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   1   Oracle Financials R12 Upgrade Features Test Paper Name: Organization Modules: FINANCIALS – R12 Delta Date: City: 1.   The business driver for introducing the Multi-Org Access Control is to enable the enterprises to access, process and report on data for an unlimited operating units within a single applications responsibility a. True b. False 2.   The specific profile options that provide the Multi-org access control is: a)   MO: Operating Unit b)   MO: Default Operating Unit c)   MO: Set Client_Info for Debugging d)   MO: Security Profile e)   Both a) and C) f)   Both b) and d) 3.   Using the Multi-Org Access Control, the user can create Supplier Invoices for any operating unit from within the signed-in operating unit and he doesn’t need to switch responsibilities for this. a. True b. False 4.   While using the Oracle Payables Shared Services responsibility, the user tries to enter a Supplier Invoice, but the Supplier Invoice entry form is completely grayed out and all the fields are non-enterable fields. The reason for this is a. The signed-in user does not have enough permission to enter a Supplier Invoice b. The user must close the Supplier Invoice form and re-open to enter the Supplier Invoice c. The value for the profile option MO: Default Operating Unit is not set either at the site level or at the user level d. The user should log out of the application and again log back into the application then start entering the Supplier Invoice 5.   Due to the Global visibility of Purchase Orders and Supplier Invoices data across operating units provided as a new feature, the non-core business activities of enterprises are centralized and the cost is lowered a. True b. False 6.   Which of the following Profile Options is introduced in R12 Chart of Accounts? a. Natural Account b. Cost Center c. Balancing Segment d. Management e. Secondary Tracking 7.   Operating Unit is a key piece of information and needs to be specified before entering the information in the context of shared services and the OU is not linked through the relevant profile option a. True b. False   2   8.   R12 Ledger contains four components. Identify the fourth one, which is added in R12? a. Chart of Accounts b. Currency c. Accounting Method d. Calendar e. None of the above 9.   Users can enter Order Quantity and Rate while entering supplier invoice in Payables R12 a. True b. False 10.   Identify the hierarchy a. Banks, Bank Branches and then Bank Accounts b. Bank Accounts, Banks and then Bank Branches c. Bank Branches, Banks and then Bank Accounts d. None of the above 11.   Which of the following is added in R12 Supplier Invoices? a. Invoice Distributions b. Invoice Header c. Invoice Lines d. Invoice Taxes e. None of the above 12.   It is necessary to account the supplier invoice before making payment in R12? a. True b. False 13.   Oracle provides seeded Accounting Methods for use as part of Subledger Accounting a. True b. False 14.   MRC feature in 11i is enhanced with a. Primary Ledger b. Secondary Ledger c. Subledger Accounting d. Reporting Currencies e. None of the above 15.   In R12, Legal Entity and Operating Unit are NOT directly linked. a. True b. False 16.   We can open and close accounting periods for multiple ledgers simultaneously a. True b. False 17.   We can copy journal batches and make changes as required in R12 a. True b. False 18.   Which of the following will you use to access multiple ledgers from single responsibility? a. Reporting Sequence b. Data Access Set c. Accounting Sequence d. Security Profile e. None of the above 19.   Once we create the Security Profile, it is mandatory to submit Security List Maintenance Concurrent Program before use. a. True b. False   3   20.   Can we reverse Unposted Journals in R12? a. Yes b. No 21.   Users need to login to Subledger Accounting Responsibility to perform SLA a. True b. False 22.   Which of the following applications do not use SLA a. Payables b. Receivables c. Fixed Assets d. Inventory e. Cash Management 23.   We have Collections Workbench in R12 Receivables? a. True b. False 24.   We can define all taxes like Sales Tax, VAT and Use Tax in Payables or Receivables? a. True b. False 25.   Consolidated Billing in 11i is replaced by a. Late Charges b. Statements c. Forward Billing d. Finance Charges e. All of the above f. None of the above 26.   AP/ AR Netting is used for a. Reconciliation between AP and AR b. To identify the net balance between Supplier and Customer from one party c. To open and close accounting periods for both AP and AR d. None of the above 27.   User is trying to create Bank Account in Cash Management. But user is not successful. What could be the reason a. User does not know how to open the window b. User is logging into Cash Management for the first time c. The responsibility is not provided access for the legal entity in User Management d. MO: Operating Unit profile option is not assigned to the responsibility e. None of the above 28.   In R12 Fixed Assets, Rollback Depreciation functionality is not available like in 11i. a. True b. False 29.   In R12 Fixed Assets, Assets Subledger is introduced. a. True b. False 30.   At what level, bank accounts are created in R12? a. Operating Unit b. Inventory Organization c. Business Group d. Legal Entity e. All of the above f. None of the above   4   31.   In R12, We can create Foreign Currency Recurring Journals in GL. a. True b. False 32.   In R12, Oracle introduced security for definitions. Which of the following can not be secured while defining? a. Mass Allocation Journals b. Recurring Journals c. Journal Categories d. Accounting Calendars e. None of the above 33.   Reporting Sequence is used to generate sequence numbers for journals entered in GL a. True b. False 34.   Journal line reconciliation is used to reconcile lines that should net to zero a. True b. False 35.   What is MOAC? a. Multiple Operating Units Access Control b. Multi-Org Access Control c. Multiple Organizations Assignment Control d. MO: Account Control Name e. None of the above
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