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  the magazine for every member of your LEGO family     b  r   i  c   k  c  o   l   l  e  c   t  o  r  s VOLUME 1 ISSUE 3AUGUST/SEPTEMBER 2013    t   h  e  m  a  g  a  z   i  n  e in this issue: the list: LEGO Friends   9 LEGO Movie Maker App   15 it’s not easy being green 17 word search   21 $7.00 Book Review: BRICK CITY Model of the Month:LANTERN Building Challenge #3: Microscale Models Little Builders Counting Activities  Brick Search Have you ever lost a LEGO brick? Have you gotten on your hands and knees, searched under coffee tables or crawled along carpet to find that one missing piece? We’ve lost a LEGO piece somewhere in this magazine. It looks just like this: Find it and let us know! Email us at with the page number and location! Include your first name and where you’re from and if yours is the first correct entry we receive, we’ll mention you in the next issue. A hearty congratulations goes out to our June/July winner, Michael B. from St. Charles, Illinois , who was the first to correctly spot the missing brick to the right of the blue brick on the bottom of page 17. His entry was closely followed by one from Francesca P. from Rockingham, so we’re giving her an honorary mention. Nice work! From the Editor’s Desk Hello, LEGO fans! In our third issue we are continuing to move this experiment called The Brick Collectors Magazine forward.  You’ll notice that each magazine presents a slightly different assortment of features, which reflects in part what we’ve been building lately, and in part what is new and interesting on the LEGO scene.We are pleased to present some reader contributions in this issue. You’ll find models submitted by readers in the Bits & Pieces feature, as well as on the back Gallery page. Thanks to Brian, Peter, and Simon for sharing their work with us. If you would be interested in seeing some of YOUR work featured in a future issue, all you have to do is visit our website and click on the Submissions tab. It’s very simple, and you can experience the fun of seeing your work in print! We encourage builders of all ages to share with us. Also, did you know you can purchase print copies of The Brick Collectors Magazine? All issues are available to buy from Each issue is printed on demand in full-color for your viewing pleasure. Thank you to those of you who have already taken advantage of the option to own your own copy of TBCM.Enjoy the rest of your summer! - JoelleLEGO® is a registered trademark of the LEGO Group, which does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse this publication. 1 the brick collectors August/September 2013 Volume 1, Issue 3 Editor in Chief   Joelle Hiller Contributor  Larry Hiller  About the Cover Comments or Suggestions? We would love to hear from you! Email us at Visit Our Website http://thebrickcollectors.comI made a fish tank. I’m not sure why.   T  B  C  M  table of Family FocusLEGO SetsLEGO MediaFor Fun  contents   3 - 4 Building Challenge 8 $20 or Less 4 Now at 1 Brick Search   Here’s what you will read about in this issue! 5 - 7 Model of the Month 9 The List 10 Brick Books 21 Word Puzzle   11 - 12 Little Builders 13 - 14 Set Spotlight 15 - 16 Brickfilms 22 Brick Detective   19 - 20 Get Organized 2 Studios Quality LEGO moviesfilmed in our basement  minitrue11’s YouTube Channel featuring the movies of  visit My channel features an ongoing   family friendly LEGO super hero saga entitled “Our LEGO Batman Adventure” and other shorts featuring familiar characters. Third-Place Winner in the LEGO® Super Heroes Challenge First-Place Winner in the Toys N Bricks LEGO® Movie Maker App Contest  Building Challenge a fun way to involve the whole family in LEGO building Building Challenge Variations Choose a theme Pick a general theme, like space vehicles, or nature scenes, and build anything that fits that theme. Same pieces, different models This variation takes some preparation. Fill plastic bags with sets of identical parts - between 20 and 40 pieces works well. Give each person a set of identical parts and challenge each other to build a model using all parts. Reveal your models to each other once everyone has finished. Choose a brick Select a particular piece and challenge each other to create models that feature this piece as a prominent part. Choose a style Test your skills by trying out different building styles. Make a mosaic or a sculpture, or try making something using only basic bricks. 3 Building Challenge #3 Choose a style: Microscale Models LEGO designs in microscale have been increasing in popularity. Microscale models are smaller than standard minifig size. The LEGO Games include many microscale minifigures. A great example of microscale building is the VIP Exclusive Mini-Modulars Set (10320).Part of the challenge of building models at this scale is in finding just the right pieces for the job. You’ll find yourself paying attention to features of the bricks - like the square opening on the ‘back’ side of a headlight brick - that you never really paid attention to before. It will give you a whole new appreciation for some of the most familiar LEGO pieces. Our Results For this challenge, we all worked at our own pace and completed the models at different times. My son made an awesome Dropship. This model uses very few pieces but features a nice level of detail.
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