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sea salt
  So if this is as powerful as it seems, and is as simple as it seems, I wonder if it is hidden in the alchemical verbage. I was already exploring potential sea salt paths when I came upon this. Is it  possible that alcohol is our mercury and sea salt our salt? (If mercury is our sea, isn't that where the sea salt goes?) Is this milk the virgin's milk (or a virgin's milk)? I guess I'll have to play with it to see if it dissolves our sulphur, maybe after digesting for a time as in the Philosopher of Leyden's work. Is it possible that this simple combination produces the same or similar medicine that results from the comparatively longer digestion of sea salt and dew? Maybe you just have a magnesium hydroxide compound. Check out which salts dissolve in alcohol and which not. This does not mean the alcohol could not have extracted the gold out of dead sea salt. I recall reading somewhere that someone used a process involving dead sea manna and alcohol to potentiate it or something. It's probably in the ormus_swg or whitegold list archives from some years ago. I was thinking that too, about the alcohol preparation. I've read on some site about an alcohol  preparation but never knew how they did it. It'd be funny if it's this simple and they're selling the stuff for $60 dollars or something. I'm sure some of the magnesium would precipitate, but that wouldn't account for the effects I'm feeling. I happened across an old book with something about common salt and aqua vitae: Concerning Common Salt for the Purification of Aqua Vitae Take of Common Salt, prepared by solution and coagulation, and let it be many times dried; pour on it Aqua Vitae, and distill with a strong fire, the more the better, and it will be rectified, dissolving gold. It ought to be distilled with salt at least three or four times. Also: Pour out common salt, coagulate, and dissolve in common fresh water, repeating this until it be purified, and be obtained in crystalline form. Also: Let Antimony --- and the other things not destroyed by combustion in the crucible --- be dissolved in spirits of wine and distilled four days. Then extract therefrom the Salt and Oil.  Note: Philosophical Fire --- which is called Nature and Soul --- can be extracted from all natural things, and is of their nature and condition, because, in earth is earth, in water is water, in air is air, in fire is fire; neither has it causes of corruption nor contrary qualities. Also: Of every Salt can a Tincture or Elixir be made, because an Elixir can be made of all things in the world, as has been said above, and hence also of Tartar, which Salt is a natural thing. Also: The Philosopher says: The Spirit enters not except by water, i.e., by Salt Water and the Regimen of fire, because whatever is dissolved out of Salts is done over a gentle fire, and whatever is dissolved by means of Salt Water remains, and is not altered. Hence, if you would be enriched, prepare Common Salt and Alkali, and reduce them into pure, sweet water, which is  preparative and incerative water, in which --- if thou shalt have decocted the whitened spirits --- it will rectify and whiten the same, extinguishing therein all blackness.   To be noted: Prepare Salts; make them liquid and commiscible with bodies, and --- if thou wouldst be enriched --- prepare especially Sal Alpoli. For its property is to retain volatile things, and hence they are more quickly liquefied and collected. For, whatever has been dissolved out of Salts over a slow fire, should afterwards be distilled over three times with a very slow fire. The residue in the still should be removed and preserved, and the said water be again redistilled until  perfectly pure water passes over. In the fifth distillation the water will be pure, and then it is finished, as the Philosopher says. When you obtain water from air, and air from fire, and fire from earth, then you have the whole Art. From the above it is patent that salt enters not a body, neither are bodies mixed with it, unless the salt be made liquable, nor are those complexionable unless the saltness be purged away. Then will it be an Elixir, a most limpid Condiment, like the Coagulum of Milk. For the dryness of salt is the calcinative and parcher of all bodies and spirits. But the property of water is mild,  purifying and rectifying bodies and spirits. Take care, for it is a light sort, that thou mayst collect gold and silver perfectly pure, for it rectifies and perfects whitened spirits. By boiling thou mayst obtain many things wherewith to coagulate Mercury and change it into  perfect silver. Hence the Philosopher: If Quicksilver be joined to its own kind, it will doubtless flee away, but if quick when fleeing, suffering another union with water, it bears fire and hammer. Praise God in thy soul for what I have said, and praised be God who hath placed His Wisdom in Salt! Work with the same and thou shalt prosper. That's from Benedictus Figulus - A Golden and Blessed Casket of Nature's Marvels... So it does sound similar to taking this stuff and running it through several solve-coagulas like the other salt processes I was working on, then it should dissolve our sulphur. Hmmm. I have some ideas... That m-alco sounds quite promising, I have just put some salt in rum... really horrible taste. Would you please post an exact recipe & dosage? Per chance I am just reading Figulus also, but I am afraid that the problem is that Aqua Vitae . I guess everything put in Aqua Vitae would be miraculous. Sure. But did it turn milky? Well, I just did it with brandy and it did, so since the alcohol content is about the same as rum, yours must have worked. The amount of salt is about 1/3 less than the volume of solvent - then if it dissolves it all with no visible sign of undissolved salt in your glass, then add a bit more til you notice some traces that don't dissolve. Then it's saturated and you 've gotten as much m-state as you can from that amount of menstrum. Mine tastes horrible too by itself - all that salt.  But when put in some vehicle like 1/3 glass of wine, you don't taste the salt at all. I've always added it to alcoholic vehicles, but I don't see why you couldn't add it to juice if you'd rather. I'll try mine in grape juice today and report. The dose I usually take is about 1/2 a dropper full, maybe a little less. If you don't have a dropper, then I guess it's probably 1/3 to 1/2 of a teaspoon. Ok, I just added 1/2 a tspn to 1/3 glass of grape juice and the juice still tastes great and I'm definitely feeling effects within 2 minutes. Your effects may have to build. I was taking this about two weeks before I noticed kundalini stuff. People may not get kundalini at all - maybe I was  just ready. But I would expect all to feel this great feeling after a week or two, maybe sooner. So I just made the stuff and did all this testing while writing this post, within ten minutes. This is reallly simple. Anyone should be able to do this. Now we know you don't even have to dry your vodka... use brandy, rum... And if you don't have dead sea, you can at least start with sea salt and still get some nice things from m-11. I introduced this to another friend of mine and he's going to try washing it to get some of the salt out and make the taste better. Personally, I won't bother with washing - 1. it tastes fine when put in a vehicle. 2. washing may lose the finest material. 3. maybe not washing it has something to do with the potency. But I'll let you know if I hear anything about washing it. I had said earlier that the elixir worked the same in whatever vehicle and by itself... I don't think that's true now. Whenever I mix it in a carbonated alcoholic beverage is the strongest. I read on any energy drink can once that the carbonation helps in the delivery. I suppose that must apply here too because I notice a definite difference in strength and speedy delivery. I also bought some Celtic sea salt and did the process and mixed that precipitate with the dead sea to give it a greater spectrum of effects. And while I've mixed this with several tinctures, my favorite is the melissae. So what I drink the most is the melissae ens fortified with dead sea and celtic sea salt m-states which I hope will make the melissae do what it's supposed to.   Haven't had any pains in the body... the elixir mostly manifests in the head and ears and spine now, and often a rise in body temperature. I often feel like it is strengthening my energy... if any of you are familiar with martial arts, I'd say it is packing chi. I'm excited about the ears, anticipating the sound of the auric fields, what Hudson referred to as Meisner fields. This effect has also been mentioned  by the Essene and people on ***'s old site when he was experimenting with m-states. I say 'was', but he probably still is... this is the one thing he won't discuss anymore, and i don't think it's because it doesn't work, but rather that it works so well. Whenever I mix it in a carbonated alcoholic beverage is the strongest. This is a known effect caused by bubbles, e.g. champagne wine etc. IMHO the sum is the same, but the feeling stronger cuz of quicker rush, cuz the time of absorption is shorter. Some people even carbonate standard alcohol drinks or did smashed tequila. Sorry I do not know english expression for this, maybe it it not existent. I took only 1 dosage, noticing nothing. I have to wait now several days for a delivery of suitable alco. I also want to try your urine soap mix, but its not completely clear for me; would you post the whole recipe? And I am also planning to omit antimony from it; except you can persuade me by some facts that it is safe ;). I have some which I melted from Sb2S3. Haha. Well, I have no facts that it's safe. Just my opinion/experience. Personally, I feel safer about the antimony than the salt. :cool: Is that weird? I can't say for anyone else, but I've ingested just about everything I've made. That's why I make it! In small amounts, I don't think it could hurt. Historically, we have alchemists telling us to ingest small amounts of acid, alkali, and near neutral substances, as great medicines. But as I later realised, I don't really think the antimony, or the urine soap, change anything or improve anything anymore. The alcohol extraction seems  just as good to me. But here's the urine soap if you want to try it. I figured it would be similar, well - exactly the same - as Starkey's volatile alkali soap which makes the Circulatum for the plant kingdom, only this one's for the animal kingdom. Take about a 1/2 cup sodium carbonate, or make it by heating sodium bicarbonate (baking soda): wiki says: Above 70 °C, sodium bicarbonate gradually decomposes into sodium carbonate, water and carbon dioxide. The conversion is fast at 250 °C


Jul 23, 2017
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