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The Living City E-journal
  the SMART, HEALTHY, SUSTAINABLE CITIES Buro Happold  2 4 WELCOME 6 BACKGROUND 8 GOVERNANCE AND GROWTH 12 URBAN DEVELOPMENT AND INFRASTRUCTURE 16 ENVIRONMENT AND NATURAL RESOURCES CONTENTS     B   u   r   o    H   a   p   p   o    l    d    T    h   e    L    i   v    i   n   g    C    i    t   y   86  THE LIVING CITY  3 201612 20 SOCIETY AND COMMUNITY 24 LOOKING FORWARD 26 OUR TEAM  THE FUNDAMENTAL CHALLENGE  FOR MUNICIPALITIES TODAY IS HOW TO DELIVER IMPROVED PERFORMANCE AND QUALITY OF LIFE OFTEN WITH FEWER RESOURCES IN A RAPIDLY CHANGING AND INCREASINGLY COMPLEX EXTERNAL ENVIRONMENT   THE LIVING CITY BURO HAPPOLD AND Welcome  to our new e-journal introducing Buro Happold’s experience and our approach in the arena of urban regeneration and the seamless integration of Smart technology. 4     B   u   r   o    H   a   p   p   o    l    d    T    h   e    L    i   v    i   n   g    C    i    t   y  The current push for Smart Cities is, no doubt, a quickly evolving aspect of the built environment which offers huge potential to at least mitigate some of the impacts that our various societies have on our planet, both now and in a future that is ever more focused on urban living. At the same time, we feel that the term Smart Cities is restrictive in describing and tackling the major challenges that need to be addressed at a city level, and this position is reinforced by the focus that is given to technology as the answer to all ills. But we acknowledge the label that has been stuck on this field and, of course, we recognise that technology will play a significant role going forward, albeit as only one part of a broader solution.We believe that as engineers we are ideally positioned to provide evidence based advice and design in this field. But we also believe that the real solutions go beyond pure technology with issues relating to governance, sustainable business opportunities, sense of place, resilience and future-proofing (to name a few) needing equal weight and consideration. We broadly group these issues into the following: Governance and Growth ã Governance and Government ã Employment and Growth ã Business Development Urban Development and Infrastructure ã Utilities and Infrastructure ã Built Environment and Urban Realm ã Mobility and Inclusion Environment and Natural Resources ã Environmental Quality Protection and Stewardship ã Agriculture and Food ã Waste and Recycling Society and Community ã Education and Training ã Health and Wellbeing ã Community

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Jul 23, 2017

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Jul 23, 2017
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