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The Rise of Filipino Nationalism

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  THE RISE OF FILIPINO NATIONALISM Prof. Wilson Morano R.T, MPA NATIONALISM An Extreme feeling of love for one’s country  Factors that paved way for the birth of Nationalism a. Opening of the Philippines to World Commerce b. Influx of Liberal Ideas c. Secularization Movement d. Liberal Regime of Dela Torre e. The Cavite Mutiny f. Execution of GOMBURZA OPENING OF THE PHIL TO WORLD COMMERCE Officially opened Manila on 1834 after reviewing different economic policies 1834- 1873 different Ports were opened: 1. Sual 2. Iloilo 3. Zamboanga 4. Cebu 5. Legazpi Effects: Stimulate vigorous economic activity in the colony that makes the life of the Filipino’s to prosper Introduction of modern methods of agriculture Improved means of transportation and communication that stimulate economic progress Emergence of Middle- Class OPENING OF THE PHIL TO WORLD COMMERCE Middle Class Took advantage of the economic boom of the Phil. Acquired material wealth They were able to improved their social; standing Able to send their children in schools and in Europe Clamored for reforms and equality Children become a member of Propaganda movement INFLUX OF LIBERAL IDEAS Suez Canal Shortened the distance between the Spain and the Phil. Paved way for the entry of liberalism in the country Spanish Republic Upon establishment more Spaniards arrived in our country. Impart liberal ideas to the Filipino’s  Brought with them liberal magazines and books INFLUX OF LIBERAL IDEAS Liberal writers and their books: Jean Jacques Rousseau (Social Contract) John Locke ( Two treatise of the government) Thomas Paine (Common Sense) Thomas Jefferson American and French Revolution THE SECULARIZATION MOVEMENT Father Pedro Pelaez (1862) Exposes the discrimination of Filipino clergys Racial and National conflict with the Friars curates in one side and Filipino clergy on the other side 1565 Religious orders took control of the parishes in the Philippines Augustinian Recollects Dominican Franciscan Council of Trent Stated that the Parishes should be controlled by Secular priest But there are only few secular priest that are available because some of them were sent to America 19 th  Century  Majority of the Filipino Priest are qualified as Secular Priest Regular Priest Called as Friar Curates Do not want their Parishes to turn-over to the Secular priest that created a tension between them Parish Priest A very influential and prestigious position Gov. General Dela Torre  Boost and inspired the Secularization movement THE LIBERAL ADMINISTRATION OF DELA TORRE Spanish Civil War (1868) Cadiz, Spain Led by Juan Prim and Francisco Serrano Overthrew Queen Isabela II Spanish Republic Established in 1873 Replaced the Monarchy THE LIBERAL ADMINISTRATION OF DELA TORRE Carlos Maria Dela Torre The most well loved Governor General Arrived in 1869 Applied Democratic and liberal ideas Avoided an Extravagant life Changes: Encouraged the Freedom of Speech Abolished Flogging as a form of Punishment Allowed the formation of different Organization Comite de Reformadores Committee of Reformers Composed of Clergy, laymen and students Led several demonstrations against the Dominican school administrators (because of academic freedom and discrimination) Spanish Conservatives Resented the liberal policy of Dela Torre THE CAVITE MUTINY 1870 Spanish Republic ended Result: Immediate shifting from Liberal to Autocratic Rafael De Izquierdo (1870-73) Autocratic/Oppressive ruler THE CAVITE MUTINY Boasted that he ruled with a crucifix in one hand and a sword in the other   Decide to restored old order Repealed the exemption of the Filipino’s from Polo and tribute that the Cavite workers had been enjoying THE CAVITE MUTINY JANUARY 20, 1872 200 Filipino soldiers and workers mutinied against Spaniards Led by La Madrid Took control of the Spanish arsenal in Cavite THE CAVITE MUTINY Gov. Izquierdo Immediately dispatched soldiers to quell the rebellion La Madrid was killed Persecute the Ring leader Accused the GOMBURZA as the Mastermind of the Rebellion EXECUTION OF THE GOMBURZA Martyrs People who are Fighting for a certain rights and privileges of a particular group. Heroes A man of distinguished valor or performance admired for their noble qualities. The 3 Martyrs: Jose Burgos wrote to defend the seculars weep like a child   Mariano Gomez remained calm Jacinto Zamora A victim of mistaken identity, gambler, the least qualified to become hero also weep like a child According to Rizal if Burgos has shown the courage of Gomez maybe the Filipino’s would have been different today Gov. Izquierdo Put these 3 priest on trial (MOCK) Francisco Zaldua A Bicolano soldier who testified against the GOMBURZA February 17, 1872 The day of execution of the 3 priest Luneta (Bagumbayan) The crowd paid respect when they removed their hats and knelt down The bells rang all over the City upon the order of Archbishop Melito Martinez EFFECTS: National Consciousness emerged Filipino’s felt great indignation United the Filipino’s: Ethnic differences and Regional Hostilities were set aside Dedication of Katipunan (password: GOMBURZA) and Rizal (El FILI) works in their memory Without 1872 Rizal wouldn’t be a Hero instead he could be a Jesuit PROPAGANDA Systematic efforts to spread opinion and beliefs by means of pen and tongue. Propagation of a given opinion FOUNDER: Dr. Pedro Paterno Gregorio Sanciangco Doctors of law Lay the foundation of the movement in Madrid MAJOR FACTORS THAT PAVED WAY FOR THE ESTABLISHMENT OF PROPAGANDA MOVEMENT: Emergence of Middle Class The Liberal Administration of Dela Torre Execution of GOMBURZA Resulted to the deportation of patriotic Filipino’s  Propagandist Reformers who fled the country to escape persecution (1872) Didn’t have the intention of achieving social changes through armed struggle and revolution Popularly known as Illustrados (Intellectuals) Spain England France HISTORY OF THE PROPAGANDA MOVEMENT Junta De Propaganda Cuerpo de Compromisarios La Solidaridad PROPAGANDA MOVEMENT Assimilation / Integration of the colony as a regular province of Spain Secularization of the Parishes The Restoration of the Representation of the Phil. To Spanish Cortez Restoration of Freedom of Speech, Press, Assembly and Religion MEMBERS Eduardo De Lete Pedro Govantes Dr. Dominador Gomez Tomas Areloja Pablo Rianzares Bautista The conscience of the movement The most prolific writer among the Propagandist Pen names: Dimas alang Laong laan   MARCELO H. DEL PILAR The greatest political analyst A Journalist Mastered the use of satire Organized the 1 st  political group in the Philippines Junta de propaganda The brother in law of Deodato Arellano Some of his works: Dasalan at Tocsohan La Soberania Monacal en Filipinas Ten Commandment of the Friars Diariong Tagalog (1882) 1 st  vernacular newspaper that became the mouthpiece in Criticizing the Spanish authorities Pseudonyms: Dolores Manapat Piping dilat V. Garcia Plaridel GRACIANO LOPEZ JAENA A former staff of LOS DOS MUNDO News organ in Iloilo The Prince of the Filipino Orators Contributed the satirical novel Fray Botod La hija de fraile Satirized the immoral friars Pen names: Diego Laura Founded the La Solidaridad (Solidarity) Becomes the mouthpiece of the Propaganda DR. PEDRO PATERNO A doctor of law Ninay The 1 st  Filipino Novel The Filipino’s had a developed culture  Sampaguita Collection of his Verses ANTONIO LUNA Some of his works are: Noche Buena A biographical sketch that depicts the actual life in the Philippines. La Maestra de mi pueblo Describe defects of the educational system for women Pen name: Taga-ilog COUNTER- PROPAGANDIST Wenceslao Retana Founded the La Politica de Espana Desenganos Delso Mir Deas Editor of El Publeo Soberano Pablo Feced Esboxos y Pinceledas Quioqiap


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