Rosicrucian Digest, July 1959

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Contents: Occult Fantasia; Creating in the Cosmic; New Dimensions for Consciousness; Appreciation of Quality; The Hidden Redeemer; How Sand Preserves Flowers; and many more...
  VPlea for Peacemd Disarmament Kill East aiul West mite religion withscience? V A V fow Sand ^reserves Flowers An artistic adventure. V A V The HiddenRedeemer Anew viewpoint on resurrection. V A V ^aztcvUtiy: ã Mysticism ã Science ã The Arts V A V Ttext    Cycles and Vibrations V A V The Cosmic Age ROSICRUCIAN DIGEST 1959 JULY 35$ per copy  The ancients attributed directly to divine source everything which to the human senses seemed perfect—the perfume of flowers, the sweet-smelling early morning air, the tang of the sea, the mysterious scent of strange herbs. These pleasing odors were associated with the divine  being of the gods. Even the soul was thought to have a fragrance of its own far superior to anything else which man could ever smell. In the sacred temples, herbalists would mix secret potions and compound race incenses which were thought to approach the divine fragrance of the soul.It was believed that an inhalation of the scented fumes would lift the soul to greater heights. It is known that rare incenses will aid in pro-ducing harmony of the senses, and for this reason, the Rosicrucians have had especially prepared   an incense that is soothing and most helpful for meditation purposes. minimum   order Two Boxes of 12 Cubes Each $1.15 This item available to Ster-ling members through the London Rosicrucian Supply Bureau, 25 Garrick St., Lon-don, W.C. 2, Eng. Price, one  box of 12 cubes, 5/ sterling. Rosicrucian incense is of India Moss Rose scent. It is longburning  —half a brickette is sufficient for the average sanctum period. ROSICR UCIAN SUPPLY BUREAU (EACH MONTH THIS PAGE IS DEVOTED TO THE EXHIBITION OF STUDENT SUPPLIES.)  DR. H. SPENCER LEWIS The first Imperator of AMORC in its present cycle, the person who laid the foundation for the Rosicrucian Order’s current world-wide activities. Dr. Lewis passed through transition August 2, 1939. The anniversary of his transition is commemorated in Rosicrucian Park, San Jose, with a special ceremony. For details see page 247.  What StrangeCosmic Power  Influences Humans? B y  W hat  R  ight   does man presume that he is the chosen being of the universe and that the earth alone shapes his existence? In the infinite spaces above, tenanted  by vast and magnificent worlds, are Cosmic forces which in-fluence the life of every mortal. As iron filings respond to the attraction of a magnet, so too your acts are the result of an impelling influence upon your will. Just as the unseen Cosmic rays give the earth form and substance, so too from the infinite reaches, an invisible subtle energy affects the thought processes of every human. Life itself bows to this strange universal force why, then, should YOU not understand and COMMAND IT? You are like a pendulum either to be swung forward to happiness and the fulfillment of your dreams, or backward into discour-agement and disillusionment. Why remain poised in a state of anxiety, uncertainty, and anticipation? Learn to draw to your-self these Cosmic forces which will give your mind the creative impetus that will assure the end in life you seek. FOR YOU - THIS FREE BOOK <fNot for the curious nor the skeptical, but for the modern man and woman, the Rosicrucians, a progressive movement of thinking persons, offer a free book, telling how you may acquire the truth about these phenomenal Cosmic  powers, little understood today, and which make for freedom and attainment in life. T his   is   the  D ay   and   A ge   of   M astery . Throw off the ageold custom of  —“let life be as it may”—and learn to create it as    you wish it. The  ROSICRUCIANS ( AMORC) SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIAUSE THIS GIFT COUPON S cribe   S. P. C.The Kosirrucians (AMOUC)Kosicrucian Park, San Jose, California Please send me without obligation the free kook, which tells how I may obtain the unusual facts about the Cosmic forces which affect my life. The Rosicrucians are I\OT a Religious Organization
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