Surahs & Their Benefits

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    Sura No   Name of Sura   Physical benefits   Spiritual benefits (thawab)   Other Benefits  1 Suratul Fatiha Cure for every disease 70x to cure pain anywhere 2/3 of the Qur'an 2 Suratul Baqara Aya 72-73 for chest pains Aya 107 3x for shoulders Ayatul Kursi for eyes Aya 165 on sweet and feed displeased person Shaytan will keep away Will not forget Allah Shade on Qiyama if recited with Suratu Aali Imran Life, property and family protected if recite first 4 ayaat+ayatul kursi+last 3 ayaat Shade on Qiyama if recited with Aali Imran 3 Suratu Aali Imran Fertility treatment for women Ayaat 8 & 9 for migraines Aya 145 for backache If recited on Friday, rahma of Allah and angels ask forgiveness for reciter Increase in sustenance if worn 4 Suratun Nisa 7x for love between two people Safety from squeezing in the grave 5 Suratul Maida Aya 54 on sweet for love Forgiveness 6 Suratul Anaam If written (saffron) and drunk, free from all ailments 7 Suratul A'raaf If worn, then safety from enemies and wild animals Once a month recitation - no fear on Qiyama Veil between shaytan and reciter 8 Suratul Anfaal Aya 8 for stomach Intercession on Fulfillment of hajat   ailments Qiyama 9 Suratut Tawba (Baraa'a) Protection from hypocrisy Safety from thieves and fire and plan by enemy if worn 10 Suratu Yunus Closeness to Allah Identifying theives 11 Suratu Hud Aya 44 for nosebleeds Forgiveness and easy accounting of deeds Courage and boldness if kept 12 Suratu Yusuf Protection from fear on Qiyama Raised on Qiyama with husn of Yusuf (A.S.) Removal of jealousy Easy sakaraat at death 13 Suratur Ra'd Easy accounting Intercession on behalf of friends Destroys tyranny of ruler if written and hung outside tyrants door 14 SuratuIbrahim Keeps child safe from ailments if worn. Assists digestion in children If recited in two raka salaa with Suratul Hijr in one rakaa, will keep away poverty, insanity and sudden calamity 15 Suratul Hijr Increase in breast milk if worn by new mother Profitability in business if worn Safety of valuables if kept with them. 16 Suratun Nahl Safety from 70 types of diseases if read once a month No questioning about ne'ma Reciter amongst Ahlul Janna 17 Suratu Bani Israil (Israa) Written with saffron and water given to child having speech Reciter will not die without meeting Imam (A.S.)  problems Last 2 ayaat protection against theft. 18 Suratul Kahf Noor created with angels praying for forgiveness if read before sleep Protection from fitna for 8 days Lasy aya - alarm clock 19 Suratu Maryam Safe pregnancy Protection from thieves 20 Suratu Taha Forgiveness Friendship of Allah Marriage arranged 21 Suratul Ambiya Aya 69 for fever Easy accounting on Qiyama Removal of stress and worry 22 Suratul Hajj Once every three days - visit Ka'ba within the year 23 Suratul Mu'minun Easy death for reciter Company of Prophets If worn will wean person of drink, drugs 24 Suratun Nur Prevention of wet dreams Aya 35 for eyes (as eyedrops) Forgiveness Beneficial for women 25 Suratul Furqan No questioning No punishment if read every night Safety of posessions 26 Suratush Shuara Water on which recited is shafaa for illnesses Equivalent to reciting all revealed books Protection from thieves, drowning and fire.  27 Suratun Naml Aya 88 with Fatiha, Ikhlas, & Qadr for toothache Safety from dangerous creatures 28 Suratul Qasas Water - remedy for illnesses and worries 29 Suratul 'Ankabut If recited with Suratur Room on 23 rd Ramadaan - definite entry into Janna Water - joy and happiness 30 Suratu Rum 31 Suratu Luqman Water - cure for illnesses and pain Protection from Shaytan 32 Suratus Sajda Cure for aches and pains Equivalent to all night ibada on Laylatul Qadr if recited with Suratul Mulk 33 Suratul Ahzaab Safety from fear in grave If kept on person, honour from people 34 Suratus Saba Recited with Suratul Fatir - protection of Allah all night Water- Removal of fear in heart Safety from enemies 35 Suratul Fatir Aya 41 - cure for headaches Aya 42 for migraines Doors of Janna opened for reciter
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