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Customer Solution Guide: Storage and Server Automation Solutions DELIVERING THE GOODS Taking stock of resources, providing for provisioning, delivering high availability With every new application you implement, every transaction you enable, every device you connect, comes one inevitable consequence: the need to manage, move, and retain the data generated while protecting the application. You will need to do it quickly, consistently, and no matter what life throws your way—everything from a
  Customer Solution Guide: Storage and Server Automation Solutions DELIVERING THE GOODS Taking stock of resources, providing for provisioning, delivering high availability With every new application you implement, every transaction you enable, every device you connect,comes one inevitable consequence: the need to manage, move, and retain the data generated whileprotecting the application. You will need to do it quickly, consistently, and no matter what life throwsyour way—everything from a simple caching error to a catastrophic event—that data better berecoverable and the applications available when the enterprise needs it. To keep up with demand, you need the ability to create virtual storage environments, to control storage allocations dynamically on the fly,toprovision new infrastructure, to deploy applications to servers across multiple systems locally and remotely, and to remain flexible torapidlly respond to changes. You need VERITAS storage and server management solutions. There’s got to be a better way Tight budgets demand optimum efficiencies from every component, and in every corner, of the IT architecture. The key to driving down costswhile gaining operational efficiencies hasn’tchanged in nearly a hundred years: automation. What has changed, of course, arethe processesneeding to be automated and the tools allowing you to automate them. VERITAS storage and server management solutions help you simplifythe administration and management of heterogeneous storage and server environments by automating them while improving performance andensuring availability.Use VERITAS Storage Foundation to group physical disks into logical volumes, thus improving disk utilization and eliminating storagedowntime, either locally or remotely to a disaster recovery site. Use the VERITAS CommandCentral family of products to discover and manage physical storage devices across Storage Area Networks. This product set even allows you to demonstrate the cost—and the value—of storage by making it measurable, accountable, and tightly aligned with business objectives. Use advanced capabilities of these offeringsto migrate data across platforms or implement tiered storage models, designed to improve operator efficiency to further reduce costs. Once you areensured that your data is protected, you must also ensure your applications are available. You can easily add or repurpose serverswith VERITAS OpForce, or group all of your servers together as a single computing resource using VERITAS Cluster Server to protect againstcomponent and application downtime, whether planned or unplanned. When it comes time to build, deploy,and manage your VERITAS storageand server management solutions, VERITAS Consulting, Technical Support, and Education, working in conjunction with VERITAS partners, arethereto help you everystep along the way. Storing up savings Acomprehensive storage and server management initiative brings value to the bottom line immediately: higher levels of data and applicationavailability minimize the need for future investments while leveraging full value from existing ones; and the perpetual availability of yoursystems and data means the enterprise—and your IT infrastructure—prevail under any and every circumstance.  Customer Solution Guide: Storage and Server Automation Solutions Philadelphia Stock Exchange Philadelphia Stock Exchange Trades for VERITAS Storage ManagementSolution, Reaps Huge Cost Savings and Regulatory Compliance Seeking to lower total cost of ownership for managing its storage infrastructure while maintainingcompliance with various federal regulations, the Philadelphia Stock Exchange turned to VERITASfor a storage management solution. Supporting a heterogeneous server and storage environment, thenext-generation solution dramatically reduced costs while improving storage utilization from 50 percentto 75 percent. Organization Overview: Established in 1790, the Philadelphia Stock Exchange (PHLX)features a rich online customer Web site that provides information on the securities industryas well as on the company’s 2,000 stocks, more than 1,500 equity options, 18 sectors indexoptions, and multiple currency pairs. Challenge: Few IT departments aresqueezed as tightly between regulatoryconstraints andcost and performance pressures as those of financial institutions. In the case of PHLX, itscomplex IT environment for online and floor trading operations features servers from HP,IBM, and Sun, plus storage hardwarefrom EMC and Hitachi Data Systems. The company'sdisk storage is growing steadily and is already at 20 terabytes—as much as the entire printcollection of the U.S. Library of Congress. By law, PHLX must ensure data retrieval within 15 to 30 minutes and provide data archivingfor seven years; losing important data can be—quite literally—a federal offense. In additionto such regulatory challenges, the day-to-day management of data was also a cumbersomeand time-consuming process. For example, administrators were spending 90 percent of theirtime handling requests for archived material—time that could be better spent on initiativeswith bottom-line impact. Solution: Enter Tony Catone, the director of systems architecturefor PHLX, who turned toVERITAS for help. Leveraging a technology solution based on VERITAS Storage Foundation,Catone and his team designed and implemented a storage management solution that isimproving storage utilization while lowering costs. In particular, the utility computing aspectsof the solution allow for the dynamic management of data—including allocation or realloca-tion—across different storage systems, regardless of server and storage environments. Benefits: Since deploying the VERITAS solution, PHLX achieved a significantly lower total costof ownership while accommodating 25 percent annual growth in data volumes. Through virtu-alized storage management, which eliminates tedious and error-prone manual processes, PHLXimproved storage utilization from 50 percent to 75 percent. The next-generation storage man-agement solution is also helping the company to maintain compliance with SEC regulations. “VERITAS offers a single manage-ment interface and virtualized storage,meaning that all storage systems lookalike in the VERITAS interface, eventhough they're from different vendorsand are controlled by servers with dif-ferent operating systems.” Tony Catone Director of Systems ArchitecturePhiladelphia Stock Exchange Contact a VERITAS sales representative: 1-800-327-2232 or  El Camino Hospital “The Hospital of Silicon Valley” Saves with Optimized Server and Storage Environment Wanting to reduce costs while developing a highly available disaster recovery environment, El Camino Hospital turned to VERITAS for assistance. VERITAS Consulting worked with El CaminoHospital to consolidate its server and storage infrastructure and deploy a long-term business continuity strategy that is saving the hospital millions of dollars in lower cost annually. Organization Overview: El Camino Hospital is a full-service, award-winning medical facility servingthe California communities of Mountain View, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, andparts of Palo Alto and San Jose. Visitors to this hospital see all the high-tech devices they mightexpect from “The Hospital of Silicon Valley,” such as wireless handhelds, electronic charts andtablets, and small devices on stafflapels that enable them to speak to other staffwithin the hospital. Challenge: El Camino Hospital relies on its information systems for every aspect of operations. Highavailability is a priority because hospitals areatrue 24x7 business-critical environment; thereisnever a good time for a problem to occur or to take systems off-line for maintenance or upgrades. Inaddition, downtime directly affects the hospital’s account receivables, with downtime of a few hoursresulting in several hundred thousand dollars in lost revenue. Solution: In late 2002, the hospital began to investigate software-based approaches that coulddeliver high availability in a cost-effective manner. A longstanding customer of VERITAS backupsoftware solutions, the hospital found that VERITAS Storage Foundation would provide it with arobust, high availability solution. It also found the basis for utility computing with VERITAS, inthat it could move applications to different partitions or hosts to troubleshoot potential problems.For assistance in moving to its next-generation data center environment, El Camino Hospitalengaged VERITAS Consulting for assistance with architecture design and implementation. Whenit came time to relocate its data center during a major construction project, the hospital turnedto VERITAS Consulting again, which helped develop a business continuity strategy and datacenter migration plan. Benefits: The VERITAS solution served as the foundation in the hospital’s effort to consolidateits server and storage environments. Cost savings in servers, storage, operating systems, andnetwork equipment total approximately US$3.4 million over a 24-month period. Cost savingsfrom lost revenue avoidance and productivity gains total US$2.2 million. At the same time, therobust software infrastructure is currently supporting more than 99.999 percent availability. Customer Solution Guide: Storage and Server Automation Solutions “VERITAS is our one-stop shopfor business continuity planning. Thecompany helped us set objectives,create a plan, and then implementthe processes and technology tosupport it.” Joe Wagner Chief Technology OfficerEl Camino Hospital/ Eclipsys Outsourcing Contact a VERITAS sales representative: 1-800-327-2232 or  Dartmouth College Ivy League School Educates 37 Departments on Value of Utility Computing Looking at ways to lower cost by automating backup-and-recovery operations, DartmouthCollege turned to a utility computing solution from VERITAS. Thirty-seven different academicdepartments now oversee their own backup and recovery and receive chargebacks each monthbased on the amount of data backed up. The cost savings and improved efficiencies weremeasurable, with Dartmouth realizing return on its investment in a few months. Organization Overview: Dartmouth College, a member of the Ivy League and the nation’s ninth-oldest college, is a private, four-year, coeducational undergraduate college with graduate schools ofbusiness, engineering, and medicine and 18 graduate programs in the arts and sciences. Challenge: With 37 different academic departments overseeing their own data backup-and-recoveryfacilities, the Peter Kiewit Computer Services Center for Dartmouth College soughtastorage management solution that would allow it to lower total cost of ownership byautomating and centralizing backup and recovery. In terms of technology requirements,Dartmouth wanted to leverage its existing IT storage investment, and thus supportforheterogeneity was a pivotal factor. Solution: Already using VERITAS NetBackup and VERITAS Storage Foundation for somerudimentarybackup-and-recovery automation, Dartmouth selected VERITAS CommandCentralas the foundation for moving to a utility computing model. Using VERITAS CommandCentral inconjunction with NetBackup and Storage Foundation, Dartmouth is able to view storage resourceconsumption, service levels, costs, and more from a central console. Benefits: The storage utility computing solution supports centralized backup and recoveryfor 37 different departments, each of which are charged monthly based on the amount ofdata backed up. By eliminating hardwareand softwarecosts, in addition to improving effi-ciencies, Dartmouth was able to lower total cost of ownership (TCO), with 100 percent returnon investment acheived in a few months. The college is also accommodating rapid growthin storage volumes, with data burgeoning at a clip of 40 percent annually. Customer Solution Guide: Storage and Server Automation Solutions “Each of the departments had their own backup product for their unstructured data, and they all hadproblems when it came to restore.We went to the big departmentsfirst and said, ‘We’ll do this for you,and here’s an SLA’. With the infor-mation from CommandCentral, wetransfer funds internally” David Bucciero Director of Systems ServicesPeter Kiewit Computing Services CenterDartmouth College Contact a VERITAS sales representative: 1-800-327-2232 or
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