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The Concrete Connection A publication of the North Texas Chapter ICRI NORTH TEXAS CHAPTER M A R C H / A P R I L I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E : President s 2 Message Future 2 Programs & Events
The Concrete Connection A publication of the North Texas Chapter ICRI NORTH TEXAS CHAPTER M A R C H / A P R I L I N S I D E T H I S I S S U E : President s 2 Message Future 2 Programs & Events UTA 3 Presentation Scholarship 4 Info Sporting Clay 4 Date Change News from 5 National Convention Future 6 Programs and Events Industry 7 News APRIL PROGRAM : Mineral Silicate Stains to Improve Raw Concrete Appearance SPEAKER BIO Eric Wall is a Product Specialist with KEIM Mineral Coatings of America serving Texas and Oklahoma with over 14 years of experience in the architectural and high performance coatings markets. With training in mineral silicate finishes for all types of masonry, he focuses on repairing and solving problems on concrete and specifying aesthetics and weatherproofing protection. He provides silicate coating presentations for continuing education credits through AIA and CSI affiliations. Mr. Wall has a B.A. from the University of Texas at Arlington in Marketing and has completed numerous coating training seminars State Convention 8 AGENDA & TALKING POINTS: History of raw concrete in building design February Meeting Recap 9 What to do when concrete is not perfect How concrete stains work Board Members and Meeting Details 10 The trial process to ensure precise results Visual examples of mineral stains in action Reference projects Questions P A G E 2 President s Message Patrick Jorski What a great start for our 2016 North Texas ICRI Chapter this year. Our first chapter member meeting was a great success and I think everyone enjoyed our new venue at Mattito s. At our chapter board meeting we discussed our goals for our North Texas ICRI Chapter for this year. We have set several goals that will truly help our chapter grow for this year and for years to come. A few of our goals are for Publications, Scholarship, Membership and our Texas State Convention. I want to thank our board members for all the time and effort that is involved to help us achieve our goals and to make our chapter one of the best in the industry. I am excited about all of our special events we will be hosting this year to make our chapter even stronger. I want to reach out to our chapter members, that if you have interest in helping us achieve our goals and to become more involved with our chapter, please contact me or one of our board of directors. Should you have any questions or need additional information, please contact me at or one of our board members. In addition to being named an Outstanding Chapter for 2015, we submitted the winning entry for the Top Special Program or Event for our Texas State Conferencewhich we will happily share with our fellow Texas Chapters in Houston & South Central Texas!!!!!! Please pass along this great news to our members! Special Events in 2016 **The Sporting Clay Event will now take place on July 14th June 9 & 10 Texas State Convention September 23 North Texas 15th Annual Golf Classic at Waterchase Golf Club November 9-11 ICRI National Convention in Cleveland OH P A G E 3 North Texas Presents to ASCE Student Chapter at UT Arlington Steve Grelle, PE (WJE) and Julie Bolding, PE (JQ) will be presenting at the UTA ASCE Student Chapter meeting on April 13th about concrete repair basics. Meeting will be held at 12:00 in Nedderman Hall on the UTA Campus. North Texas ICRI Chapter Members are welcome to attend. Nedderman Hall P A G E North Texas ICRI Scholarship 2016 North Texas ICRI Scholarship The North Texas Chapter scholarship program is available to all students, regardless of affiliation with ICRI or the Chapter. As b e f o r e, a $ 1, scholarship will be awarded to one or more applicants in 2016 to be used during the school year. High school seniors and college undergraduate students, who are pursuing a certificate or degree from a college, university, or trade school, are eligible to apply. While preference will be given to full-time students pursuing a career related to concrete r e s t o r a t i o n, r e p a i r, strengthening or related fields, students from all disciplines can apply. The application deadline is Friday, April 15, 2016, and the scholarship winner will be announced on or about May 13, The payment will be made to the recipient s school and put into an account in the name of the recipient. The application form is available on the Chapter website and is attached to the Chapter newsletter. DATE CHANGE - 2nd Annual Sporting Clay Event Due to a scheduling conflict, the North Texas ICRI - 2nd Annual Sporting Clay Event has been moved to July14th! FREE Guide Specifications for Members DID YOU KNOW.That ICRI has produced an editable version of a Guide Specification for Concrete Repair.THAT IS FREE TO MEMBERS?????? Go to : P A G E 5 North Texas Chapter Accepts Awards at National Convention NTX Chapter named Outsdanding Chapter for 2015! In addition to being named an Outstanding Chapter for 2015, the North Texas Chapter submitted the winning entry for the Top Special Program or Event for our Texas State Conference- which we will happily share with our fellow Texas Chapters in Houston & South Central Texas!!!!!! North Texas Members Attend Spring National Convention in Puerto Rico North Texas had 3 members represent out chapter at the 2016 National Convention in Puerto Rico! These mebers include: Clay Broyles with The Euclid Company attending as Chapter Delegate Pete Haveron with Texas Concrete Restoration Pete is the Co-Chair of the National ICRI Committee 310 for Surface Preparation. Mark LeMay with JQ Engineering Mark is ICRI Secretary on the Executive Committee, Chair of ICRI 's Chapter 's Committee, and also chairing a Coatings and Waterproofing Sub-Committee to review and re-approved Guideline the Grouting document. Who s on National Committees?? Did you know that several of our members are on National ICRI Committees? Here are a list of thoufr that are currently involved: Pete Haveron Chairman of Committee 310 and Member of 710 Danielle Czyzewski Member of Committee 710 Matt Eller Member of Committee 310 and 710 Mark LeMay Chapters Committee Chairman, Chair of Sub-Committee and voting member of Finance and Awards Committees Future Programs & Events P A G E 6 April 13 - Joint Meeting with UTA ASCE April 14 - Membership Meeting June 9 - Membership Meeting July 14-2nd Annual Clay Shoot Event September 8 - Membership Meeting September 23 - Golf Tournament P A G E 7 Industry News ACI Provides Educational Resources ACI s Profession Development team has partnered with the International Concrete Repair Institute on a free webinar on ACI 562. The webinar includes an overview of the contents, reasons for and motivation behind the development of the Repair Code, the overall philosophy and organization of the material, and the future direction of the Repair Code and related educational material development. You can also download a PDF of the presentation slides. A PDF of questions and responses given during the presentation can be found here: files/pdf/562_webinar_qa.pdf ICRI WELCOMES NEW MANAGEMENT COMPANY, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR On February 1, 2016, Ewald Consulting Group, based in St. Paul, MN, officially took over the management reins for the International Concrete Repair Institute signing a three-year agreement to manage the Institute. Go to the new ICRI website ( page=staff2) to see the new staff members. You may see two familiar faces Ken Lozen has been hired by Ewald to continue as ICRI s Technical Director, and Dale Regnier will be continuing on as Chapter Relations Manager! In consultation with ICRI s Executive Committee, Ewald Consulting has hired Mike Levin as the new Executive Director for ICRI. Mike is the former Executive Director for Digital Analytics Association, Atlanta, GA, and comes to ICRI with 20+ years of experience and a successful track record in strategically leading and managing global associations and nonprofit organizations. Mike has already proven to be a hands-on kind of leader, attending a Georgia Chapter meeting on his second day on the job, a Regional Roundtable Meeting in Tampa during his second week, and the ICRI Spring Convention in Puerto Rico to complete his first month. Mike has a Bachelor of Science in Communications from the University of Florida, a Master of Science in Administration from Florida State University, and is a member of the American Society of Association Executives. Feel free to welcome Mike by contacting him at Do you have any industry news? Please contact Matt Eller at to publish in the next NTX ICRI newsletter! P A G E Texas State Convention Mark your Calendars! The Texas State Conference will be held June 9th and 10th at The Cascades Events Center in the Fairfield Inn located in The Colony. Social Events will include an outing at Top Golf on Thursday afternoon with happy hour afterwards. Friday morning to start will breakfast (furnished by hotel) at 7:00 am followed by three separate speakers with an additional speaker during lunch. This lunch meeting will be our official June Memberhsip Meeting. Stay tuned for additional details and registration information. P A G E 9 February 2016 Program Recap: Use of Lateral Restraint Anchors for Stabilization of Multiwythe Masonry Walls Speaker Bio: Alan Pettingale is the president and founder of Specialized Masonry Restoration. He has thirty years of professional experience in masonry repair systems, site-assessment surveys, forensic testing and implementing a wide range of remedial strategies for masonry stabilization. Alan s expertise is in the application of masonry restoration for schools, churches, colleges, historical, residential and commercial buildings in the US and England. Presentation Summary: Anchor systems in masonry walls have been used for centuries, with the earliest dating back to the Romans and Greeks who used wrought iron to supplement conventional masonry. Other cultures and countries have used variations of metal anchors and straps in the construction of masonry, as well as for retrofit or repair applications to supplement and strengthen masonry systems after natural disasters such as earthquakes. There are numerous modern applications where lateral restraint anchors can be utilized to remediate masonry walls that are in service to accommodate additional applied forces or to strengthen masonry weakened by deterioration or excessive load. Often, lateral restraint anchors can utilize the existing interior framing of a building to re-establish a point of support at an intermediate height of the wall. This is accomplished through a combination of fasteners or anchors that secure straps, rods, or other tension elements to the masonry wall to resist lateral displacement. Many of these applications merge the basic premises of historic methods with techniques and modern materials of the twentieth century to provide a cost effective, aesthetically appealing, and preservation oriented method for remediating masonry. This merger of old and new techniques allows us to stabilize historic walls for modern service conditions allowing them to continue serving their intended function. NTX ICRI meeting attendees at Mattito s Dallas President Patrick Jorski presenting Chapter pen to Alan Pettingale P A G E 10 North Texas Chapter 2016 Board Members President Patrick Jorski President-Elect Julie Bolding Vice President R.W. Smith Treasurer Pete Haveron Secretary Andy Bautz year Director Kenny Petty year Director Stephen Grelle year Director Clay Broyles Immediate Past Danielle Czyzewski President Meeting Location and Reservations 2016 meetings will be held at: Mattito's Tex-Mex - Dallas, TX 3102 Oak Lawn Ave Dallas, TX Registration & Networking at 11:00 Lunch served at 11:45 Program begins at 12:00 The North Texas Chapter is always looking for ways to expand or refine the newsletter. If you have suggestions on what we should include in the newsletter, new ideas, articles, or things we need to cut-out please send those comments to Matt Eller Did your business card not make the newsletter? Don t worry. We can include you in future issues of the newsletter. Please contact Matt Eller for information. Don t delay as our newsletter ads operate on a calendar year. RSVP at HV44 Or Phone: Cost (cash/check/credit card): $25.00 for Members $30.00 for Non-members NORTH TEXAS CHAPTER Overview & Program Guidelines International Concrete Repair Institute North Texas (NTX) Chapter Scholarship Application & Guidelines, 2016 Objective: Amount: Eligibility: 1 To encourage participation in the concrete and/or concrete repair industries. Scholarship funding is provided by ICRI NTX. $1,000 for tuition, fees, and books (more than one scholarship may be awarded) High school seniors and college undergraduate students that are pursuing a certificate or degree from a college, university, or trade school. Apply: Submit the following: To: ICRI North Texas Chapter Completed application form Stephen Lucy, Scholarship Committee Chair Cover Letter 100 Glass Street Transcripts 2 Dallas, Texas Test scores 3 Due Date: Friday, April 15, 2016 Review: Completed applications will be reviewed by the Chapter Scholarship Committee. Appointed by the Chapter President, the Chapter Scholarship Committee Chair selects two committee members, who are approved by the Board of Directors. Applicant interviews may be requested by the Scholarship Committee. Committee members' family members are excluded from the opportunity to apply, but all others are are eligible to apply regardless of membership in ICRI. Decision: Award: Follow-up: Award recipient will be notified via letter on or about May 13, An announcement of the award recipient will be made during the ICRI NTX Chapter meeting on June 9, Funding will be awarded prior to July 1, 2016 and will be placed in an account under the award recipient's name at his or her college, university or trade school. If no school as been selected as of this date, funding will be held until a school is selected. Award recipients will be expected to attend a NTX Chapter meeting (at no cost to the recipient) and to provide a follow-up letter (or ) at the completion of the semester for which funding is allocated including a description of the coursework completed and grades earned. 1 While preference will be given to full-time students pursuing a career in concrete restoration, concrete strengthing methods, concrete repair material research or related fields, students from all disciplines are invited to apply. Past recipients may reapply. 2 Applies to high school senior and college undergraduate applicants, unofficial transcripts are acceptable 3 Applies to high school senior applicants only, ACT or SAT scores are acceptable 2/22/2016 1 Scholarship Application International Concrete Repair Institute North Texas (NTX) Chapter Scholarship Application & Guidelines, 2016 General: Date: Applicant's Name: (Last) (First, M.I.) Present Address: (Street) (City) (State) (Zip) Phone: Permanent Address: (Street) Phone: (City) (State) (Zip) Education: College, university, or trade school you are attending or plan to attend: Major Field of Study: Full-time: Part-time: Have you been accepted? Work experience in the Concrete or Construction Industry: Award Info: Remit to: Department name and address where scholarship check should be sent: 2/22/2016 2 NORTH TEXAS CHAPTER International Concrete Repair Institute North Texas (NTX) Chapter Scholarship Application & Guidelines, 2016 Have you received an ICRI NTX scholarship in the past? When? If you are working, how long have you worked in a field associated with ICRI? 10 years 5 to 9 years 5 years If you are a high school senior, what high school do you attend? Supplemental: (use additional sheets if necessary) List your community, civic, or professional organization affiliations (include leadership): List your extracurricular activities and interests: Cover Letter: In addition to transcripts and test scores (for high school senior applicants), please include a 1-2 page cover letter with your application. The cover letter should focus on your career interests and goals, strongest personal characteristics, and why you have selected your current course of study. Steps you envision taking to achieve your goals as well as a statement about how the receipt of this scholarship could assist in that process are also of interest to the Committee. Signature of Applicant Date Printed Name Signature of Parent/Guardian (if applicant is under 18) Date The information provided in this application is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge. I understand that scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Scholarship Committee and, by signing above, I give the Committee permission to contact my school for verification of the information I have provided. I agree that if I am awarded a scholarship I will notify ICRI NTX immediately if my educational program is interrupted or changed in any manner that might jeopardize its intent and that I may be asked to return the scholarship. Additionally, I understand that if I am awarded a scholarship, funds will be paid to my college, university, or trade school of attendance and placed in an account under my name. 2/22/2016 3
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