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  OVERVIEW  SIMPLORER ®  is the premier software program for the design and analysis of complex, multi-domain systems commonly found in automotive, aerospace/defense and industrial systems. Multi-domain system design is challenging and complex. It consists of many interdisciplinary and nonlinear components from multiple domains: electrical, mechanical, thermal and control. The close interaction across domains renders single-domain system simulation tools ineffective. SIMPLORER is the only system engineering tool to offer multiple standard modeling techniques (VHDL-AMS, circuits, block diagrams, state machines, C/C++) that can be used concurrently. It also utilizes the concept of “natures,” allowing components of different engineering domains to interact.SIMPLORER is the ideal tool for system designs such as:  ã Power Systems ã Electric Motors and Drives ã Powertrains ã Hybrid-electric Propulsion ã Other Multi-domain Systems MODELING TECHNIQUES SIMPLORER v7 offers VHDL-AMS wizard technology, making it easy to leverage the IEEE multi-domain modeling standard. SIMPLORER allows components to be described as behavioral or physical models using one or any combination of SIMPLORER’s modeling techniques. This eliminates error-prone mathematical transformations and model analogies often employed by single-domain simulation tools. VHDL-AMS IEEE-endorsed modeling language (standard 1076.1) created to provide a general-purpose, easily exchangeable and open language for multi-domain analog mixed-signal designs. CIRCUITS Numerically stable and fast circuit simulator with support for multi-level semiconductor modeling that is optimized to the needs of demanding power-electronic and high-switching-frequency circuit design. BLOCK DIAGRAMS Enables the description of signal-flow-based linear, nonlinear, continuous, time-discrete and hybrid systems, making it ideal for dynamic system simulation and closed-loop-control applications. STATE MACHINES Highly efficient modeling technique for event-driven systems, such as logical control found in embedded control systems, space vector controls or PWM for power-electronic circuits. Multi-domain simulation software  SIMPLORER includes many advanced analysis capabilities such as parametric sweeps and optimization routines to provide insight into design variations and “trade-offs.”  ã Parameter Sweep/Table ã Monte Carlo ã 3D Graphic ã Genetic Algorithm ã Successive Approximation SIMPLORER Model LibrariesSIMPLORER offers optional application-specific model libraries to enhance productivity and reduce design time:  ã Alternative Power ã Automotive ã Hydraulic ã Machine MODELS   INTEGRATION FEA-Based Models For models requiring the highest level of fidelity, SIMPLORER provides a direct link to Ansoft’s industry-leading electromagnetic field simulation and design programs: Maxwell ® , RMxprt ™ , and PExprt ™ . Users can easily create equivalent circuit models from the finite-element analysis (FEA) results and import them directly to SIMPLORER. Alternatively, users can employ the Transient Simulation coupling link to couple transient FEA directly to SIMPLORER. This powerful feature provides the ultimate in accuracy and flexibility and is ideal for detailed analysis of electromechanical components operating within a system. Manufacturers’ Models SIMPLORER users can access up-to-date manufacturer-specific components online at MOSFET, IGBT, ultra capacitors and other components are available to customers as a free download. STATISTICAL ANALYSIS AND OPTIMIZATION  ã Mechanical ã Power ã SMPS ã Sensor ã SIMPLEX ã Frequency Sweep ã Worst Case ã Sensitivity Simplorer, PExprt and RMxprt are trademarks of Ansoft, LLC.All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. © 2009 Ansoft, LLC PH41-0407 MKT0000308 SIMPLORER v7 includes many new statistical design and optimization routines.SIMPLORER v7 now includes a transient simulation coupling link. Users can simultaneously solve a transient FEA project with a transient system simulation. Scripting This powerful feature opens APIs in the SIMPLORER environment, allowing SIMPLORER to be embedded into existing design flows. The scripting capability is language independent so users can work with popular scripting languages, such as Visual Basic ® , Java ®  or Tcl/Tk and interact easily with other tools supporting the Microsoft Com interface, such as MS Office and LabView ® Co-Simulation SIMPLORER allows the integration of proprietary C/C++ programs, MATLAB ®  /Simulink ® , Mathcad ®  and other specialized programs, allowing SIMPLORER to utilize customized code and existing design control. The direct integration of models in their native environment avoids model translation, saves design time and allows communication and model exchange across departments and between suppliers and OEMs.  225 West Station Square Drive ã Suite 200 ã Pittsburgh, PA 15219-1119 USA T  412-261-3200 F  412-471-9427 E W
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