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The Early Childhood Teacher Education Center 2015 Summer Institute and Teacher Education Programs

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The Early Childhood Teacher Education Center 2015 Summer Institute and Teacher Education Programs at Sophia s Hearth 700 Court St., Keene, NH Welcome Our Vision It
The Early Childhood Teacher Education Center 2015 Summer Institute and Teacher Education Programs at Sophia s Hearth 700 Court St., Keene, NH Welcome Our Vision It is our vision that Waldorf early childhood education strengthens caregivers and teachers to work with joy, courage, and a spiritual picture of the human being. Through preparation for their vocation, they will become guardians of family life and of the incarnating child so that each child will have a strong foundation from which to fulfill his destiny. WHAT ARE CHILDREN AND PARENTS SEEKING TODAY? I believe that they are seeking the constancy and radiant warmth of those who recognize the spiritual essence of childhood and parenthood; who know deep within that childhood is a journey rather than a destination. These earliest years are the period of life in which the spirits of both child and parent are yearning to blossom forth. As teachers and caregivers, Sophia s Hear th invites you to become the teacher of your dreams, exploring the development of children and families from the deepest possible sources. Out of fresh insights and personal sensitivity, we may then offer respectful relationships to those who come to us, encouraging parents as they navigate the sometimes difficult terrain of parenthood and helping them appreciate the profound beauty of the journey. We may then meet today s children as they ask us to support them during this most sacred time of early childhood, when the foundations are laid for fulfilling each individual s ear thly intentions. Our reflective teaching work, out of which many of the insights for our teacher education program have arisen, finds its expression here with the children and parents of Sophia s Hearth. Come and study with us, in a vital, life-changing experience. SUSAN WEBER, Director 1 Who We Are The teacher of today needs courage, clarity, warmth of heart, and a firmly grounded conviction that the world is good, in times when this may not easily be visible. We support each of our students in building these capacities to meet the needs of children and families today and in the future. Our Programs We offer a two-level preparation for those seeking to deepen their knowledge of the child in the first seven years from the perspective of Rudolf Steiner s understanding of the human being and his work on education. This program is now recognized by the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America. The Early Childhood Teacher Education Center at Sophia s Hearth was created as a path of learning for those interested in Waldorf early childhood education as a vocation. We are now recognized by the Waldorf Early Childhood Association of North America as a developing teacher education institute. The sources for our work are the fruits of Rudolf Steiner s lifetime of engagement with the essence of human development and its expression in Waldorf early childhood education. Our colleagues at the Pikler Institute in Budapest have contributed greatly to our insights as well. We have cultivated ties to colleagues throughout the world to share and to learn. In all aspects of our Center, we strive to serve as a living expression of hospitality and community building. Our gifted and experienced faculty members are practitioners, innovators, researchers, and international presenters in their fields. Waldorf Early Childhood Teacher Education Program Level I A 200-hour, thir teen-month specialization course, The Child and Family in the First Three Years. A new cycle for Level I begins each summer. Level II This course deepens and extends the themes of Level I to complete preparation for working with children and their families through the first seven years of life. Level II begins every other year; our next group starts in the summer of In addition we offer Annual Summer Institute Three-day, one- and two-week courses on themes in early childhood education, including ar tistic and craft work, daily movement experience, and group singing. We welcome all with background in early childhood education. Weekend Workshops Offered throughout the fall, winter, and spring, these workshops are a day s exploration of themes in early childhood from Waldorf education, the insights of the Pikler Institute in Hungary, and Spacial Dynamics. Observation Days at our Center An oppor tunity to observe our facilitated parent and child classes and childcare program, and to share this experience in a reflective conversation with our faculty. Independent Supervised Study Designed in special situations to meet individual needs for students with appropriate backgrounds. 3 13-Month Level I Teacher Education Specialization Program: The Child and Family in the First Three Years Our Level I Program is offered every year over the course of thirteen months, with a two-week session each summer and five-day intensives in the fall and spring. I am so happy to have met a training that actually encourages inquiry and observation as a living and working process. Summer Course participant This program offers an integrated program of study designed to provide a philosophical, practical, and artistic foundation for the care of young children and for suppor ting family life. Waldorf education forms the basis for the program, complemented by the work and research of the Pikler Institute in Hungary. This Program is Designed For: Teachers who facilitate parent-infant and parent-toddler classes and those who work with expectant parents. Early childhood teachers working with toddlers and nursery children. Early childhood teachers wishing to deepen their understanding of these early years as a foundation for their work with nursery and kindergar ten children. Childcare providers working with infants, toddlers, and young children in centers or home-based care. The program is founded upon the joy of learning with others who share a deep commitment to very young children. Par ticipants study the development of infants and young children with gifted, devoted faculty and experience handwork and the ar ts, reading and journal activity, the art of observation, and fur ther development of their own relationship to movement. Course Themes, Level I Waldorf education s insights into the physical, cognitive, social-emotional, and spiritual development of the infant, young child, and family. The Pikler Institute s research and practice in infant and toddler care. Sensory development of the infant, toddler, and young child and the support for its healthy unfolding. Developing insights and skills for the bodily care of the young child. Studies in anthroposophy, Rudolf 4 5 Steiner s philosophy as a suppor t for the inner development of ourselves as teachers, and understanding the relationship between the human being and the world. An independent research project per tinent to the student s work, which is shared with classmates. Adult biographical phases and the developmental phases of parenting; maternal and infant relationships through pregnancy, bir th and the four th trimester; understanding healthy attachment as a fundamental element in children s well-being. Ar tistic and craft activity: singing and playing simple musical instruments for the early childhood years, storytelling and puppetry, along with a reper toire of songs and hand gesture games developed by Wilma Ellersiek; creative speech. Personal movement capacities in Spacial Dynamics and eurythmy. Program Faculty, Level I Faculty includes Susan Weber, Jane Swain, Juliane Weeks, Kim Snyder-Vine, Nancy Macalaster, and Carol Spindler. Program Sequence, Level I Summer 1 July 5-17, 2015 Fall November 1-6, 2015 Spring April 2016 Summer II July 2016 Tuition Schedule, Level I Tuition is $7,500. A $300 non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance. Payment Details Deposit: $300 $1,200 by June 15 followed by twelve monthly payments of $500 via automatic bank withdrawal from July through the following June. Note: Students who enroll in Levels I and II together will pay Level II tuition at the current year s rate. Contact us for full details. 13-Month Level II Teacher Education Program The Level II program is open to graduates of our Level I program. It deepens and extends the teacher preparation of Level I through further studies with children from birth to age seven. Those who complete both levels meet the requirement for WECANrecognized Waldorf early childhood teaching preparation. Our Level I Teacher Education program focuses on the special years in children s lives from birth to age three, a time during which all facets of children s development require special conditions that meet their deeply engaged, yet unconscious learning. Level II builds upon this foundation, extending it through the first seven years of the child s life. Level II brings a full context for the early childhood teacher s vocation, embracing the whole of Waldorf early childhood education. Beyond the first three years. Level II takes up insights and practical capacities for work with children as they emerge from the protected period of the first three years so that as the child moves beyond these earliest years, the teacher is prepared to offer a new quality of relationship with the child, with transforming rhythms and gentle changes in the content of daily life. Embracing the child. With the first phases of the development of movement, language, and social life now in place, children look more clearly toward the group and begin to look further outward into the world. Level II brings to life the developmental phases of the full first seven years. Anthroposophical studies and an advanced personal research project continue to deepen the teacher s foundation for her or his vocation. Both levels include mentored teaching practice. Course Themes, Level II Festival life for young children. Spiritual embryology and the evolution of consciousness. Working with the young child and his or her parents: the nursery years, the kindergar ten years. Music for the early childhood teacher: singing, playing the kinderlyre, 7 singing exercises for freeing the voice. Studies in anthroposophy: selected readings and exercises from Rudolf Steiner that suppor t pedagogical work and the inner life of the teacher. Children s health. Ar ts: Creative speech, water color painting, clay modeling, Spacial Dynamics, music. Handcrafts and puppetry ar ts. Practical life activities. Child observation and child study. Developmental and program transitions: nursery, kindergar ten, and first grade; evaluating and suppor ting readiness for each transition. Integration of the primitive reflexes; constitutional types; recognizing possible remedial needs of the child. History, task, and work of Waldorf education as a force for social renewal. Gardening with children. Folk and fairy tales. Movement circles. Understanding children s drawing.s Progam Faculty, Level II Faculty includes Janene Ping, Susan Weber, Jane Swain, Jaap van der Val, Juliane Weeks, Kim Snyder-Vine, Nancy Macalaster, Cordelia Lane, Signe Motter, Betsi McGuigan, and Katherine Scharff. Program Sequence, Level II Summer 1 June 28 - July 17, 2015 Winter January 2016 Summer II July 2016 Tuition Schedule, Level II Tuition is $8,600. A $300 non-refundable deposit is due upon acceptance. Payment Details Deposit: $300. $1,400 by June 15 followed by twelve monthly payments of $575 via automatic bank withdrawal from July through the following June. Note: Students who enroll in Levels I and II together will pay Level II tuition at the current year s rate. Contact us for full details. WECAN Membership We now hold membership as a developing WECAN (Waldorf Early Childhood Association of Nor th America) Teacher Education Program. Graduates will receive a cer tificate indicating that this training is recognized by the International Association for Steiner/ Waldorf Early Childhood Education. Mentored Teaching Practice for Levels I and II Working directly with young children is an integral part of preparing for early childhood teaching and caregiving. Without this intimate association with children and parents, the actual capacities for one s work cannot unfold, the true questions cannot arise, and the learning through reflection cannot take place. We support each student in finding an appropriate setting for this aspect of the program. Sophia s Hear th provides mentoring for each student. The student has the oppor tunity to work together with an experienced Waldorf early childhood educator who is familiar with his or her studies in the program. This mentor visits each student in his or her professional setting for two days during the program to enter into dialogue around his or her questions and experiences. The costs for mentoring are included in the tuition. Questions? We re available to consult with you about any questions you might have. Simply call or us! 8 9 E A R LY C H I L D H O O D T E A C H E R E D U C AT I O N P R O G R A M S AT S O P H I A S H E A RT H Summer Institute Courses, 2015 The child comes to earth with wisdom. We as adults have earthly experience so that we may provide the child with a supportive environment, caregiving, rhythm. We must trust the child s wisdom. Summer Course participant Classes are held from Monday through Friday, 8:15 AM to 5:15 PM. Immerse yourself for a restorative week of rich, transformative study with wonderful classmates and gifted teachers. These courses are open to all. T oday s young children are eager for life, for exploring the world, and for encountering others in a meaningful, intimate way. To suppor t these young ones to grow into adults who have strength, enthusiasm, confidence, and joy for life asks deep devotion to their care. As teachers and parents, our gift to the growing child is to recognize and suppor t, above all, his or her unfolding spirit. We must also prepare ourselves in practical ways to meet the children who come into our lives. Summer 2015 at Sophia s Hear th Family Center offers three weeks of teacher education courses. Our summer faculty brings a depth of experience and knowledge developed over many years of caring for young children and their families, and studying the development of the child. There are moments when life calls us to find a new viewpoint, to clarify our vocational commitment and per- 10 sonal path. Perhaps you find yourself in such a moment. We invite you to join us this summer for study, colleagueship, renewal, and new views. PUPPETRY ARTS FOR FESTIVALS June 29 July 1 Tuition $400 Janene Ping Few Waldorf early childhood teachers have more experience in community puppetry and festival celebration than Hawthorne Valley School s Janene Ping! This three day course is an exploration of the power of color, the movement of wind and other elemental forces, and festival life pageantry for joyful celebrations with families and young children. Par ticipants will explore ways to work with wind, water, and fire in creating meaningful and memorable festival celebrations. Ar tistic activities will include the creation of lantern boats, banners, and fish kites (by painting and dyeing on silk) for par ticipants to take home to 11 their communities as resources for festival life. Please note that this course has a special materials fee of $60. DANCING HANDS AND FROLICKING VOICES June 29 July 1 Tuition $400 Lynn St. Pierre, Nancy Macalaster and Jane Swain Wilma Ellersiek created a delightful body of work that offers developmental touch and movement, rhyme and rhythm, and singing in the mood of the fifth. This summer we will focus on Ellersiek work for parent and child classes, nursery and early childhood parent education evenings (ages bir th to 7). Children, parents, and teachers develop close bonds with the loving touch, playfulness, warmth, and joy embodied in this work. We ll learn touching games, finger plays, movement journeys, and lullabies with little games suitable for bedtime rituals or preparation for a quiet time or nap. We ll also focus on transitions, creating playful bridges from one activity to the next. This summer Lynn St. Pierre will bring a completely new repertoire from previous courses to develop a fresh pocketful of songs and games. Lynn will be joined by Nancy Macalaster who will bring experiential exploration of the four foundational senses in relationship to touching games, gesture games, and singing with young children. How do we establish an inner and outer environment in support of the parent, child, and teacher as they develop a mutual relationship experience through music and singing that fosters attunement and coherence? Jane Swain will focus on the therapeutic use of the hand in gesture and touch for optimal early childhood development. GARDENING WITH YOUNG CHILDREN: SPIRITUAL FOUN- DATIONS AND PRACTICAL ACTIVITIES June 29 July 3 Tuition $620 Cordelia Lane, Katie Schwerin, and Lisa Mahar The rhythms of sun, moon, and planets; the living forces within the earth herself; the plants and their gifts to human beings the young child is a naturalist and gardener at hear t. This five-day course will introduce the essential healing elements of biodynamic gardening: composting and application of preparations. The spiritual foundations of humanity s cultivation of the ear th, planting and care of a garden, container gardening, and working with herbs are additional themes. The butterfly sanctuary garden at Sophia s Hearth is a resource for the course. Participants will use simple hand tools in a practical project in the gardens. This course is part of the core coursework for Level II and includes watercolor painting and anthroposophical studies. ADVANCED STUDIES IN CHILD DEVELOPMENT June 29 July 10 Tuition $1,240 Susan Weber, Jane Swain, Nancy Macalaster, Kim Snyder-Vine, and Juliane Weeks This course is eligible for graduate credit from Antioch University New England. This course is for those familiar with the content of Nurturing the Young Child (now Child Development I and II), can only be taken as a two-week course, and requires the permission of the instructors. The course includes two weeks of artistic work in Creative Speech with Kim Snyder-Vine, Handcrafts with Susan Weber, and Singing and Playing the Children s Lyre with Juliane Weeks in the second week. CHILD DEVELOPMENT I & II July 6 10 and July Tuition $620 per week Susan Weber, Jane Swain, Nancy Macalaster, Kim Snyder-Vine, and Juliane Weeks This course is eligible for graduate credit from Antioch University New England. Par ticipants may enroll for the first week only, or for both weeks. With permission of the faculty, and based on prior experience, par ticipants may enroll for the second week only E A R LY C H I L D H O O D T E A C H E R E D U C AT I O N P R O G R A M S AT S O P H I A S H E A RT H The first three years of life are a special period of human development, often overlooked and misunderstood in a culture and time that place great emphasis on achievement and moving ahead. This course is designed especially for parent-child class teachers, childcare providers, and early childhood teachers. We will explore the profound human capacities and the sensitive processes that blossom for th in this time and will learn how best to suppor t the developmental process of very young children. The first week begins by examining the child s development from the perspectives of spirit, physical growth, and emotional life. Each perspective is approached through study of the child s gross and fine motor development, infant reflexes, and the sensory development of the child. Hands-on experience, as well as lectures and discussion, provide the foundation for learning. The second week focuses on the development of the child s emerging self and social capacities between two and four years, conflict in two and three year olds, sensory development as a foundation of social competence, the mystery of the primitive reflexes, and the development of the hand. We also explore the evolving role of the adu
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