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    D RIVE S TARTUP M ANUAL   Sprecher + Schuh Hydraulic Installation | 8360 Rovana Circle, Suite 3, Sacramento, CA 95828 | 916.457.5129   2 Sprecher + Schuh Softstart EQUIPMENT/SETTINGS VERIFICATION Verify that the Job Specification parameter table on the drawings “Sheet : 1  –   Getting Started” matches the actual equipment. Below is a sample table showing the important values that will affect operation. WIRING  –    (Check off box when complete) ** Refer to the Appendix for the following connections **   Power  –    (Sheet: 3  –   Machine Room connections)      Connect main line power to terminals L1/L2/L3 on the Soft Start.    Connect the ground wire to the green terminal screw on the Soft Start mounting plate. Valves  –    (Sheet: 4  –   Drive and Motor)      Wire the valve solenoids to the Machine Room Din Rail terminals. Refer to “Sheet 4 –    Drive and Motor”   for connection information and Appendix 2 for terminal locations:    UPH (up high speed valve)    UPL (up leveling speed valve)    DNH (down high speed valve)    DNL (down leveling speed valve) Motor Amps Valve Volts Sample: Sheet: 1 - Getting Started Main Line Volts Motor HP Motor Volts Door Volts   3 Motor  –    (Sheet: 4  –   Drive and Motor)      Connect 6/12-Lead motor leads to terminals T1/T2/T3 on the soft start and T6/T4/T5 on the fault contactor.    Connect 3/9-Lead motor leads to the terminals T6/T4/T5 on the on the fault contactor. Use the following illustrations and  Appendix 2 to determine the proper way to connect your motor leads. 6-Lead Delta Wiring Configuration Dip #15 = OFF 3-Lead Line Wiring Configuration Dip #15 = ON   4 CONSTRUCTION  –    (Sheet 1: Getting Started)   The following instructions are from the job drawings: “Sheet : 1  –  Getting Started ”. Refer to the job’s specific drawings for connections.   Construction Box (Sample) 24v DC connections    Install jumpers between M24 and the IOs listed on “Sheet : 1  –  Getting Started  –   Construction”.      Install jumpers between M24 any additional IO ’s (if required):  * Pre-Transfer * Emergency Power    Install the Run Bug Up/Down Switch to IO’s 521/522      Install the Run Bug Up/Down Enable switch to M24   120v AC connections    Install jumpers from 120 to SF1 and THL/MHL/BHL terminals on the DIN rail. NOTE: If the Run Bug has a safety run switch then install it between the SF1 and the 120 terminal on the DIN rail per the drawing on “Sheet : 1  –  Getting Started  –   Construction”.   24VDC connections to SRU board IOs 120VAC connections to DIN Rail


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