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    Terry Jennings - List of publications Terry Jennings - List of publications PERGAMON/WHEATON Mysteries of Animal Behaviour (1967) Wild Life in the Garden (1969) Collecting from Nature (1971)  Animals in the Home and Classroom (1971)  A Background to Biochemistry (1971) Science and Farming (1974) Studying Birds in the Garden (1975) FABER AND FABER The World of a Hedge (1978) Your Book of Prehistoric Animals (1980) KAYE AND WARD Conservation Today (1978)  YOUNG LIBRARY The Wildlife in Your Home (1984) 100 Things We Do Not Know (1984) A &C BLACK Mammals in Britain and Ireland (1977) Threads series : Wood (1989); Beans (1990); Rocks (1990) People or Wildlife? (1992) Water for Life (1992) BLACKWELL EDUCATION Oranges and Lemons series  (story books): Naseem’s Cat: Kirsty’s Budgie; Mark’s Goldfish; Ranjit’s Hamster; David’s Puppy; Sarah’s Rabbit (1988)   LADYBIRD BOOKS Ladybird Learners:  The Earth (1991) KINGFISHER BOOKS How Building Machines Work (1992) How Flying Machines Work (1992) HODDER AND STOUGHTON Weather Watch (1990) Start Exploring Wildlife (1992)  Activators: Birdwatching (1998) WORLD WIDE FUND FOR NATURE  Antarctica (1993) SIMON AND SCHUSTER How Do We Know Energy Exists? (1993) PITMAN EDUCATION Environmental Education: A First Course (1980) (O-level text)    Terry Jennings - List of publications ANGLIA TELEVISION Birds of Britain and Ireland (1988) Seafish of Britain and Ireland (1988) Mammals of Britain and Ireland (1988) Freshwater Fish of Britain and Ireland (1989) Mammals of the World (1989)  Antarctica (1989) Prehistoric Animals (1989) Minibeasts of Britain and Ireland (1989) The North Sea (1992) TEMPLAR/SMITHMARK Project Science series:  Sound and Light; Living Things; Electricity and Magnetism; Energy and Forces (1992) MACDONALD EDUCATIONAL Just Look At...Lakes and River Peoples (1987) FRANKLIN WATTS/GLOUCESTER PRESS  Animal Behaviour: Territories (1991) CHARLES LETTS Wildlife Through the Seasons (1991) GINN AND COMPANY Challenge Science: Plants and Animals (1995) SCHOLASTIC PUBLICATIONS Primary Science series: Weather; Sound and Light; Electricity and Magnetism; Sound; The Earth in Space; Ourselves; Seeds and Seedlings; Forces and Movement; The Earth and Beyond; Rocks and Soil; Energy (1993-1996) Primary Teacher Yearbooks : Teaching Reception and Years 1 to 6 (7 titles) (1999) MACDONALD YOUNG BOOKS 101 Optical Illusions (1996) BELITHA PRESS/RAINTREE STECK-VAUGHN (USA) Making Science Work series:  Floating and Sailing; Flying and Gliding; Finding Out About Light; Electricity and Magnetism; Forces and Machines; Finding Out about Energy; Communication; Weighing and Measuring (1995-96) Restless Earth series : Volcanoes and Earthquakes; Mountains; Rivers; Coasts and Islands (1997) Natural Disasters series : Drought; Floods and Tidal Waves; Hurricanes and Tornadoes; Landslides and  Avalanches (1999)    Terry Jennings - List of publications MACMILLAN EDUCATION  (International Division) Living Earth series: The Brownes Go On Holiday; Leela and the Frogs (1996) - fiction books, each with a factfile. BBC EDUCATION Find Out About series:  Electricity; Weather; Rocks; Pushes and Pulls (1995-1996) Weather Resource Pack (1997) Our Environment Resource Pack (1997) CHANNEL 4 LEARNING Our World series:  Living in the Tropical Rainforest; Living in the Desert; Living in the Polar Regions; Living by Lakes and Rivers (four information books for children, plus four Activity Books) (1998) OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS The Young Scientist Investigates series:  Course Book 1; Course Book 2; Project Books: Birds; Flowers; Sea and Seashore; Seeds and Seedlings; Small Garden Animals; Trees; Energy; Sound; Food; Structures; Everyday Chemicals; Materials; Water; Air; Rocks and Soil; Electricity and Magnetism; Light and Colour; Heat; Human Body; Pond Life; Teacher’s Book of Practical Work; Teacher’s Manual (1982 -86) Into Science series : Time; Bouncing Balls; Weather; Earthworms; Seeds; Floating and Sinking; Hot and Cold; Colour; Spiders; Slugs and Snails; Sliding and Rolling; Balancing; Insects; Light and Dark; Sound; Electricity; Magnets; Trees; Into Science Teacher’s Guide (1988 -1992) The Young Geographer Investigates series : Deserts; Mountains; Rivers; Tropical Forests; Temperate Forests; Polar Regions; Grasslands; Oceans and Seas; Islands; Volcanoes and Earthquakes; The Earth; Our Universe (1986-1988) Oxford Primary Science series : KS1:  Magnets and Electricity; Tiny Animals; Plants; Wildlife in Danger; Sound KS2:  Discovering Plants; Understanding Animals; Electricity and Magnetism; Solids, Liquids and Gases Primary Science in the National Curriculum (1993-94) Oxford Reading Tree:  Exploring Where You Live; Amazing Environments; Stop Wasting the World; Protecting Our Wildlife; Playground Detectives; Pollution (1995) Oxford Children’s A to Z of Science (1996)   Oxford Literacy Web: Make Your Own Weather Station (1999) Science Success : Starter Book, Books 1-4, Copymasters Book (2000) Geography Success Starter Book, Books 1-4, Starter Copymasters Book, Copymasters Books 1-4 (2002)    Terry Jennings - List of publications Top Marks Science Books 1 and 2 (in conjunction with Marks and Spencer) (2003) Oxford International Primary Geography Course Six students’ textbooks, six workbooks, one Teacher’s Guide (2014)   EVANS BROTHERS LTD Coasts of the British Isles (2000) Weather and Climate series : Atmosphere and Weather, Weather Patterns, Changing Climates, Extreme Weather (2005) TICKTOCK PUBLICATIONS Science Explained: Ecology (2001) HARPERCOLLINS Collins Soundbites: Oil Spill   (2002)   CHRYSALIS BOOKS Material Matters series : Wood, Plastics, Clay, Glass, Metals (2003) Very First Library series : Weather: Wind, rain, Snow, Sunshine, Clouds (2004) QED PUBLISHING Start Talking  : Camouflage (2004) Start Thinking  : Minibeasts (2005) Start Listening  : Birds (2005) Wildlife Watchers series: Bugs; Small Mammals; Birds; Flowers (2009) My Day at the Zoo:  Mammal Kingdom (2010) My Day at the Zoo : Bird Paradise (2010) My Day at the Zoo : Reptile Park (2010) My Day at the Zoo : Amazing Aquarium (2010) HOPSCOTCH EDUCATIONAL PUBLISHING Curriculum in Focus : Ourselves (2004) BADGER PUBLISHING LTD KS2 Science Revision Guide (2005) OXFORD UNIVERSITY PRESS PAKISTAN Simply Science series  (primary science course): Six Students’ Books - Introductory to Book 5 (2007) Teacher’s Guides –  1 to 5 (2007) Oxford Secondary Science series  (years 6, 7 and 8): Three Students’ Books - books 1, 2 and 3 (2011) Three Teacher’s Guides –  books 1, 2 and 3 (2011) Three Workbooks  –  books 1, 2 and 3 (2012)
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