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  Arrays  2 Introduction to Arrays   ã  An array is a list of elements of the same type stored contiguously. ã  Any array has a name (that is a constant pointer to the first element) ã The type of the elements is the type of the array ã Types:  – One-dimensional (vectors in C)  – Multi-dimensional  3 One-dimensional arrays (vectors - C)   ã Declaration: type array_name[dim];  – type is a data type (predefined or user defined)  – array_name is an identifier  – [ ]   is a delimitation  – dim is a positive integer constant expression  that specifies the number of elements  4 ã To access an element we use the index operator [ ],  specifying the array_name  and the position in the array by an index  : array_name [index] ã index   is a positive integer expression ã First element has the index 0 and the last element, index (dim-1)
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