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  It’s California—maybe a jump to theleft of the one everybody knows. If you were driving up Highway 101 out of Los Angeles, somewhere between Oxnard and SantaBarbara, you’d see an exit labeled “Sunnydale”. Whack name, you might think, and drive on (well,maybe not “whack”—in fact, here’s hoping you did-n’t actually think “whack”). But if by some strangeimpulse, you turned and drove down into the smallcoastal town, life would never be the same.Those of us who watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer  regularly know what’s to come. On the surface, allred roofs and well-kept lawns; underneath . . . well, it’s Hell. There’s a great nexus point between this world andthe infinite dimensions beyond, where things walk that should only exist in nightmares. This town is where, morethan once, the fate of the Earth has been decided by a battle between the minions of darkness and the predestinedchampion of humanity ( friends). An interesting place to visit, but would you really want to live (or play) there? This book assumes the answer is yes. Boca Del Infierno 1 Buffy: . . . this town is a mystical whoosit? Giles: Yes. The Spanish who first settled  here called it Boca Del Infierno—roughly translated: Hellmouth. A sort of portal   from this reality to the next.—1.2 The Harvest     Just When Are We?  As many of you already know, the Buffy the Vampire Slayer  TV show left its home town in pretty sorry shape.Okay, in basically non-existent shape. When last seen, the burg had been swallowed by the desert. We providesome a few suggestions for setting a BtVS RPG  Series in Sunnydale as it currently stands (sinks?), but there’s nota huge amount of description necessary—it’s a big hole in the ground. Given that this is the Welcome to Sunnydale  sourcebook, not the Welcome to Spelunking  sourcebook, we assume your Series is set when Sunnydale did exist andcould be used as a setting. For that reason, we use the present tense to describe people, places, and things in theValley of the Sun (unless of course we are discussing some clearly historical event that’s over and done with). Don’t wig—that’s the power and fun of a roleplaying game. It can be set anywhere and anywhen you like. CHAPTER1 4 CHAPTER1 TM  Canon Alert  We take the view that the only canonical Buffyverse material is what you see on your TV. Still, the point ofthe TV show is to entertain, not provide you with a fully fleshed-out setting for your roleplaying game. So, lotsof stuff is hinted at, left incomplete, and just plain ignored on the boob tube. We’re going to cover all the stuffthat’s on the BtVS  TV show, but we have other goals in mind. We want you to have plenty of information andoptions for running your BtVSRPG  game. Be warned, you are entering a book that presents a variety of his-torical and non-canon materials, and attempts to weave it all together to form a coherent history and geogra-phy of Sunnydale. We’ll be sure and let you know when we launch off into creative-land by dropping theseCanon Alerts at various points. By the way, the myth coming up next, and all the other chapter-opening fiction,are such non-canon spasms. Still, we think you’ll enjoy them. Boca Del Infierno Boca Del Infierno 5 TM   Chumash Myt   h Long before the white man came but long after the people were no longer animals, there lived a powerful magi-cian named Skumashtsh. He was a kipo’mo, or weather prophet, who was a member of the powerful ‘antap  coun-cil. Skumashtsh had the most powerful medicine in all of Alpinche. He could make the thunder obey his com-mands and speak with great spirits, but this was not enough for him. He was willing to do anything to gain morepower, even sacrifice his own people. He decided to open the Gateway to Shimilak’sha, the Lower World.There was no one else in Alpinche who could deny the kipo’mo  . His fellow chiefs and shamans on the ‘antap   were beholden to him. Others tried to dissuade him, but were destroyed by the lightning he called from the sky.Skumashtsh made preparations for a great ritual that would bring Shimilak’sha to the Middle World.The only shaman left in Alpinche who had not been killed or corrupted by Skumashtsh was an aluctecanwa  , anold medicine woman. She knew she was too old and weak to fight the weather prophet. She fled Alpinche andcrossed the mountains into the lands to the east. That night the old woman had a dream where she was visited bySlo’w, the Eagle who supports the Upper World above the Earth on his wings. The Eagle asked the old woman why she was running, and she replied that it was because she was weak and afraid.The Eagle spread his great wings and told the aluctecanwa  that there was a girl who fought like the Hero Twins. When she died another would take her place, just as she took the place of the one who came before her. She couldstand against Skumashtsh. But she was not there.The Eagle also said that in lands far from Alpinche there were warriors who rode beasts and wore metal armor. A few of these warriors had been granted powerful medicine in the name of Sun and Moon and all the Powers ThatBe. Any one of those warriors could fight Skumashtsh. But they too were not there.Then the Eagle said that there were beasts who no longer wished to serve Shimilak’sha. They protected the peo-ple in the name of the Sun and the Moon and the Powers That Be. Though they might appear as monsters, they were brave warriors who would gladly give their own lives to stop Skumashtsh. But none of them were there.There was only the old woman to perform this great deed. There was only the old woman to protect the peo-ple. She must return and fight.Skumashtsh did manage to open the Gateway to Shimilak’sha, but only for a brief moment. As the kipo’mo mar-veled at the great medicine he had created, the old aluctecanwa  pushed the evil man into the gateway and then fellin behind him. This disrupted Skumashtsh’s ritual and the Gateway to Shimilak’sha was closed. The people weresaved by a brave old woman whose name is no longer even remembered, but her brave deed shall never be for-gotten. Such is the tale told by the Chumash of Sunnydale to remind the children that what must be done can be done,by the brave of heart.  CHAPTER1 6 What’s in a Setting Cordelia: It’s in the bad part of town. Buffy: Where’s that? Cordelia: About a half a block from the good part of town. We don’t have a whole lot of town here. —1.1 Welcome to the Hellmouth  This book is about setting your Buffy the Vampire Slayer  roleplaying game in Sunnydale. It gives you allthe information you need to place your Season in thehome ground of slayage. It isn’t the only place you canrun a game, but it’s certainly one of the best. In the Buffy TV series, Sunnydale is just as important as anyCast Member. The Cast makes things happen, true, butSunnydale determines what can happen.Stop for a moment and think through what you knowabout our favorite Central Coast town. Giles told us it was a mystical convergence, afflicted by emanationsfrom the Hellmouth. Faith said it straight and brutal;Sunnydale was built and maintained by a sorcerer as afeeding place for demons and to power his own bid totranscend humanity. What does all this mean for thehighly varied assortment of residents as they go abouttheir daily and nightly lives?For the most part residents just ignore the supernatu-ral around them—until they feel fangs sinking into theirnecks. But every single one of them is affected in some way. It may take the form of an unprecedented interestin witchcraft, a peculiar taste in pets, or an addiction thatleaves puncture marks not quite as fine as those from ahypodermic. Somehow it all hangs together. Sunnydalehas its own rules, its own ways of going about things. Where else would the Chosen One live in a nice bricktwo-story on a quiet street? Where else would “circusfolk” with “bad skin conditions” be so readily accepted while at the same time “gangs on PCP” ravage the com-munity? There’s something special about Sunnydale,some basically good, decent quality that persists despitethe vampires and demons. No matter how much Buffyand the others may yearn to leave and put all the mad-ness behind them, they know they belong here. Sunnydale can work just as well as a location for yourgame. It can accommodate pretty much whatever CastMembers you create and whatever kind of adventuring you prefer, while still imposing its essential rules. Youcan start a whole new series here. If you have alreadybeen playing the Buffy RPG  in some other setting, youcan move to Sunnydale due to a seemingly random com-bination of circumstances. There is a precedent for thatkind of thing after all. The Cast can find houses andjobs, places to hang out and others to avoid like theplague, beyond what they may already know from theseries. They can meet people, some old friends and ene-mies, others new and strange. They can come to knowand appreciate Sunnydale’s links with the past.  Although the sign at the entrance says “founded in1909,” the history of Sunny D and the Hellmouth goesback a lot further than that. There is a near continuoussuccession of otherworldly invasions, battles, and magi-cal events from prehistory to the present. Just when doyou wish the present to be? There are adventures to behad before a certain sixteen year old moved to Sunnydaleback in 1996. If you want to set your Series during thetime covered by the show, do you set it during the finalyears of the reign of Mayor Richard Wilkins III? Maybeyou set it during the time when the UC Sunnydale cam-pus played host to a certain covert government opera-tion? Perhaps the streets, parks and sewers are waiting for some new evil to take possession of them? Or atleast try and take possession, since the Cast will be thereto stop them. As Giles would doubtless point out, byvirtue of what they are, they have a duty to perform!This volume covers Sunnydale through to the end ofthe Buffy  TV series (and the end of Sunnydale itself). Within those bounds it includes material useful to bothplayers and Directors of the BtVS RPG  , as well as muchinformation of interest to anyone who wants to get toknow the place a little better. As we mentioned, we’veadded some things, like the Chumash legend that headsthis chapter. We think you’ll find our inventions helpfuland intriguing, and perhaps feel inspired to make yourown contributions to the town of Sunnydale. CHAPTER1 TM  Boca Del Infierno Boca Del Infierno 7 Chapter Summary  A comprehensive guide to Sunnydale covers a lot ofground. To ease your journey, this book is divided intothe following topics.Ch   apter One: Boc   a Del Infiernoruns through the pre-liminaries (the stuff you are reading now), and then pres-ents local history like you won’t get at Sunnydale High,everything from the pre-Columbian roots of the area tothe town’s destruction. From the epochs of the Chumashnation to the Spanish invasion, the srcinal settlement ofthe area, the gold rush years, and the founding of the cityas it was in modern times, it’s in here. Powerful crea-tures of evil fought and reigned over the Hellmouth long before the Mayor. He just had a better civic plan.Ch   apter Two: If It’s Tuesday, This Must Be Sunnydaleis the grand day tour of all the town’s best features.There has to be more to the town than vampires and aHellmouth or else people would stop moving here. Mapsof important locations, such as Sunnydale High Schooland the Bronze, are included.Ch   apter Three: Solid Citizens covers the people thatyou’ll meet—that’s right, the people. No demons orInitiative agents here! There have been a few recurring characters who have managed to live through more thanone episode, and they are here for your use and abuse.There are also some poor souls that snuffed it before theend of Act Two, but they could be useful allies in yourown series if you get to them a little earlier than Buffydid. From Jonathan Levinson to Rory Harris,Sunnydale’s most notable citizens are available asSupporting Cast.Ch   apter Four: Nig    htlifeis an after-dark tour, and we’renot talking about the view of the lights from MakeoutPark. The Hellmouth itself and all the most popularcrypts and lairs are described. Also discussed is how thedark side of the town functions, in some cases activelysupporting the society on which it preys.Ch   apter Five: Episodes and Drama gets into some seri-ous stuff—how to develop your own episodes centered inSunnydale, involving its history and its people. It showshow to incorporate ideas and Big Bads from the seriesinto your game, plus helps keep your own creations inthe spirit of the show. There is also a set of new tem-plates for useful Supporting Cast additions such as doc-tors, journalists, and the ever-popular archeologist.Ch   apter Six: The Road to Hell gets to the adventure.Don’t fret, we don’t leave you all adrift in your newSeason with no guidance. This adventure is the kind thatjust seems to happen on a bright, sunny morning inSunnydale. Burglaries at the Museum and UC Sunnydaleset the Cast on an artifact hunt where nothing is quite asit seems.The Appendixkeeps everything in perspective by pre-senting a summary timeline for the town of Sunnydale. So much for the meet and greet. Welcome toSunnydale. We hope you enjoy your stay, and that it lastsa long, long time. ConventionsHistory Never Repeats The land now comprising the state of California has afascinating history in its own right, aside of Hellmouthsand demonic incursions. In constructing a history a la BtVS  , we have included actual historical incidents when-ever possible, to provide a framework for those pastevents that have been mentioned on the show. Each ofthe sections here is described like it might be in somepotted history for Watchers new to the area. Variationsand suggestions (and some of our own cogitating) arenoted in Canon Alert sidebars. TM   Other words are set off from the standard text likethis. These boxes contain additional but tangentialinformation, or supplemental charts and tables. Other words, mostly stats, are set apart in thisway. These boxes detail Guest Stars or Adversariesthat may be used in Episodes, if you want. T hese fiction sections or cut scenes give you a better appreciation for the types of tales that can be told during BtVS RPG  sessions. They cover settings and situations dif-ferent from those you may be familiar with fromthe TV series. None of this stuff should be con-strued as adding to the Buffyverse in an officialway. We are just making these stories up. Youdon’t need to read them to understand this book or the Buffyverse mythos, but you should findthem an enjoyable “slice of life.”
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