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new mod Mod List (updated*: 10/04/14) Tools: To save yourself future frustrations, do NOT install Skyrim or any of these tools into C:\Program Files (x86). Windows has added protection to this folder and it will cause hang ups and other issues. Mod Organizer LOOT: Load Order OpTimisation for Skyrim TES5Edit Merge Plugins xEdit Script Wrye Bash SUM - SkyProc Unified Manager Essentials: SKSE SKSE ini predownload for lazy users (memory fix settings) SkyUI EWI's High SkyrimPrefs and ini files Sui
  new mod Mod List (updated*: 10/04/14)Tools: To save yourself future frustrations, do NOT install Skyrim o Mod Organizer LOOT: Load Order OpTimisation for SkyrimTES5EditMerge Plugins xEdit ScriptWrye BashSUM - SkyProc Unified Manager  Essentials: SKSE SKSE ini predownload for lazy users (memory fix settings) SkyUIEWI's High SkyrimPrefs and ini filesSui's High SkyrimPrefs and ini filesSkyrim Project OptimizationSkyrim Project StabilitySafety LoadStable uGridsToLoadUnofficial Skyrim PatchUnofficial Hearthfire PatchUnofficial Dawnguard PatchUnofficial Dragonborn PatchUnofficial High Resolution PatchBetter Dialogue ControlsBetter MessageBox ControlsEven Better Quest ObjectivesSkyFalls and SkyMillsOneTweakIHSS - Improved Horse Step SoundsHigh Definition BreadRespectful Lydia  Mod List: My advice for all mods: Read the description pag My current priority order in Mod Organizer  User Interface disabledMain Font ReplacementExtended UIImmersive HUD - iHUDmoreHUD Graphics Installed in skyrim folderSeasons of Skyrim ENB True HDRSui's enbseries.ini fileRelighting SkyrimReal Shelter - Full ReleaseEDWS - Enhanced Dynamic Weather SystemMore RainMore SnowRevamped Exterior FogSplash of RainLanterns of Skyrim - All In OnedisabledLore-Based Loading ScreensdisabledNo Boring Sleep-Wait MenuDark Dungeons for ENBForested SkyrimSkyrim Flora OverhaulGrass on SteroidsSkyrim Bigger Trees AOF HD Tree LODsThe Skyrim Distance Overhaul LOD ImprovementNo Dragon LODsImmersive Spells and Light - Spells emit lightSkyrim Mod Combiner   Skyrim Mod Combiner w/ Tamriel Reloaded GuideSkyrim Mod Combiner Exclusions listTamriel ReloadedTamriel Reloaded - InteriorsBirds and Flocks Hearthfire EditionaMidianBorn Book of SilenceVivid Landscapes - Dungeons and RuinsVivid Landscapes - Volcanic AreaaMidianBorn Imperial FortsdisabledVivid Landscapes - Imperial FortsVivid Landscapes - BirthsignsReal Roads for SkyrimRoad textures by Pfuscher aka Zerwas1More Snow on the RoadSubliminal TrapsSubtle Cloak Spell GraphicsNo More Glowing Edges ModGlowing Ore Veins 300Book Covers SkyrimBook Covers Skyrim - Compatibility Patch CollectionPumping Iron - Dynamic Muscle GrowthdisabledGet SnowyWet and ColdWet and Cold AshesWEBS extendedRealistic Water TwoWatercolor for ENB and Realistic Water TwoMorning FogsNatural Eyes ApachiiSkyHair RacemenuFamiliar FacesJContainers - data storage frameworkFeminine FemalesConsistent Older PeopleImmersive StablesHale - Horse Retexture  Enhanced Blood TexturesDeadly Spell ImpactsBurn Freeze Shock EffectsBetter TorchesBelt-Fastened QuiversRealistic Boat BobbingRed Mountain Erupts A Quality World Map - With RoadsEWIs Skyrim Modpack AIOEWIs CoinsEWIs HD CartsEWIs HD SoulgemsRealistic dragons 4K-8KTroll Skull 4kHDHD Cities and RoadsignsEWIs enhanced SoulcairnEWIs Dragonborn Overhaul enhanced Plants and TreebarksNo Spinning Death AnimationNo Twitching Dragon Death AnimationWarburgs 3D Paper World Map Audio Intro music replacement by MalukahFantasy Soundtrack ProjectImmersive Sounds - Compendium Additional Player Voices for SkyrimJon Irenicus Sound pack for Additional Player VoicesMinsc & Boo Sound pack for Additonal Player VoicesMinsc & Boo Sound pack lite edition - Mirror Guard Dialogue OverhaulNo NPC Greetings Game Mechanics 360 Walk and Run Plus Alternate Start - Live Another Life Amazing Follower TweaksConvenient HorsesCombat Drama OverhaulVioLens - A Killmove ModYY Anim Replacer - Mystic KnightYY Anim Replacer - Zweihander New Animation for Magic Casting
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