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Spanish Slang
  Top Ten Mexican Slang The order of this list has absolutely no meaning other than the words and phrases I think are the most interesting, amusing, common, or unique. Please disagree with me, correct my spelling, or remind me of what I’ve left out. WARNING:  if you are a FRESA  (stuckup person! you might be offended by the use of some veryvulgar language, but if you are a NACO  (lowclass, person with bad taste! you will overuse most ofthe words on this list. 10.   ou may have noticed NO HAY BRONCA  is the name of my blog. It means #no problem.$ . !A H E#O$  (vulgar! % &o you know what huevo means' It means egg, but )*+- are balls.There are many ways to use the word. hen my -panish was still at a pretty basic level I had a student who said )*+- &I/- to me % not a very nice thing to say.0/ )*+1 means #of course1$ % a very useful e2pression. /nother variation is T*34 )*+/, which means you are feeling la5y. %. CHE&A ' CAG AMA  % 6*7/ means beer, and 6/4)/8/- are the big returnable 9: ounce bottles, undoubtedly your best value on the street. (. !ORA&E$  % It can be used for encouragement, like #go for it1$ or #right on1$ r it can be use like #let’s do it1$ or #let;s go1$ 7ook out for its second cousin I<7*, which is like =wow= or #my goodness1$ ). *+ E ON,A-  % /long with >?)* P/-', >?)* T/7', and the vulgar >?)* P*&', this is yet another way to say #what’s up'$ 3&/ literally means waves or, in this case, vibes. . /E,O  (vulgar! % This word is as versatile as the tortilla, but, unlike the tortilla, very rarely appropriate. /s a noun it usually means problem, or more literally, fart.3 / P*& is a substitute for 3 / @A36/, no problem. 6)/7 *- T) PI36* P*&means #what’s your fucking problem'$/s an adBective it means drunk. *-T @I*3 P*&, * . #I’m fucking drunk.$ / drunken party Object1  or a binge is )3/ P*&/. ou can make great phrases with it too, such as the aforementioned >?)* P*&' . CHI,O  means cool. If you don’t hear this word C:: times a day, you aren’t off the tourist track yet. n a similar note, P/&A* (father! means good or cool while 8/&A* (mother! usually means bad. 3o, it doesn’t make sense. . !NO MANCHES$  % The literal meaning is ridiculous, but this is used like #no way1$ or #come on1$ 7ook out for 03 8/8*-1, the vulgar equivalent. 2. CHINGAR   (vulgar! % 8uch like *nglish’s beloved fword, 6I34/A has a wide range of uses  % from describing something positively % 6I343 % to negatively % 6I34/&/.r, if there is a lot of something, traffic for e2ample, you can say / )3 6I34 &* TA/DI6. It is also used to e2press the foulest, rudest, and most aggressive sentiments.This is a truly 8e2ican word, and to learn the srcins and deep thoughts behind it check out The  Labyrinth of Solitude  by ctavio Pa5. Dor more everyday uses, do a quick 4oogle search. 1 WEY ' G EY  % I don’t really know how to spell it. * isn’t as famous as A/7* or versatile as 6I34/A, and it may not even be as common as 6I&. ou might even spend a month here without hearing it. @ut, once in the proper circles you will hear * used as every other word, howteenage /merican girls use $like.$#0-imon wey, mira wey, chupamos veinte caguamas wey, no mames wey, estabamos bien pedos wey1$* means #dude,$ and if you haven’t heard something like the above already, I truly hope that when you do you will recall this e2ample and laugh.-I83 in this case is a slang substitute for #si,$ or yes. HONORAB&E MENTION3S4 E ou can add #on$ or #ona$ to any body part to describe someone  who has a prominent one. Dor e2ampleE3/AIF % nose G 3/AIF3 % guy with a big nose6*</- % eybrows G 6*<3 % guy with bushy eyebrowsDA*3T* % foreheard % DA*3T3/ % girl with a big forehead6)7 % ass G 6)73/ % girl with a big ass, often complimentary (vulgar!/lso, you can do this with professions. #ero$ or #era$ makes a Bob title.@A/ % work G @A*A % workerP/78IT/ % popcorn G P/78*A % popcorn seller6)7 % ass G 6)7*A % #ass seller,$ but it is really used the way we use #asshole.$The most popular post on this blog is Top Ten 8e2ican -lang. @ut for sure ten words don;t even scratch the surface of slang here in 8e2ico.I hear these words every day. )nlike the srcinal Top Ten 8e2ican -lang, in this post every word has a P4 rating. 8aybe P4CH. /inc5e /inc5e  could have been in the srcinal top ten. It translates to many words in *nglish, damn  for e2ample, but only when used to describe something.#0Pinche coche1$ % damn car#Pinche <uan$ % goddamn <uan Man6e Man6e  is the 8e2ican way to ask what   or excuse me , when you don’t understand what someone said. It can also be used like tell me . Ne7a Ne7a  can be used in several ways, but often like really? or for real?  #*stoy pedo, pero ya me tengo que ir a la chamba.$#>3eta'$ A5o8i7a A5o8a  means now . The #ita$ or #ito$ (female or male! stem is a diminutive, used to show that something is small or cute. -o literally a5o8i7a  means  little now .8e2icans might tell you that a5o8i7a  means right now , but really it means soon  or eventually . If you ask a 8e2ican to do something and they reply with a5o8i7a , then it could happen in five minutes, five hours, or never.#>Puedes ayudarme con mi tarea'$ #/horita.$#> a vmonos'$ #/horita.$ Ag9a ou probably know that ag9a  means water . @ut in slang ag9a  means be careful  or look out! I was told that it comes from when a lady would pour out a bucket of water onto the sidewalk. Is that right' Ca;8<n In places like 4uatemala or onduras, when I tell people that I live in 8e2ico, I often get #0/h, cabrJn1= in response. That;s how 8e2ican this word is, that other 7atins think of it right away whenthey think about 8e2icans.It might translate to bastard , but really it;s a word to say to a close friend. / male friend. 7ike bastard , ca;8<n  isn;t appropriate for the family dinner table.ther words for a male friend are ca8nal  or =e> . #a7o is similar, more like dude , used in northern 8e2ico and by c5icano  in the ).-. C5icano C5icano  is the word for 8e2ican/mericans. Toca>o / 7oca>o  is someone with the same name. ou can say o?o 7oca>o  or Bust call the person with the same name as you 7oca>o . Tope hen you visit 8e2ico you’ll see speedbumps everywhere. Ag9a  when you drive over them. Theyoften aren’t marked. itting them hard at night makes everyone in the backseat bounce up and slam their heads into the roof of the car.-peedbumps are called 7ope , and only in 8e2ico, I think. In other parts of 7atin /merica and someparts of 8e2ico they are called something else % tumolo, right' Ca?i<n / ca?i<n  is a bus. In other parts of 7atin /merica it’s a truck. I told people in 4uatemala that I

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