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Royal Philips Electronics. Alan Cathcart Senior Vice President Investor Relations

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Royal Philips Electronics Alan Cathcart Senior Vice President Investor Relations Forward Looking Statements Forward Looking Statements This document contains certain forward-looking statements with respect
Royal Philips Electronics Alan Cathcart Senior Vice President Investor Relations Forward Looking Statements Forward Looking Statements This document contains certain forward-looking statements with respect to the financial condition, results of operations and business of Philips and certain of the plans and objectives of Philips with respect to these items (including, but not limited to, cost savings) in particular the outlook paragraph in this report. By their nature, forward-looking statements involve risk and uncertainty because they relate to events and depend on circumstances that will occur in the future. There are a number of factors that could cause actual results and developments to differ materially from those expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements. These factors include, but are not limited to, levels of consumer and business spending in major economies, changes in consumer tastes and preferences, changes in law, the performance of the financial markets, pension costs, the levels of marketing and promotional expenditures by Philips and its competitors, raw materials and employee costs, changes in exchange and interest rates (in particular changes in the euro and the US dollar can materially affect results), changes in tax rates and future business combinations, acquisitions or dispositions and the rate of technological changes. Statements regarding market share, including as to Philips competitive position, contained in this document are based on outside sources such as specialized research institutes, industry and dealer panels in combination with management estimates. Where information is not yet available to Philips, those statements may also be based on estimates and projections prepared by outside sources or management. Rankings are based on sales unless otherwise stated. Use of non-gaap Information In presenting and discussing the Philips Group s financial position, operating results and cash flows, management uses certain non-gaap financial measures. These non-gaap financial measures should not be viewed in isolation as alternatives to the equivalent GAAP measures and should be used in conjunction with the most directly comparable US GAAP measure(s). A discussion of the non-gaap measures included in this document and a reconciliation of such measures to the most directly comparable US GAAP measure(s) are contained in this document. 3 Agenda Strategic direction Growth strategy Acquisition discipline Financial discipline Conclusion 4 Strategy Evolution High Volume Electronics 90ties Healthcare & Lifestyle now Portfolio One Philips Restructuring Growth Volatility Value Creation Let s make things better Sense and Simplicity 5 Philips portfolio now fully built around strong brand Medical Systems Lighting Domestic Appliances New Philips grow Target EBIT margins between 12-16% M&A Consumer Electronics Semiconductors 19.9% Financial stakes lower risks sold 80.1% reduce EUR 4.0 billion for dividend & buy-backs Target EBIT margin of 4-4.5% Separate legal entity, Target EBIT margin of Sold 80.1% to private 5-15% (over the cycle) equity consortium cash shareholders Dividend & Buy backs Brand Innovation EUR 2.4 billion for business opportunities 6 A well balanced portfolio across professional and consumer retail markets where the brand is crucial CE 41% Dap incl. CHS Sales Other 1% Medical systems 27% 21% 10% Lighting Other Consumer Retail Market spaces - Sales 53% 1% 27% 19% Prof. Healthcare Prof. Lighting Assumptions for reclassification: Professional Healthcare: Medical Systems Professional Lighting: BGs Luminaires, ASU, Lighting Electronics, Lumileds, 80% of BG Lamps Consumer: DAP, CE (including Licenses, excluding Mobile Phones), 20% of Lighting BG Lamps Other: Corporate Technologies, GSUs 7 Why do we want to invest in Healthcare Creating the future Long-term growth driven by demographics and economic advancement of emerging markets Strong market position and market share Making wide use of Philips range of skills Strong margins based on innovation Strong cashflow High-single-digit comparable sales growth is expected in Why do we want to invest in Consumer appliances Creating the future Breakthrough products through innovation and customer understanding Unique appliance-consumable propositions with major consumer brands Continuation of marketing excellence and best-in-class cost position Expanding retail channels into emerging markets Roadmap defined for CHW Leveraging the brand Strong cashflow Comparable sales growth expected at 7% in 2006 with 15-16% EBIT margins prior to purchase-accounting charges 9 Why do we want to invest in Lighting Creating the future Number 1 market position globally with strong margins and cash flows End-user-driven innovation, marketing and supply excellence Profitable growth in fast-growing economies in innovative new market segments Investments in R&D and capital expenditures to propel innovation and growth Comparable sales growth targeted at 6% 10 The strengthened business model of CE Creating the new model Focus on innovation in design and marketing of high-end differentiative products Leveraging the Brand Business Renewal Program to achieve EBIT margins of 4-4.5% Outsourced approx. 80% of manufacturing, resulting in negative NOC Further de-risking the business through new business models, e.g.tpv deal 11 Reallocation of capital towards stable and higher margin businesses Net operating capital per division as % of total Stable and high margin businesses Low margin businesses High volatility businesses ex Semiconductors Compo nents Other activities 15 6 Unallocated Medical 20 5 DAP Other activities Semis 29 4 (7) Unallocated Medical 42 Other activities CE 5 (10) (5) Unallocated 60 Medical Semis CE Lighting CE (4) 31 Lighting 5 DAP Lighting 44 7 DAP 12 Increased earnings stability EBIT per division as % of group (excluding Other Activities and Unallocated) Stable and high margin businesses Low margin businesses High volatility businesses ex Semiconductors Origin Medical Semis DAP Lighting Medical CE Medical Compo nents Semis 9 CE CE Lighting 15 DAP Lighting DAP 13 Agenda Strategic direction Growth strategy Acquisition discipline Financial discipline Conclusion 14 Creating growth opportunities Redirection of R&D Emerging Markets Innovation Growth Market driven Brand perception 15 Comparable sales growth towards annual average of 5-6%, excl. Semi (5) (10) (15) (20) Group nominal Group comparable Medical, DAP & Lighting comparable Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q Annual target av. 5-6% 16 Comparable sales growth towards annual average of 5-6% Q06 YTD Disclosed target Medical 7% 8% 6% DAP 6% 10% 7% Lighting 4% 9% 6% CE 5% 10% * Total Group (Excl.Semiconductors) 4% 8% 5 6% * No targets disclosed 17 Significant new product introductions in 2005/2006 Medical Systems iu 22 Panorama MR 1.0T Brilliance CT SureSigns DAP Bodygroom Smart Touch XL PerfectDraft Consumer Electronics Ambilight VOIP video phone GoGear JukeBox Wireless music center Lighting UHP Mini CDM Mastercolour Aptura Nightguide 18 Group revenues from new products excl. Semi 60% 51% 54% 40% 40% +28% +6% 20% 25% +60% 0% target 19 Brand strength Deployment of brand strategy sustained competitive investment behind brand campaign developing and airing product-based advertising resulting in improved brand rankings Creating conditions to deliver brand promise by embedded filters in all key processes we ensure that everything we do is designed around a relevant end-user insight easy to experience technologically advanced Go-to-market approach direct resources to areas with most potential growth Further develop marketing organization attract marketing talent increased focus on business development to support innovation projects 20 Becoming a more market driven organization Continued roll out of Sense and Simplicity moving Philips to rank 48 from 53 last year and 65 in 2004 on the Interbrand list Medical Systems most customer-driven for the 2nd year in the USA Key Account Management under International Retail Board resulting in 25% growth with top 6 accounts, representing sales of EUR 2.5 billion Named International Supplier of the Year by WalMart Philips Lighting (US) named Best of the Best for Marketing by National Association of Distributors 21 Agenda Strategic direction Growth strategy Acquisition discipline Financial discipline Conclusion 22 Guiding principles for acquisitions 1 Growth opportunities in our high margin, more predictable businesses 2 No or time-limited margin dilution 3 Quality of management 4 Clear commercial, clinical, and technology synergies 5 Complementary position 6 Strong market position 7 Integration strategy part of acquisition decision 8 Walk-away price set at discussion start 9 A good alliance is an alternative to acquisition Value Creation 23 Over the past 12 months we have made ~ 3.5B of mostly add-on acquisitions Re-allocation of resources ( B) Est annual Revenue (in B) Gemini Stentor Life line Witt Power Sentry Total Acquisitions Lumileds Bodine Avent Inter magn etics Date completed Sep 2004 Source: Company press releases, RFA document Aug 2005 Nov 2005 Mar 2006 Apr 2006 Jul 2006 Jul 2006 Sep 2006 Exp. Q Growth through acquisitions.. Stentor Medical EUR 194 m. Witt Biomedical Medical EUR 137 m. Intermagnetics Medical EUR 1.0 b. Lumileds Lighting EUR 788 m. World-class unique technology for cardiology PACS Number 1 KLAS ranking in multiple rankings Synergies with imaging business Leverage Philips world-wide resources Leading position in integrated Cath Lab Number 1 KLAS ranking in hemodynamics and clinical reporting Strengthened in cardiology market Leading MRI components & accessories manufacturer Positioning for future Improved supply chain cost Acceleration of time-to-market Number 1 in high brightness LED Strengthen position in emerging and fast growing LED markets 25 Growth through acquisitions.. Lifeline Health & Wellness (DAP) EUR 579 m. Number 1 in Personal emergency response Become global player in home healthcare Leveraging Lifeline sales & distribution channels Leverage Philips technologies Access to target group Avent DAP EUR 675 m. Power Sentry CE Bodine Lighting Leader in baby care Premium mother and baby care brand Leveraging sales & distribution channels Platform for growth Grow in high margin peripherals and accessory market Improve position in audio-visual, PC and mobility accessory market Enter strategic new market segments Broaden product portfolio 26 that have a different profile compared to existing Philips business In EUR millions Philips 2005 actual Pro-rata performance of acquisitions 1 Sales Comparable Growth 25,774 4% % EBIT % 1, % % Note: 1 Included in the analysis are : Stentor, Lumileds,Lifeline, Witt, Avent and Intermagnetics; Based on annual figures from RFA documents, excluding purchase accounting charges 2 Data excluding Semiconductors 27 Agenda Strategic direction Growth strategy Acquisition discipline Financial discipline Conclusion 28 Delivering consistent performance Strong balance sheet Ongoing cost reduction programs Continuous improvement in operational efficiencies Significantly reduced NOC 29 Dividend paid Amounts in EUR '96 '97 '98 '99 '00 '01 '02 '03 '04 ' Financial assets: Cash generated from sale of participations EUR million Sale securities Sale Atos Origin shares NAVTEQ TSMC 770 LG.Philips LCD 938 Semiconductors 6,400 Total 2,107 3,261 6,400 31 Financial assets: Cash utilization EUR million Acquisition Stentor Acquisition Witt Biomedical Acquisition Lifeline Acquisition Intermagnetics Acquisition Lumileds Acquisition Avent UK pension fund Share repurchase program Dividend Announced buy-back & extra dividend , Announced** 2006 & beyond 137* 579* 1, * 582* 414* 523* 4,000 Total 3, % % 7, % Total * Already paid for ** Excl. acquisitions of Bodine and Power Sentry Color: Healthcare, Lighting & DAP 460 3,307 7,910 11,677 32 Major publicly quoted investments number shares rounded in millions % ownership Market value October 31 th, 2006 in EUR m. TSMC 4, ,051 LG.Philips LCD ,950 TPV FEI JDS Uniphase Total 9,381 33 Agenda Strategic direction Growth strategy Acquisition discipline Financial discipline Conclusion 34 Summary Simplified portfolio of world-class businesses build around a strong brand Focus on market driven Innovation provides basis for growth across the portfolio Focus on high margin products & markets Grow via acquisitions when value is created Leverage the brand Continue to improve the predictability of results Continue to focus on cash flow Creating Shareholder Value 35
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