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Linux Ted Installation
  Ted, an easy rich text processor 122245667788991010111315161819192020 1) Introduction Ted  is a word processor running on the Unix/Linux desktop. Ted  was developed as a standard easy wordprocessor, having the role of Wordpad  on MS-Windows. Since then, Ted  has evolved to a real word processorthat still has the same easy appearance as the original. The possibility to type a letter, a note or a report on aUnix/Linux machine is clearly missing. Only too often, you have to turn to MS-Windows machine to write a letteror a document. Ted  was made to make it possible to edit rich text documents on Unix/Linux in a wysiwyg  way.RTF files from Ted are fully compatible with MS-Word. Additionally, Ted  also is an RTF to PostScript and an RTFto Acrobat PDF converter. Ted  is a simple standalone program to edit RTF files and to convert them to PostScriptand to PDF. It is not part of an office suite that can do about anything. Ted  focuses on doing the two things that itwas made for well. It leaves the rest to the heavyweight multipurpose software suites.Compatibility with popular MS-Windows applications played an important role in the design of Ted . Every1  document produced by Ted  fully compatible with MS-Word without any loss of formatting or information.Compatibility in the other direction is more difficult to achieve. Ted  supports many of the formatting features ofthe Microsoft applications. Other formatting instructions and meta information are ignored. 1  By ignoringunsupported formatting Ted  tries to get the complete text of a document on screen or to the printer. Ted  can beused to read formatted e-mail sent from a Windows machine to Unix, to print an RTF document, or to convert itto Acrobat PDF format. Below we explain how to configure Ted  as an application to open RTF documents andhow to convert an RTF document to PDF with Ted  and GhostScript .I hope that you will find Ted  useful. Please report the bugs you find, such that I can fix them.This is the documentation for Ted  2.23 released on Feb 3, 2013. Release Notes with a change log are in aseparate document.The picture of a writing schoolboy on the application window is the lower right corner of a woodcut by AlbrechtDürer dated 1510. It represents a schoolmaster teaching a class of children. Its motto is: Wer recht bescheydenwol werden, Der pit got trum bye auff erden. 2)  Ted  for Linux: copyright and disclaimer Ted  is free software. By making Ted  freely available, I want to contribute to the propagation of Linux as a viableplatform for technical computer enthusiasts. As Ted  is free software, I assume no responsibility for theconsequences of using it. It is up to you to decide whether Ted  suits your purpose or not. Ted  is distributed with absolutely no warranty under the terms of the GNU Public License. 3) How to invoke Ted To start Ted as an interactive program, just invoke Ted & . To start Ted  with a certain file invoke Ted some.rtf& . Several special purpose calls of Ted  are documented below. Note that from Ted  2.22, Ted  keeps a trace ofyour editing activity. The name of the trace file is the name of the document that you are editing with .Ted appended. If the current directory is not writable, Ted  uses a trace file in /tmp . For fresh documents, Ted  uses atrace file with a unique name ending in .Ted . After abnormal termination of an edit session, the trace file may beleft over. Open it with Ted  to try to recover your work, or delete it to unlock the document. Ted s recovery does notinclude the very last edit action. Use the Repeat menu option to perform the last action of a recovered session. 4) How to install Ted The installation of Ted  depends on the platform and on the kind of distribution. Binary distributions for Intel ix86Linux are available from the download site The distribution comes in the form of compressed tar archives and as Red Hat package manager (RPM) packages and Debian installer packages(DEB). Binary distributions for other platforms might be available. For more or more recent information refer tothe Ted  web site All binary installer .tar.gz packages are packaged relative to /. To install Ted  or one of the localization packages from an RPM package, log in as root, (Or any system user withsufficient permissions to install packages.) and give the command rpm -i <package-details>.rpm  . Toupgrade from a previous version of Ted  give the command rpm -U <package-details>.rpm . Thecorresponding command on Debian based Linux versions like Ubuntu is dpkg -i <package-details>.deb .  Ittakes care of installing as well as of upgrading. I used Ubuntu 12.04.1 to build the *.deb  and *.tar.gz  files andfedora 17 to build the *.rpm  files. A Solaris build can be installed with pkgadd -d <package-details>.pkg .To compile Ted  from source. Refer to the compilation instructions at the end of this document. 1 Some of the ignored information is not saved either when you modify and then save an RTF document with Ted .2  Overview of the different packages:PackagePackage filesBasic binary package for Intel Linux. (Includes American spelling)ted-2.23-i386.debted-2.23-amd64.debted-2.23-linux-i386.tar.gzted-2.23-linux-amd64.tar.gzted-2.23-1.i386.rpmted-2.23-1.x86_64.rpm 2 Sourceted-2.23-1.src.rpmted-2.23.src.tar.gzOriginal Documentation and Release NotesTedDocument-en_US.rtfTedDocument-en_US.htmlTedDocument-en_US.pdfannounce.htmlrtf to pdf scriptrtf to PostScript scriptrtf to HTML scriptrtf to EPUB ebook scriptrtf to plain text spelling and messagested_nl_NL-2.23.all.debted_NL_nl.tar.gzted_nl_NL-2.23-1.noarch.rpmBritish spellingted_en_GB-2.23.all.debted_en_GB.tar.gzted_en_GB-2.23-1.noarch.rpmGerman spelling and messages.ted_de_DE-2.23.all.debted_de_DE.tar.gzted_de_DE-2.23-1.noarch.rpmSpanish spelling and messagested_es_ES-2.23.all.debted_es_ES.tar.gzted_es_ES-2.23-1.noarch.rpmArgentinian Spanish spelling and messagested_es_AR-2.23.all.debted_es_AR.tar.gzted_es_AR-2.23-1.noarch.rpmPortuguese spellingted_pt_PT-2.23.all.debted_pt_PT.tar.gzted_pt_PT-2.23-1.noarch.rpmBrazilian Portuguese messagested_pt_BR-2.23.all.debted_pt_BR.tar.gzted_pt_BR-2.23-1.noarch.rpmFrench spelling and messages.ted_fr_FR-2.23.all.debted_fr_FR.tar.gzted_fr_FR-2.23-1.noarch.rpm 2 Please read the compilation instructions at the end of this document before you start compiling Ted . They are short and easy.3  Italian spelling and messagested_it_IT-2.23.all.debted_it_IT.tar.gzted_it_IT-2.23-1.noarch.rpmCzech spelling and messagested_cs_CZ-2.23.all.debted_cs_CZ.tar.gzted_cs_CZ-2.23-1.noarch.rpmDanish spelling and messagested_da_DK-2.23.all.debted_da_DK.tar.gzted_da_DK-2.23-1.noarch.rpmSwedish spellingted_sv_SE-2.23.all.debted_sv_SE.tar.gzted_sv_SE-2.23-1.noarch.rpmNorwegian spelling and messagested_nb_NO-2.23.all.debted_nb_NO.tar.gzted_nb_NO-2.23-1.noarch.rpmPolish spelling and messagested_pl_PL-2.23.all.debted_pl_PL.tar.gzted_pl_PL-2.23-1.noarch.rpmSlovak spelling and messagested_sk_SK-2.23.all.debted_sk_SK.tar.gzted_sk_SK-2.23-1.noarch.rpmHungarian messagested_hu_HU-2.23.all.debted_hu_HU.tar.gzted_hu_HU-2.23-1.noarch.rpmMalagasy messages and manualted_mg_MG-2.23.all.debted_mg_MG.tar.gzted_mg_MG-2.23-1.noarch.rpmBulgarian spellingted_bg_BG-2.23.all.debted_bg_BG.tar.gzted_bg_BG-2.23-1.noarch.rpmRussian spellingted_ru_RU-2.23.all.debted_ru_RU.tar.gzted_ru_RU-2.23-1.noarch.rpmCroatian spellingted_hr_HR-2.23.all.debted_hr_HR.tar.gzted_hr_HR-2.23-1.noarch.rpmFinnish spellingted_fi_FI-2.23.all.debted_fi_FI.tar.gzted_fi_FI-2.23-1.noarch.rpm4
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