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Robin Hood Case

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The Robin Hood case analysis
   1.   Complete the SWOT analysis Strengths -The group has huge number of members. -Robin Hood has strong leadership. -The band has good archery skill. -Brand recognition and strong support from stockholders who hate the Sheriff. -Ability to acquire information. Weaknesses -Personal grudge against the Sheriff may negatively influence decisions. -Low requirement in recruiting new members. -Hard to maintain order, discipline, vigilance in the band. -Decline in food and supplies -Dependent on the wealth of the rich traveler, which decrease as the band’s strength increase.  -The band is outlaw Opportunities -Work with the barons to free King Richard The Liongearted in Austria -Gain profit from taxing the farmers and townspeople. Threats -Rich merchants increase their products’ prices to make up for the loss from being robbed. -The band may lose support from the villagers. -The growing military capabilities of the Sheriff. -The political connections of the Sheriff. -Spies of Prince John have infiltrated the band. 2.   Does Robin Hood need to expand or change the mission and purpose of the organization? This will depend on the ultimate goal of Robin Hood. If the return of King Richard the Lionhearted is what the band pursuits, then changing their missions is necessary to join the   Barons ’ conspiracy in court intrigue. On the other hand, Robin can keep the band’s current objectives to help the poor, and put more pressure on the Sheriff and prince John to distract them from the scheme of the barons. 3.   Evaluate at least 3 alternatives that Robin Hood has. The first strategy is to kill the Sheriff. The band already has significant number of members and support of the townspeople, while the Sheriff is getting stronger, more organized, and starting to harass the band. It is only a matter of time before the Sheriff, through his political connection, gains enough power to eliminate the band, so the only chance Robin has to kill the Sheriff is now, though this wouldn’ t significantly benefit the group as a whole in long term. The second strategy is to restructure the band. Human resources should be considered. Though the band has power in number, its strength cannot be improved further with training and discipline due to the lack of instructors. Additionally, restricting the recruitment process would lower the chance a spy may penetrate the band. Robin may choose to recruit farmers into the  band to resolve the issue of food shortage; this would allow the band to grow their food more efficiently, and gradually eliminate expenses for trading and converting loots to provisions. The third strategy is to join the barons association to free King Richard. However, this is a very risky strategy, and the consequences would be dreadful if failed. On the other hand, if Robin doesn’t s how support of the barons and keeps on robbing the rich, he may still be considered a criminal when King Richard regains his throne. 4.   What strategy would you recommend ---- and why?   The best strategy for Robin Hood would be accepting the barons offer to release King Richard the Lionhearted from prison in Austria. With King Richard returned to his power, all Robin’s  problems would vanish. Prince John and the Sheriff would be severely punished, the poor would  be assisted by the King, and Robin would return to his law-abiding life. 5.   What ideas can you offer for implementing this strategy? The first thing Robin must do is joining forces with the barons. In the current situation, Robin is unable to resolve the band’s issues alone. However, through the alliance with the barons, Robin can provide them the workforce they need to create value and collect the ransom that would release the King. Furthermore, by allocating some of his members to work for the barons, Robin would significantly reduce the amount of provisions needed for the band in Sherwood Forest. Additionally, with fewer members left, they would receive better attention in training, discipline, and, if any, spying activities would be greatly restricted. By delegating some members to work for the barons, other members can focus on what they do best - robbing the rich; this would not only substantially increase the band’s labor productivity, but also  would reduce the number of members needed to share the loot. Moreover, by constantly committing outlaw activities, Robin would draw the Sheriff’s and Prince John’s attentions away from the barons’ scheme.  The biggest threat for this plan is that a spy of Prince John may find out the conspiracy. However, Robin can easily avoid this situation by restricting the recruitment criteria, utilizing the alliance with the barons to increase intelligence and information gathering to prevent and detect spies within the band. With the political power of the barons, the Sheriff’s movements may be restricted, and Robin may even have a chance to set his spy into Prince John’s side.  

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