Te#t' ,CONTRACTOR Ro%e / +reue cy o te#tPMC Ro%e / +reue cy o te#tCo&e o Co 0r!t'o Ce!e t -C*e'ica$ )est 3-4i'e Saturatio%Factor -Ratio of $u'i%a toIro% O6ide - I%so$u$e Residue- 'a&%esia -Su$p*uric%*+dride - 4oss of I&%itio% -C*$oride -)ri ca$ciu'$u'i%ate IS – ,0!1-)o e procuredfro' approved ra%d-Su'issio% of M)C-Per Source of  ra%d - Review of M)C  )est Reports IS – 8112-1989! Sto e A,,re,te 9* !! ; 8* !! -De$eterious Materia$IS : 2!8;-19;!O%ce Per Source - Review of testreports - Ra%do' (it%ess IS : <<68=* -Sieve %a$+sis -Speci#c <ravit+ -Surface Moisture -Or&a%ic I'purities50 M !  Receivi%& -Crus*i%& =a$ue -rasio% =a$ue -&&re&ate I'pact=a$ue -F$ai%ess I%de6 ->$o%&atio% I%de6 (ee$+  S. No.Ite!Te#t to -e crr'e& outCo&e o Te#t' ,CONTRACTOR Ro%e / +reue cy o te#tPMC Ro%e / +reue cy o te#tCo&e o Co 0r!t'o , S & -Speci#c <ravit+ IS : 2!8;-19;!- O%ce Per Source - Review of testreports - Ra%do' (it%ess IS: <7<68=* -Sieve %a$+sis -Or&a%ic I'purities - u$i%& of sa%d- 50 M !  Receivi%& -Si$t Co%te%t CP(DSpeci#catio% - Per 4ot CP(DSpeci#catio%s 5 Ce!e t Co crete -S$u' -Co'pressive Stre%&t* - Per 20 Cu' - s Per IS ,5; : 2000- (it%ess- Review )est Report; Stee% -P*+sica$ )est3-Di'e%sio%  ?%itwei&*t -?$ti'ate te%si$eStre%&t* -0.2 Proof Stress ->$o%&atio% - e%d  ree%d test -C*e'ica$ )est3-Caro%@ -Su$p*er -P*osp*orus -Su$p*erAP*osp*orousIS: 1;08-1972IS : 1599-197,- Su'issio% of M)C - O%ce per ra%d / - O%ce per atc*/- O%ce Per 50 Mt Review of M)C  testreports IS : 8=7>69**7 7 $r'c?# -Di'e%sio%a$ )o$era%ce-(ater sorptio% -Co'pressive Stre%&t* ->Boresce%ce IS: !,95-197;- Per Source/- Per ra%d /- Per 10@000 rics - Review of )estreports - Ra%do' (it%ess IS : 8*==68=> 8 @ter 4co #truct'o Purpo#e $$ )ests as per IS : ,5;IS – !025- Per Source - >ver+ ! Mo%t* - Review of testreports IS : ,5;
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