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TES Welligent User Guide 2010 Table of Contents Logging in to Welligent... 1 Description of User Icons. 2 Accessing Your Caseload & Billing Client Services. 3 Billing Time to TES. 6 Setting Up Your Report
TES Welligent User Guide 2010 Table of Contents Logging in to Welligent... 1 Description of User Icons. 2 Accessing Your Caseload & Billing Client Services. 3 Billing Time to TES. 6 Setting Up Your Report Hotlist. 9 Checking Your Reports..10 Editing or Deleting Entries... 12 Logging in to Welligent Step 1. : Scroll over the Welligent option and select TES Welligent Login. *You do not need to login to to access Welligent. Step 2. Enter your login information. *Remember that your TES Welligent username and password will be different from your TESCentral account information. TES Welligent Account Format Example: John Doe Username: tes.jdoe Password: jd1234 (temprorary) **You will be asked to reset your password when you login for the first time. [ Please enter your new password here: 1 Page Description of User Icons Your User Icons are located at the top right corner of your Welligent Screen. Communications Center Alerts Access a list of announcements; the organization calendar; documents available for download; your mailbox for sending and receiving messages, alerts, and reminders. Display a pop-up screen that summarizes the number of overdue progress notes, unopened messages in your mailbox, and announcements. My Desktop Display your Desktop screen. The Desktop is a user configurable screen that gives you quick access to your most frequently-used functions. Run Reports Open the Report Manager component. My Preferences Update your contact information and your password. Hide My Screen Protect sensitive information when you step away from your computer. Log Out of Welligent End your Welligent session. 2 Page Accessing your Caseload/Billing for Client Services If you are missing a student or school site in your caseload, contact your local office for a caseload update. **LA Region DIS Service Providers should enter all Direct Services in LAUSD Welligent ONLY. All DIS service data entered in LAUSD will be downloaded into TES Welligent at 9:00PM PT daily. Step 1. Scroll over the WELLPROVIDER Tab to view your options, and select My Caseload. Step 2. Choose the student or school you are billing services for by clicking on the green plus. Step 3. Make sure that the Date of Service is correct. You can correct the date by clicking directly into the date box and typing the correct date (edit using two digit day, month and year or edit the existing format). Example: = February 7, Example: = February 7, Page Step 4. Enter the Scheduled time that you began services for that student. *You must keep the time format --:--AM/PM. Step 5. Enter the duration of the session. Step 6. Click on the Primary Action drop down menu and select the service type that you provided. Step 7. After you have verified that each area has been correctly inputted, you can select complete by clicking on the Status Check Box. **Clicking the Check box will select Completed for the Status and fill in the Time in and Time Out. 4 Page Step 8. Now click Save. Step 9. Close out of the session before moving on to the next entry. If you are entering multiple sessions for the same student, you must close out of each entry once saved, and begin again at step 2. 5 Page Billing Time to TES **Use these steps when billing employee benefit hours (Holiday, Sick & Vacation) and other hours not billable to TES Clients. Step 1. From your Desktop, click on My Schedule. Step 2. Enter the date of your session and click the Refresh button. (Date must be entered in two digit Day, Month and Year ex: = April 25, 2008) Step 3. Once the date has refreshed, double-click directly on your start time. Step 4. Click on Non-Student Event. 6 Page Step 5. Adjust the Date(s) and Start Time of your session if necessary, and enter an End Time (if the End Date is after the Start Date, duplicate sessions will be created for each day within that span). Step 6. event. Select the Type of Event you are billing to TES and enter a short description of the Step 7. Select your department. **Admin/Manager options should only be selected by full time internal office staff. 7 Page Step 8. Review all of your information and click Save. *This pop-up will confirm that the entry was completed correctly. You can now Close out of this session and see the entry on your scheduler. 8 Page Setting-up Your Report Hot List **You have two reports available to you that will help you verify your time: TES My Summary Payroll Report TES My Detail Payroll Report Step 1. Cick on the WellReports icon. Step 2. Click on My Payroll Reports. Step 3. Click on the icon next to TES-My Summary Payroll Report. To open the search filter for that report. Step 4. Click on Add to Hot List. REPEAT steps 3 and 4 for the TES My Detail Payroll Report. This will add a link to both reports on your desktop. 9 Page Checking Your Reports Step 5. From your Desktop click on Report Hot List (it may take a few minutes for the reports you ve just added to appear on your Hot List). Step 6. Select the report you would like to view. Step 7. Change the dates of the report to reflect the pay period you would like to check. Then click View Report. **See next page for description of both reports. 10 Page TES My Detail Payroll Report: Itemizes all entries (organized by date and time), lists student names and service types and includes total hours. *If no location is specified, entry will be billed to TES. Things to look for: Make sure date and time of service is accurate. Verify that your Department selection in entries billed to TES are correct. Overlapping times should only occur for grouped students. Make sure service provided is accurate. Make sure all students and services are on this report (if items are not completed properly, they will not be on this report and you will not be compensated for that service). TES My Summary Payroll Report: includes a summary of hours for each bill site and includes total combined hours. * Regular Hours include hours billed to TES not related to benefits. 11 Page Editing/Deleting Entries Step 1. Click on the Desktop Icon. Step 2. Click on My Schedule. Step 3. Enter the date of your session and click Refresh. You can also use the different view options to search for an entry. (Date must be entered using a two digit Day, Month and Year ex: = April 25, 2008) Step 4. Once you have located the entry, double click on any of the corresponding blocks to reenter the session. **Skip to Step 6 to edit or delete entries billed TES. 12 Page Step 5. Editing/Deleting entries billed to clients Only certain fields can be changed (Appointment Duration, Time in/out, Primary Action). *Changing the Appointment Duration will automatically change the Time Out of this session. Deleting/Rescheduling the Event: If you would like to delete or change the date of this entry, you must change the Status to Deleted - Error. Once the status reads Deleted Error, you will be able to enter the correct date and time for this event. Important: Once saved, a Pending Completion event will be created on your Schedule. The rescheduled event will need to be completed in order to be compensated for the corrected event. 13 Page If you only want to delete a session, do not enter a rescheduled date and time; simply click Save after the status has been changed to Deleted - Error. You can now Close out of this session and verify that the entry has been deleted or rescheduled by clicking Refresh. **If event was rescheduled, search for the new event on your Scheduler and mark the event Completed. 14 Page Step 6. Editing/Deleting entries billed to TES. All fields in sessions billed to TES can be edited directly on this window without having to reschedule. Click Delete to completely erase this entry. Verify that this session has been correctly updated by Refreshing your scheduler. 15 Page
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