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South Indian recipes
    2013  Nutritious Recipes Southern Region    Recipes: Southern India 1.   Upma Ingredients: Suji 100 g Ghee/oil 20 g Tomatoes 20g Potato 20g Green Peas 20g Cauliflower 20g Onion 20g Coriander leaves 20g Curry leaves 20g Black gram dal 25g Green chillies 5g Spices as per taste Mustard Seeds 5g Method: a)   Soak black gram dal in water for 10 min. b)   Wash and cut all the vegetables into pieces. c)   Heat ghee or oil in a pan. Add mustard seeds, black gram dal, onion and curry leaves. d)   Cook till golden brown. e)   Add vegetables and cook till soft. f)   Add salt, spices and suji with sufficient water. g)   Cook for some time. Nutritive Value: Energy: 625 Kcal Protein: 25.4 g 2.   Rava Payasam Ingredients: Rava 30 g Green gram dhal 25g Carrot 20g Milk 150 ml Method: a)   Cook rava and green gram dhal till soft.    b)   Cook carrot separately using the milk and mix with cooked dhal and rava. c)   Add jaggery and boil till it dissolves completely. d)   Remove from fire, cool and serve Nutritive Value: Energy: 381 Kcal Protein: 14.2 g 3.   Suji Khichri (Rava) Ingredients: Wheat Rava (Suji) 100 g Jaggery 20 g Fat/oil 10g Spinach 25g Salt to taste Method: a)   Heat oil and add 300ml of water and boil. b)   Add washed dal and cook. c)   Add roasted wheat rava and salt, when the dal is half cooked and continue cooking. d)   Wash and chop spinach and mix with the above mixture and cook for another few minutes, till the khichri is ready. Nutritive Value: Energy: 521 Kcal Protein: 11 g 4.   Spinach Pongal Ingredients: Rice 50 g Roasted Green Gram dal 25 g Spinach 20g (Drumstick leaves or any other Green leafy veg may be substituted) Salt to taste Fat/oil 5 ml Method: a)   Clean rice and dal. Soak for some time in water. Using the same water used for soaking, cook the rice and dal. b)   Wash spinach leaves, cut and steam. Mash the leaves and sieve.    c)   Mix the sieve spinach soup with boiled rice and dal. Add salt to taste, mix thoroughly and serve. Nutritive Value: Energy: 310 Kcal Protein: 9.9 g 5.   Hyderabad Mix Ingredients: Wheat Flour 40 g Roasted Bengal Gram dal 15 g Roasted Groundnuts 10g Jaggery 30g Method: a)   Roast and powder the wheat. b)   Mix it with powdered Bengal gram, groundnuts and jaggery. c)   Add the required amount of hot water and make it into porridge or balls. Nutritive Value: Energy: 364 Kcal Protein: 11 g 6.   Jowar Upma Ingredients: Broken Jowar (Jowar Rava) 45 g Roasted Groundnuts 15g Oil 7g Seasoning material as required Method: a)   Fry seasoning material in oil. b)   Add broken jowar fry till slightly brown. c)   Add water and cook till soft. Add broken groundnuts and cook for few minutes more. Nutritive Value: Energy: 306 Kcal Protein: 8.6 g
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