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WoD feedback on elemental shamans.
  Problems with shamans in the current state and on WoD beta (froma pvp arena perspective). ã Fulmination  takes a very long time to build up in pvp combat, especially in arena. The damage is deals is nowhere near being worth the ramp up time, youd e!pect # stacks to actually deal somewhat big numbers. ã While molten earth in theory is a very interesting ability andlooks ama$ing, its current state is very flawed and brings annoyance to the elemental shaman gameplay as it is very unpredictable and breaks crowd control such as blind or evenyour own he!es. (keep in mind that elemental shamans are a class built on the lava surge procs coming from the flame shocks, forcing us to have uptime on as many targets as  possible in order to ma!imi$e damage. This is making it very hard to make swaps with he!es. While other classes have dot removal glyphs for their %% with no cooldown, he! with a &#sec cd break'ng from our own mastery seems a bit silly andincomplete. ã No mana regen?  dont uite understand the reasoning  behind removing managain effects on thunderstorm and fromcasting lightning bolts. While  understand that it could be cool to see casters go out of mana like in the old days, there is a reason to that we dont want to these days, its promoting  boring gameplay forcing us to run back and drink. Please take a look at this aswell. ã  understand that there might be hate for shamans being as  strong as they were in season #, and  dont know the e!act ways you are working, but seeing damage output from elementals in arena on both beta and in the current prepatch me and most other shamans m sure can agree to that they dovery little damage, infact the only thing actually doing damage on the live servers is *olten earth, doing a solid #+of our damage.  understand that everything is scaled for level ++, but at the same time if it wasnt scaled in the way itis, we wouldnt have any damage in the first place. ã Lightning bolt is very annoying to cast, possibly cause m not used to standing still again, but also because its not worthcasting as it does close to no damage.  dont actually mind standing still casting it, aslong as its worth the time. ã The way tremor totem works now is great, ve missed this alot. -owever there is a bug with tremor totem and there has  been for a while, it does not work as a crowd control breaker on pets such as the fire elemental or spirit wolves etc, is this intended ã /ast thing is not really all about shamans but more a thing in general that has been bugged for a while. Decursing Havoc does not stop the spread damage, it does indeed remove the curse but you will still both get hit by !.To wrap this up  would like to thank for reading through this, sorry if theres any mistakes with grammar etc, made this # in the morning. 0)
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