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THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE ATOM. Copyright 1922 by Lucifer ub!i hi#g Co$p%#y THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE ATOM by ALICE A. &AILE' A erie of !ecture (e!i)ere( i# Ne* 'or+ City ,i#ter of 1921-22. Author of .Letter o# Occu!t Me(it%tio#. .I#iti%tio#/ Hu$%# %#( So!%r. Fir t E(itio# Lucifer ub!i hi#g Co. 101 &ro%(*%y/ Ne* 'or+ City. 219223 Scanned, proofed and formatted at, July 2008. This text is in the public domain in the United States because it was published prior to !2 . TA&LE O
  THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE ATOM. Copyright 1922byLucifer ub!i hi#g Co$p%#y THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THE ATOM by ALICE A. &AILE' A erie of !ecture (e!i)ere( i# Ne* 'or+ City,i#ter of 1921-22. Author of Letter o# Occu!t Me(it%tio#I#iti%tio#/ Hu$%# %#( So!%r Fir t E(itio#Lucifer ub!i hi#g Co.10 &ro%(*%y/Ne* 'or+ City.19223 Scanned, proofed and formatted at, July 2008. This text is in the public domain in theUnited States because it was published prior to !2 .   TA&LE OF CONTENTS. #$%TU&$ '.The (ield of $)olution. #$%TU&$ ''.The $)olution of Substance. #$%TU&$ '''.The $)olution of (orm, or *roup $)olution. #$%TU&$ '+.2  The $)olution of an, the Thiner. #$%TU&$ +.The $)olution of %onsciousness. #$%TU&$ +'.The *oal of $)olution. #$%TU&$ +''.%osmic $)olution. FO4E,O45 The lectures here presented were deli)ered in ew /or durin the past winter. The  purpose of this series was to present to their auditors the testimony of science as to the relation of matter and of consciousness1 to enable the hearers to obser)e the identical manifestation of these relations and of certain basic laws in successi)ely hiher states of  bein, and thus to brin to them a realiation of the uni)ersality of the e)olutionary  process and its actuality1 and to deal somewhat with the nature of the expanded states of consciousness and the enlared life toward which all manind is tra)elin. They thus were intended to ser)e as an introduction to the more detailed study and application of the laws of life and human enfoldment enerally included in the term of 3occultism.3't will be obser)ed that there is in this series a considerable amount of repetition, as each lecture briefly re)iews the matters co)ered in the precedin addresses. 4s newcomers were present at each lecture in the series, it was found necessary on each occasion to  present a bird5s eye )iew of the round co)ered and the reasons for the position then taen. 4 further ad)antae was found in the fixin in the minds of the hearers of certain of these basic concepts which were new to many of them, and which helped to enable them to rasp and to recei)e readily the further expansion of the theme. 'n presentin the lectures in boo form it has been deemed ad)isable to retain the complete text of the lectures as i)en. Those who are already students of the esoteric wisdom will be able to follow the line of the arument of the lectures without difficulty. (or those howe)er, who for the first time approach the consideration of the matters here discussed, the occasional repetition of the fundamental points may help to a ready apprehension, and it is for this class of readers that the boo is primarily intended.4#'%$ 4. 64'#$/ September, !22.  p.    THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF THEATOM. LECTU4E I.THE FIEL5 OF E6OLUTION. There has probably ne)er been a period in the history of thouht entirely resemblin the  present. Thiners e)erywhere are conscious of two thins, first, that the reion of mysteryhas ne)er before been so clearly defined, and secondly, that that reion can be entered more easily than has hitherto been the case1 it may, therefore, perhaps be induced to render up some of its secrets if in)estiators of all schools pursue their search with determination. The problems with which we are faced, as we study the nown facts of lifeand existence, are susceptible of clearer definition than heretofore, and thouh we do not now the answer to our 7uestions, thouh we ha)e not as yet disco)ered the solution to our problems, thouh no panacea lies ready to our hand whereby we can remedy the world5s ills, yet the )ery fact that we can define them, that we can point in the direction inwhich mystery lies, and that the liht of science, of reliion, and of philosophy, has been shed upon )ast tracts which were earlier considered lands of darness, is a uarantee of success in the future. e now so much more than was the case fi)e hundred years ao, except in a few circles of wise men and mystics1 we ha)e disco)ered so many laws of nature, e)en thouh as yet we cannot apply them, and the nowlede of 3thins as they are3 9and ' choose these words )ery deliberately: has made immense strides.  p. 2  e)ertheless, the mystery land still remains to be opened up, and our problems are still numerous. There is the problem of our own particular life, whate)er that may be1 there is the problem of that which is larely termed the 3ot-Self3, and which concerns our  physical body, our en)ironment, our circumstances, and our life conditions1 if we are of an introspecti)e turn of mind, there is the problem of our particular set of emotions, and of the thouhts, desires, and instincts by which we control action. *roup problems are many1 why should there be sufferin, star)ation, and pain; hy should the world as a whole be in the thrall of the direst po)erty, of sicness, of discomfort; hat is the  purpose underlyin all that we see around us, and what will be the outcome of world affairs, )iewin them as a whole; hat is the destiny of the human race, what is its oriin, and what is the ey to its present condition; 's there more than this one life, and isthe sole interest to be found in that which is apparent and material; Such 7ueries pass throuh all our minds at )arious times, and ha)e passed throuh the minds of thiners riht down throuh the centuries.There ha)e been many attempts to reply to these 7uestions, and as we study them, we find that the answers i)en fall into three main roups, and that three principal solutions are held out for the consideration of men. These three solutions are<= >
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