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Bluechip Infotech Pty Ltd 7501562637 8000268771 +61-02 8745 8425 Pascal Vallet RA Officer 6870765 9015649 Mary Ann Compatibility of the CPU - transferred the call to Tech Manuel AU / Cloyd 19-Sep-14 7501562509 Cross-Ship G96729-501 CVDA339503KG120P 9/22/2014 OUTBOUND ================== SWR-7501562080 PCS Peripherals Pte Ltd Julianne Choo Notify Expeditors SG/OngLeeTing-65107908 30 MARSILING IND ESTATE RD 8 #04-07 CPN: F7051223 / PO: 279081 Singapore 739193 SINGAPORE 684
  Bluechip Infotech Pty Ltd75015626378000268771+61-02 8745 Pascal ValletRA Officer68707659015649Mary AnnCompatibility of the CPU- transferred the call to Tech ManuelAU / Cloyd 19-Sep-14 7501562509 Cross-Ship G96729-501 CVDA339503KG120P 9/22/2014 OUTBOUND==================SWR-7501562080PCS Peripherals Pte LtdJulianne ChooNotify Expeditors SG/OngLeeTing-6510790830 MARSILING IND ESTATE RD 8 #04-07CPN: F7051223 / PO: 279081Singapore739193SINGAPORE68499147349.00Master_611044304143SWR-7501564193WORLD PEACE INTERNATIONALICS PROC SH RMA (Shanghai)16 Tai Seng Street #04-00, SingaporeSingapore534138SINGAPORE884.00Master_611044304154CANCELLEDSWR-7501566077F8 warehouse-7 Techno-Mart,Guui 3(sam)-dongGwangjin-guSeoul143600REPUBLIC OF KOREA8223424827198.00  CANCELLEDSWR-7501566078F8 warehouse-7 Techno-Mart,Guui 3(sam)-dongGwangjin-guSeoul143600REPUBLIC OF KOREA82234248271280.00SWR-7501566232Manh Hung16 Nguyen Van Cong StreetWard 13Go Vap District700000VIETNAM093558046677.00Master_611044304165WEBSWR-7501566275Chuyen Mach CoThanh Hoa Nguyen436A/109 Duong 3/2Phuong 12, Quan 10Ho Chi Minh8484VIETNAM84838632730153.00Master_611044304176ChanapornSWR-7501566284Suladda KhanbanjongINGRAM MICRO(THAILAND)LTDPMax Kodang, F-1,2,3 (Warehouse), 04/13Moo 8 Sukhapiban1 Rd, Pravet10250THAILAND+66-2-54700001,013.00Master_611044304187ChanapornSWR-7501566335Suladda KhanbanjongINGRAM MICRO(THAILAND)LTDPMax Kodang, F-1,2,3 (Warehouse), 04/13Moo 8 Sukhapiban1 Rd, Pravet10250THAILAND  +66-2-5470000243.00Master_611044304198JuvySWR-7501566392Synnex (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.Attn: RMA Service Dept. 433 SukontasawatRd., Khwang Lardprao, Lardprao,Bangkok10230THAILAND662553 888857.00Master_611044304202WEBSWR-7501566394aXioo IndonesiaCandra AriRMI Blok H-7,Jl. Ngagel Jaya SelatanSurabaya60283INDONESIA6231501980356.00Master_611044304213SWR-7501566415CN CTY TNHH SAN PHAM CONG NGHE FPTTrung Tran7, Tran Quang Dieu StreetWard 14, Dist 3Ho Chi Minh.Ho Chi Minh70000VIETNAM84 903301267218.72Master_611044304224SWR-7501566433Heanam LeeWONHYORO 2GA52-3INTECH B1YONSNAGU140905REPUBLIC OF KOREA82234248271280.00Master_611044304235  DHL COURIERSWR-7501566437PLE COMPUTERS PTY LTDAndoni Tsokos46 Buckingham Drive, Wangara, WA 6065 Australia+61-08-93094771292.00WEBSWR-7501566525Michael NgTNN-Pacific (S) Pte LtdNO 1,ROCHOR CANAL ROAD SIM LIM SQUARE #06-23Singapore188504SINGAPORE6563341578185.81Master_611044304246OUTBOUND0287458425Document says six (6) but they just received five (5) SSDsasked for the WayBill Number: 1884449921- advised to wait for the last SSD unit before sending back all 6 units- cust agreed- offered additional assistance- end of call9004946Siti Mawar M-LINK SYSTEM (M) SDN BHD MotherboardNo DIsplayNo Physical DamageModel: DG41WVSerial Number: BTWV14202CGWPart Number: E90316-104ProcessedICS AWR (7501567094)
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