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1. 5 minutes for<br />TEA?<br />[A daily ritual…]<br />An investment in your professional life<br />Luís Cochofel <br />Dezembro de…
  • 1. 5 minutes for<br />TEA?<br />[A daily ritual…]<br />An investment in your professional life<br />Luís Cochofel <br />Dezembro de 2009<br />
  • 2. introducing<br />The concept<br />To prepare TEA we need…<br />
  • 3. …to Choose the kind of herbs we’ll take…<br />
  • 4. … To boil water, in a clean kettle…<br />
  • 5. “To set the table”…<br />
  • 6. Choosing the herbs is...<br />...easy?!<br />
  • 7. after all… there are only around<br />1.000.000different kinds of it!!!<br />
  • 8. But we always know the ONE <br />we need for today’s TEA time…<br />
  • 9. In our pantry we can find <br />our own selection…<br />
  • 10. choose the kettle and check if it is clean ...<br />
  • 11. We lit the stove (or chosean electric kettle),and pour the water in...<br />[<br />]<br />We will take it off when the water is boiling (the water makes bubbles!) , and turn off the stove or kettle!<br />
  • 12. Setting the table?!<br />
  • 13. It’s also easy!!!<br />
  • 14. We will have a towel, a teapot, a cup ...<br />
  • 15. What we want to sweeten the infusion: white sugar, brown sugar, honey ...<br />
  • 16. What we want to add while enjoying our drink: biscuits, a cake, cookies, biscuits, bread ...<br />
  • 17. Have you noticed the number of small steps that we had to take, till<br /><ul><li>-Finally! --</li></ul>we could delight ourselves with the drink we’ve prepared for a moment of deserved relaxation?<br />
  • 18. Yes! There were nine steps, and only eight of them were required (the last one talked about supplements that some often don’t take), but:In almost every step there were many small movements required, to ensure that the enjoyment would have a great level!<br />
  • 19. Let’s take one of the exemples:<br />Isn’t it true that…<br />
  • 20. We had to seek the kettle ... Check the covers were corresponding ... Check whether it was clean ...<br />
  • 21. Pour the water into it;Shake it to ensure that no pole will ruin our tea; <br />... Clean the kettle<br />
  • 22. And…isn’t it true that the same happens in <br />every single activity <br />in our lives?<br />
  • 23. As well as what happens with the herbs for tea, we also live in a competition…<br />Do you know what YOU need in order to BE considered the best possible choice around?<br />
  • 24. YES! It’s…<br />TEA!<br />
  • 25. Just like that!<br />We’ll Explain:<br />
  • 26. Theorectical<br /> Knowledge<br />We need to KNOW:<br />what weWANTto do;<br />which are the best practices already tested;<br />which ends they are set to meet.<br />
  • 27. Efficiency<br />We need to develop our ability to use the techniques over which our studies have been focussing, and to adapt our skills on how to handle the tools we’re using.<br />
  • 28. Attitude<br />No matter how hard we’ve studied… No matter how great are our skills to use the techniques for our activity… <br />If we don’t work upon our ATTITUDE into being engaged and proactive…<br />
  • 29. Our TEA!<br />Is going to show it to everyone else…<br />
  • 30. How?!<br />They will evaluate our TEA!level<br />So:3,2,1... <br />Let’s go do it!<br />before anybody else does…!<br />
  • 31. Theorectical<br /> Knowledge<br />Have you been studying ways to improve your KNOWLEDGE in what concerns your area of activity?<br />
  • 32. Theorectical<br /> Knowledge<br />Are you keeping an open line with professionals from different companies who have the same role you’re performing?<br />
  • 33. Theorectical<br /> Knowledge<br />Do you keep on reading articles, or have you signed in to receive news’ magazines dedicated to your technical area?<br />
  • 34. Theorectical<br /> Knowledge<br />Do you participate in discussion forums somehow related with your activity?<br />
  • 35. Theorectical<br /> Knowledge<br />Do you keep an eye on the way you’re moving onwards?<br />
  • 36. Efficiency<br />Do you <br />try-and-test<br />new solutions and <br />verify<br />whether the results improve?<br />
  • 37. Efficiency<br />Do you keep on training as to ensure you are as good as possible at this precise moment?<br />
  • 38. Efficiency<br />Do you verify, by experimentation, the suggestions upon your activity tasks, that you’ve heard or read about?<br />
  • 39. Attitude<br />Are you FOCUSSED?<br />
  • 40. Attitude<br />Do you feel that your WILL-TO-IMPROVEeveryday, is always there, awaken, within you?<br />
  • 41. Attitude<br />Are you willing to help your Team members and Colleagues to improve their ability to perform?<br />
  • 42. Attitude<br />Are you ALWAYS READY to give an extra effort to help others?<br />
  • 43. Theorectical<br /> Knowledge<br />When we choose the kind of tea we’ll prepare, we already know what has caused its need, and what’s the expected result..<br />
  • 44. Theorectical<br /> Knowledge<br />We need to be clear upon all aspects of our professional activity: <br />‘what has triggered the will to use the services I’m offering?’; <br />‘what results will my Client get from my performance?’<br />
  • 45. Efficiency<br />While preparing tea, we need to care for several aspects, so that we don’t burn our fingers, everything is clean, and that what we get as a result is A GREAT PRODUCT!<br />
  • 46. Efficiency<br />The same happens in our professional life: <br />We’ll have to feel comfortable doing what we do, taking care of every detail…<br />…and always looking for improvements to be made!<br />(In a competitive world we are often compared to others…)<br />
  • 47. Attitude<br />Do you remember reading that you could skip the ninth step, while preparing tea? You can; but remember: your TEA! needs to be admired and wanted…<br />
  • 48. As a conclusion…<br />I believe this presentation has made you want to evaluate your ownTEA!level.<br />I also believe that, by doing it, you’ll find factors you want to improve, or that you will think about your team members and realize that there are, in fact, some factors to improve!<br />
  • 49. I’m sure that, with the right Attitude, any person can develop his Theorectical Knowledge and the Efficiencyneeded for any activity (professional, social, an hobby…)<br />All one needs is to review it from time to time.<br />Take your TEA!whenever you want it, and let your friends and acquaintances know about it.<br />(It may hurt a little – when it’s ‘too hot’ – but it’s free!)<br />Help yourself!<br />
  • 50.<br />
  • 51. Before I go:<br />“To know but not have done, <br /> is not yet to Know”<br />Prepare yourTEA!everyday!<br />You’ll find that its fruition will be even more pleasant as days go by!<br />And everyone around you will notice its ‘smell’; your Clients included!<br />
  • 52. Luís<br />Travessa Monte Crasto, 10 - 8º4420-211 GONDOMARt. +351 915 526 092f. +351 224 645 514<br />
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